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Best Wallpaper

best modern bedroom wallpaper 2019

With a heady series of updates, the return of printed wallpaper remains high on most decorators’ design agendas, with interest continuing through 2019. Inspirational wallpaper updates are expected in 2019 that will bring life and great design to any room, from commercial to home. Unique floral prints and patterns are also making a big comeback as we notice more botanically inspired wallpapers in the market. Texture also offers the best wallpaper options for 2019, helping to create an interesting, cozy environment in your home.

We’re also seeing a return to more traditional wallpaper designs inspired by the past. There is a lot of flocked inspired paper out there, and we see more traditional designs and colors adding a refreshment too. There are so many different things (even sustainable and eco-friendly options) in the world of wallpaper right now that are sure to inspire you. Here are the most stylish wallpaper ideas for 2019 and beyond.

Bird prints

best wallpaper 2019 bird prints

Add a feel of gameplay to any room in your home with bold bird-printed wallpaper with an oversized scale to really maximize the look. Our interior designers love Salamndre’s iconic and popular flamingo and various bird prints.

They’re great for adding depth to a room via an accent wall, or for small areas like guest toilets and entrance areas.

Graphic geometry

geometric print best wallpaper 2019

Channel the heady spirit of the Art Deco era with graphic and symmetrical geometric printed wallcovering that is sure not to go out of style while also providing a feel for the everyday glamor in your home.

To keep the look right and timeless, choose classic colors that you won’t get tired of when trends come and go.

Personality fulfilled

best Wallpaper 2019 Fornasetti

Another playful and iconic print that takes inspiration from Fornasetti’s hanging plates-inspired graphic wallpaper that will energize even the simplest of spaces.

Thanks to its funny and bold print, it is sure to spark conversations and bring a lot of daily joy.

Stripes in bold

best wallpaper 2019 graphic strips

Go graphic with bold stripes that never feel dated, as long as you stick to classic colors that are easy on the eye. Think warm neutrals and bold colors for a clean look.

Stripes are also great for making a small room seem bigger than it really is, and go well with all types of furniture and almost any design style.


modern Chevron-Wallpaper 2019

Despite being a perennial classic, modern and unexpected updates and breaks into otherwise straightforward chevron prints feel fresh and have a conversation starter.

As shown above, if the chevrons were filled in and not spaced apart, the wall could be difficult to peel off. Instead, it maintains a unique look that is underpinned by a trio of complementary colors that are easy on the eyes.


Batik Tapete 2019

Batik carpets, bedding, and wallpaper have become popular in recent years thanks to their muted prints with a lively feel, graphic symmetry, and small patterns.

We love how the decorator who created the space shown above took the pattern a step further by creating a rich but subtle mix of different batik patterns and prints for a dense, layered look. And as you can see, tie-dye bedroom wallpaper designs are a good direction when it comes to creating a calming oasis that is still rich in print.

Fest / Tonal

beste solid tonal Tapete 2019

Working completely solid or tonally will add a more polished and refined feel to any room while adding a distinctive rich texture. If you work tonally, you can easily make the walls look fresher compared to a wall painted completely white.

Ultimately, the tonal wallpaper will exemplify your attention to detail while celebrating the joys of an elegant, serene design.

Asian inspired

best chinoiserie wallpaper 2019

It may come as a surprise to see Asian-inspired styles when considering modern wallpaper for your home, as it hasn’t been popular since the early 90s, but there is always an exception when traditional styles receive glorious updates.

From metallic finishes to intricate details, there is something to be said about the beauty of the flora and fauna of the chinoiserie that elevates a room. And if Asian-inspired wallpaper wasn’t inspirational enough, check out how clever the placement of the dining room wallpaper shown above is. If you just place the wallpaper in shaped rectangles, the look is like traditional screens. Pretty smart.


modern silhouettes wallpaper 2019

Although cameos and silhouettes have been gaining popularity since the Victorian era, Kara Walker’s large-format paper and wallcovering with a bastion of surprising silhouettes is responsible for the resurgence of silhouette wallpaper.

And while Kara Walkers are deeply thoughtful as she touches darker parts of American history, there is no reason not to be guided by her expressive work when considering the best wallpaper for girls or options that add a dizzying feel to the game either Room. Be on the lookout for distinctive yet intriguing elements hidden by modern silhouette wallpaper.


modern terracotta wallpaper 2019

With Terrazo, the marble-inspired stain print from the ’80s that has been very trending in recent seasons from upholstery to bathroom accessories, it was only a matter of time whether it would appear as a seditious competitor when talking about modern wallpaper for Your home is thinking.

