Chef Kitchen Design

Chef Kitchen Design

Kitchen area under cabinet lighting

With every interior design there is a fine balance between aesthetics and practicality. No area of ​​the house is as confronted with this dilemma as the kitchen. With options for countertops, cabinets, and appliances to choose from, every kitchen decision goes on tiptoe of functionality and beauty. However, becoming an iron chef does not mean giving up your inner esthete. Our skilled designers have these tips to help maintain the chef’s perfectly crafted kitchen.

The wash basin

Chef's kitchen sink

When thinking about your chef’s kitchen, start with the sink. Your sink should be centrally located and have space for food preparation on both sides. We tend to source retractable faucets but choose an option that suits your needs. In any case, we strongly recommend a deep depression. They’re an easy way to hide pots and pans when you sit down for dinner. Note the farm sink we put in this chic Sag Harbor loft.

Durable surfaces

Chef's kitchen countertops

The full granite phase is over. Therefore, instead of an easy-care natural material, install easy-to-clean and durable synthetic countertops. Check out the white quartz countertops we sourced for this Westchester family home.

Kitchen island

Chef's kitchen island

A kitchen island is a great multipurpose area of ​​the house, especially if you enjoy entertaining. Start the night by gathering everyone around a couple Sausage boards. And once dinner starts, a kitchen island creates a great buffer between you and the guest who wants to play sous chef. Pull up a couple of bar stools like we did in this modern Tudor house and park your guests far away from the food prep.

Practical devices; Elegant furniture

Chef's kitchen cabinets

When choosing devices, focus on practicality rather than aesthetics. Retro refrigerators and country stoves have no place in your kitchen, no matter how well they go with your design style. Instead, choose appliances that suit your culinary needs and incorporate your design sensibility into your cabinets. In this light, airy cooperative we were able to achieve a chic, temporary look while including modern stainless steel appliances.

Lighting under the closet

Kitchen area under cabinet lighting

When cutting and dicing, you want as much light as possible. Consider a range of undercounter lights for your chef’s kitchen. It creates basic lighting while also giving you the light you need for food preparation. The lighting under the cabinet can also highlight unusual materials like marble and walnut in this mid-century palace.

Open and closed storage

Chef's kitchen counter

When designing kitchens, we want to keep a mix of open and closed storage solutions. The Hasami porcelain dishes that just came from Japan? Perfect for open storage. That crispy saucepan that you inherited from your great aunt? Keep it behind closed doors. Learn how we mixed open and closed warehouses in this TriBeCa investment property.

White backsplash tiles

chef's kitchen white backsplash tile

For a crisp, clean, and neutral look, choose white backsplash tiles and contrast them with darker cabinets or countertops. In this Hoboken family home, a subway tile backsplash is the perfect look for a clean, modern chef’s kitchen.

Touch-latch cabinets

Sliding kitchen cabinets

An easy-to-clean option with a flat silhouette, touch-latch cabinets are a breeze for your chef’s kitchen. We have equipped this TriBeCa kitchen with touch-latch cabinets. to maintain a sleek atmosphere throughout the loft.