Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

Outdoor kitchen backyard ideas 2019

Who wouldn’t love an outdoor kitchen where you can have dinner outdoors with friends and relatives? An outdoor kitchen is a worthwhile investment, if there ever was one. Whether you’re just building a new outdoor kitchen or looking to renovate your existing outdoor kitchen, our Decor Aid renovation experts have shared these outdoor kitchen ideas to inspire you to create a beautiful outdoor kitchen in your yard.

Bar and grill combo

small ideas for the outdoor kitchen

It’s always a good idea to have both a bar and grill in your outdoor kitchen. In fact, this is one of the most common outdoor kitchen designs as it is a perfect way to entertain friends and host intimate parties. For this idea, you can add bar stool seating, which will create a fun and casual space for family members and friends.

This is also a good idea if you have an outdoor pool. Install the bar and grill right next to the pool so you can enjoy a good meal after your swim.

Chic dining area

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One of the main reasons homeowners want an outdoor kitchen is the convenience of being able to serve food immediately after cooking. In that case, consider creating a fancy dining area right next to your outdoor kitchen.

This will surely make alfresco dining a breeze. Invest in durable furniture that can withstand harsh outdoor weather conditions.


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It is also a smart idea to install an outdoor fire pit in your kitchen. It adds a cozy element to your kitchen and makes the place a great hangout for the winter once the daylight wears off. The fire pit can be made from a variety of materials, although it is commonly made of stones and stones.

It is best to use materials that complement those used for your outdoor kitchen. You can build it yourself or hire a professional to do it.

Grill station

Grilling ideas for the outdoor kitchen

The best outdoor kitchens have a grill station. If you have a grill station, you and your family or friends can enjoy freshly grilled dishes straight away. You can have a custom built grill installed or purchase the pre-made varieties.

Our designers recommend choosing a design that suits your needs and preferences. It should also go well with your outdoor kitchen.


15 ideas for the outdoor kitchen

A shadow over your outdoor kitchen is necessary. A nice pergola would be a great way to add shade to your outdoor kitchen. The advantage of using pergola over other types of outdoor shades is that the pergola also provides space for fans, lighting fixtures, etc. to be installed.

An outdoor kitchen with a pergola is more functional, more comfortable and definitely more beautiful. If you want a rustic feel, consider installing hardwood floors and a peeled wooden pergola over your outdoor kitchen.

Pizza oven

Outdoor kitchen ideas for cooking

If you love making homemade pizzas, one of the outdoor kitchen ideas that will work best for you is a kitchen with a pizza oven. Just like grilling, pizzas are a staple for outdoor dining.

If you have a pizza oven in your outdoor kitchen, you can pamper your guests with homemade pizzas that come fresh from the oven.

Metallic countertops

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If you want a state of the art kitchen in your garden, go for metal countertops. This is one of those outdoor kitchen ideas that is becoming increasingly popular for good reason. Others may disapprove of the idea of ​​using copper as a countertop, but the solution to that is to treat it with varnish first.

Pouring on materials like rough wood and stone is also another way of creating sleek and modern designed outdoor kitchens.

Southern charm

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Southern interiors are known for their ability to create a warm, cozy, graceful and charming ambience. You can follow the same idea for your home’s outdoor kitchen.

You can install a dark wood ceiling and posts to match white floor and beautiful stone walls. Some of the furniture that goes well with these types of outdoor kitchens is wicker chairs, antique chandeliers, a table with iron legs, etc.

Extractor hood

Stone outdoor kitchen ideas

There are outdoor kitchens with roofing or partial cladding. If this is the type of kitchen you have, it might be a good idea to install a hood that can vent odors and smoke.

When installing a grill, choose a design with a vent. The vent prevents smoke from building up on your back porch or backyard porch.

Contemporary black

contemporary ideas for the outdoor kitchen

If you want to create a kitchen with a sleek, rustic, and contemporary feel, a modern black kitchen may be the best choice for you. Paint the walls a dark color and keep the same color for the kitchen counter. You can also have a thatched roof installed.

This is a great way to add enough shade to the room without completely closing your outdoor kitchen. These outdoor kitchen ideas combine a charming farmhouse feel with a chic, modern feel.

Chiller through

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On warm days, you may need to serve cold drinks to your guests to go with the hearty meals you’ve cooked in the kitchen. Outdoor kitchen designs that come with a cooling trough are highly recommended. This will also keep you from making endless trips in and out of your house to grab some cold drinks to serve.

Adding a small cooler to your kitchen is definitely one of the smartest outdoor kitchen designs. You can place the cooling trough next to your dining table so that your cold drinks are easily accessible.

Recycled pallets

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Don’t you really have to spend a lot of money to build an outdoor kitchen? Use reused pallets to create a functional outdoor kitchen. You can use the pallet boards to build the kitchen counter and as ceiling joists.

If these ideas are implemented well, they will not only be practical, but also spacious and well equipped. For shade, choose the tin roof, which can protect against rain.

Covered terrace

covered outdoor kitchen ideas

If you are lucky enough to have a covered terrace in your garden, you can easily build your outdoor kitchen in it. Simply install kitchen counters and other appliances on one side of the room and install two stone pedestals on the other that can serve as a platform for the pergola.

When space is tight and you can’t use the patio often, consider turning the entire patio into a fully functional and stylish outdoor kitchen.

White boards

white outdoor kitchen ideas

You can also build your own outdoor kitchen with whiteboards. This idea can easily be achieved with a couple of whiteboards. Start by building the platform.

You can then build kitchen counters and finally install a pergola to provide shade for your kitchen. You can also add chrome kitchen faucets that go well with this all-white concept.

Garden corner

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The best outdoor kitchen for those with a green thumb and fond of planting is a kitchen with a posh garden in one corner. A modern, chic, and sophisticated garden can be a great addition to your outdoor kitchen.

You can also install water elements such as a mini pond or waterfall.

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