Playful, abstract and forever cool wallpaper ideas from Terrazo are great for a home with a modern interior design in a transitional or mid-century style, as they perfectly match the eras and mood of both. Since the background is usually based on a common neutrality, every room appears larger and brighter.


Tierdruck Carpet 2019

Animal prints from cheetahs to leopards to zebras are perfect for sultry wallpaper designs in the bedroom and give any room an unmistakable feeling of heightened glamor that is not for the tame.

Increase the quality of a room by adding a full print or an accent wall with a gorgeous animal print that will make any area or room a standout experience.

Illusion Wallpaper

modern Trompe Loeil Tapete 2019

If you’re looking for ideas for a wallpaper conversation, go for a trompe l’oeil or illusion wallpaper for an unexpected and playful approach. From fake foliage to doors like the Maison Martin Margiela paper board pictured here, there are plenty of fun options you can bring into your home.

The key here is that they should feel photorealistic and shouldn’t be intended to recreate scenes from nature like a ’70s rumpus room would. No pond scenes, no artificial brick prints. Instead, keep it elegant with a print that will remind an adult’s familiar of playful elements of interior decor.

Large flowers

large format printed wallpaper 2019

Although it sounds prehistoric to reserve flower wallpapers (exclusively) for girls these days, there is something to be said about the intriguing, modern effect, oversized flowers can instantly add a more feminine space.

From a small bathroom to a large bedroom, bold, oversized flower blossoms make any room appear larger, more torn, and more unique.


Marmortapete 2019

When it comes to exciting and unexpected wallpaper ideas, our interior designers agreed that they appreciate the organic marble printing techniques that offer some of the most interesting options today.

And since marble is forever on trend in our books, this is no surprise. From bed linen with a marble effect to marble drawer pull-outs, the vein-like appeal of stone brings with it some inspiring design elements. And when it comes to wallpaper, marble options are sure to create a fascinating effect like no other print.


Metallic Tapete 2019

In the meantime, metallics and high-gloss surfaces have found their way through all design facets of a modern house. When it comes to brilliant bedroom wallpaper designs, metallics bring everyday glamor to any room with ease.

The key here is sourcing metallic wallpaper that has either a more classic or Art Deco-inspired graphic print and motifs so that the wallcovering is so calming and visually light that anything else risks being too busy and confusing. Even better, when combined with the chair rail shape pictured here, it gives the eye a break to focus on great design rather than being distracted.

Artist sketchbook

artistic wallpaper ideas 2019

As if they were taken from legendary fashion illustrator Antonio Lopez’s sketchbook, the collage effect pictured above is full of visual wit and a great sense of inspirational play.

In all fairness there is nothing quite like it and a similar wallpaper is sure to make your home as unique as you are. And although the style is not for the shy, every now and then you take a risk, as sometimes happy accidents can happen on unexpected routes.

The ultimate match-all wallpaper

Wallpaper 2019 ideas

Speaking of risk: with a vivid, colorful wallpaper that resembles the room pictured here, you can bring in almost any colored items and furniture you want, as the sky is the limit for mixing and matching.

And since the pattern is tiny here, you don’t need a heavy hand or oversaturated hues to bring it all together. With such an intoxicating print, you could even bring a classic beige sofa and top it off with coordinated pillows and throws for continuity.

A modern mural

modern mural wallpaper 2019

While we don’t recommend preprinted murals, there is something to be said about the unexpected and intimate appeal of the wallpaper shown here as it features a wonderful collage of various buildings and fruits for the ultimate unique, graphic wallpaper that no one else will have.

The key to making it work is to go back to subtle colors to keep the look light and refreshing. A modern mural is perfect for an accent wall or trim, and lets guests feel the surface with a sense of intrigue they’ll never forget.

Oversized paisley

moderne Paisley Rug 2019

As a more classic wallpaper option for 2019 and beyond, bold, oversized paisleys add a sense of feminine play to a room while also fluting historical silhouettes.

Palm leaves

best nursery wallpaper 2019

Palm leaves, which have been gaining momentum in recent years, will be a strong wallpaper trend until 2019. More textures and details are introduced into modern wallpaper, and the intricate details of the palm make for a chic option. Palm printed wallpapers come in all sorts of designs – whether you’re looking for something more masculine, brighter and bolder, or something more calming.

Palm fronds don’t all have to be inspired by the 1970s. We love the depth and coziness that a palm tree wallpaper with a black background offers, and the light airiness that a white paper with bold green palms offers.

