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Ditched Design Trends

Ditched Design Trends

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There are a ton of things we’d like to leave behind in 2016, including some design trends. Though faded, pure white rooms with shiny, faux-antique pieces have dominated the design in recent years, we’re ready for some changes. In particular, we’re hoping for lighter bursts of color that emphasize high-contrast neutral palettes, as opposed to pure white schemes. Here is a list of the design trends we hope will fall by the wayside in the coming year, as well as some suggestions for replacements.


Brass objects design faux pas

One trend we’re moving away from is the bright and shiny metals – like this brass lamp – that have dominated design in recent years. Materials that have a muted tone and develop a natural patina over time will quickly replace bright, shiny, and metallic parts. Learn how we incorporated brushed metal faucets into the bathroom of this rustic, contemporary Hoboken apartment.

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Wall art with quotes and cute sayings

Wall art quotes design faux pas

“Keep Calm and carry on?” I would rather not. Instead of cute quotes and sayings, go for something bolder when choosing wall art. Colorful abstract pieces are great for adding a pop of color, while eye-catching black and white photographs are great for a monochrome look. Check out the abstract wall art we incorporated into this luxury apartment on Market Street in San Francisco.

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Everything white

all white design faux pas

The pure white aesthetic has dominated lookbooks in recent years. But in reality, it’s a design scheme that is incredibly difficult to implement. White furniture gets dirty quickly and the whole vibe feels boring anyway. What we’re looking forward to in 2017 are contrasting neutral color schemes that include pops of color. For this South Orange, New Jersey home, we used black cabinetry to create a stark contrast to the white tile backsplash, then rounded it off with triplets in primary colors.

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Edison lightbulbs

Edison lightbulb design faux pas

Just because something is old or old doesn’t mean it will look good in your home. It seems like every bar and restaurant that wants a retro chic vibe has installed a fleet of Edison lightbulbs in recent years, and we hope this trend falls by the wayside. Rather than opting for an antique-inspired look, we’re delighted that people are incorporating real antiques into their homes, like the vintage chairs we reupholstered for this luxury apartment in the Upper East Side.

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Mason jars

Mason jars design faux pas

Maybe we’re just fed up with the whole DIY trend, but using mason jars for everything from sangria to storage feels like a thing of the past. Drinking from mason jars is a hassle, and frankly, there are better storage options. For storage solutions, we hope for clear glasses with cork lids and other alternatives that are a bit fancier. For alternative glassware, we dig mid-century and art deco style barware. Take a cue from the glassware in the bar that we installed in this mid-century palace on the Upper East Side.

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