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Office Design Mistakes

Office Design Mistakes

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So you saved some money by taking a DIY approach to your office design. Good for you. But you’ve likely made some office design mistakes.

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However, there is a chance that you will cut off some corners that will now make your headquarters feel a little … meh. Even if you’re happy with the way your space has been designed, you may overlook some details that just don’t go well together. Interior design company Decor Aid highlighted some of the most common design mistakes and how best to fix them. Here are five ways you can spice up your place of business without hiring professional help.

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Saving light with just one light source is a big no-no. Decor Aid suggests layering your light sources to create different atmospheres during the day and late afternoon. Work lights like reading lights are also efficient, while wall lights add elegance and softness.

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Painting your walls without first considering a larger color scheme or choosing furniture can create a space that doesn’t go well together. Once you’ve decided on a color palette, Decor Aid recommends completing the upholstery and a matching rug. Next, look for window treatments and furniture like tables and bookcases that hold everything else together. (Wood and brass go with warm pallets, while nickel and steel go with cool pallets). Once all of these elements are in place, it’s time to pick your paint color.

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For artwork that doesn’t hang over furniture, let the center of the piece hang at eye level, between 65 and 70 inches above the floor depending on its size. For anything hanging over a sofa or other furniture, make sure there is 6 to 8 inches of space between the bottom of the art and the top of the furniture.

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It’s easy to fall in love with a furniture set, even if it’s a little too big or too small for the space you need to fill. Before buying furniture, imagine how much space it will take by drawing an outline of the dimensions on the floor with tape. Having a large object is fine as long as it’s the center of the room. However, a large number of smaller objects create a cluttered feeling. According to Decor Aid, the perfect combination of furniture has different heights, shapes and sizes.

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If you haven’t included enough storage products in your design budget, you will likely see more items on display than you originally planned. You can use inexpensive wardrobes to neatly store a variety of items that don’t fit well on bookshelves or coffee tables. Decor Aid recommends matching these storage units with paint and wallpaper that match the overall design of your office.

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