Copper / gold tones

unique wallpaper 2019

Copper and gold tones are an easy way to add instant glamor to any room. They are strongly represented in all wallpaper areas. whether as meaningful copper-structured paper or embedded in a design. Warm metallics like this haven’t been popular in decades, but they’re back and feel so fresh this time around. Copper and metallic gold tones warm modern wallpapers and give every room a touch of luxury.

Imagine stunning gold wallpaper with a geometric white pattern – this look would add everyday glamor and an Art Deco spirit – especially when paired with unexpected colors and details like the neon colored beds above.

Muted stripes

modern striped wallpaper 2019

Stripes saw a return to modern wallpaper designs in 2019. The tones are more muted than in the past on striped wallpaper, but they look just as sharp. If you want your walls to be more interesting but without too much paint, go for a gray and white graphic stripe. For something more fun, but not too obvious, consider modern wallpaper with green, pink and white stripes?

This adds a touch of luxury to any room while also helping you introduce color (this goes great with an otherwise subdued and neutral room). Stripes, also in combination with soft neutrals, create an interplay that is perfect for a warm and inviting room.

Sustainable wallpaper

best living room wallpaper 2019

With increasing environmental concerns, increased production of sustainable products and the drive to be more environmentally friendly, everyone is on the agenda. Wallpaper manufacturers recognize this, and modern wallpaper ranges are characterized by environmentally friendly production, which is less harmful and environmentally harmful.

More and more wallpapers are being offered that are printed on recycled paper with water-based inks, which makes them less harmful to the environment. You also have the option of choosing materials like linen, burlap and bamboo as interesting alternatives to standard wallpaper ideas.  

Botanical Inspiration

inspiring sustainable wallpaper 2019

Think of unique botanicals. not just traditional floral wallpapers with a repeated pattern. This is more of an homage to the beauty of nature – think of a beautiful meadow rather than a bouquet of flowers. Consider wallpaper that looks more like a watercolor than a simple floral print. You can go bold with colors like vibrant blues, greens, pinks, reds, and oranges, or go for something less bold with muted creams, lilacs, and soft pinks.

This type of design is perfect for a feature wall; Give your room a touch of nature and natural form. If a colorful floral pattern isn’t for you, there are some beautiful botanically inspired designs available in both grays and neutral colors.  

Floral wallpaper

Wallpaper 2019 guide

You are probably as surprised as we are when you see a more traditional floral wallpaper with classic pinks and purples on a floral wallpaper that is making a comeback. Think of festive wallpapers with beautiful, vibrant patterns and lots of color.

Designs like this are the perfect wallpaper for girls’ rooms – they create a charming, relaxing and inspiring space. You can opt for cheerful colors or something more subdued for a monochrome and minimalist space.

Structured grays

stylish wallpaper 2019

Wallpaper designs 2019 are all about depth and texture. If you’re not a huge fan of color, textured grays are a great option for you. While your color scheme remains muted and monochrome, they add much-needed depth and warmth to a room.

From busy, intricate patterns to everyday stripe patterns, texture is key to making a room’s wallcoverings feel more distinctive.

Flock Wallpaper

modern gray flocked wallpaper 2019

Flocked Wallpaper is also making a comeback with new modern wallpaper designs that have been updated for today. The new designs preserve the traditional flocking feel and keep it fresh and modern, while keeping the traditional, luxurious elements of the flocked wallpaper. Flocked wallpapers are often very detailed and have a great depth of color. makes it perfect for bedroom wallpaper designs.

Wallpaper like this will add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any room, and an entire room wallpapered with flocks will transport you in luxury. How about a touch of champagne for a really glamorous and luxurious wall covering? But don’t be fooled, all flocked wallpapers are dark and dramatic – there are some lovely designs in off-whites and light blues and greens that are absolutely refreshing.

Dark patterns

Wallpaper 2019 ideas

Not everything has to be bright and light, and the same goes for the trend wallpaper 2019. Think deep blues and greens with contrasting patterns in neutral tones. Perfect for a masculine bedroom or a room where you want to introduce a dark wall.

The neutral pattern tones work together with the color depth to create interesting wallpaper ideas that help make a room feel cool and cozy at the same time.

Bright and brave

best graphic wallpaper 2019

Bold, bright and convincing wallpaper designs are making a comeback – wallpaper designs for the living room, dining room and bedroom are equally trendy and more imaginative than ever. Bright colors and extravagant prints make for an unforgettable statement. Avoid the recently popular quiet wallpaper, because the effect is back in trend.

Punchy green and yellow are important trends, as are strong blues and pinks. If you want a room to stand out, the sky is the limit.

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