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Best Interior Designers Austin

Best Interior Designers Austin

You want to transform a room, but you can’t do it alone and you don’t know who the best local interior designers are? As an interior design firm serving cities from coast to coast, we know how difficult it can be to find the right people to work with. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of Austin’s top interior designers for your next big project.

Laura Roberts Design

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Laura Roberts studied fibers at the Art Institute of Chicago and has 15 years of experience running her own interior design company. In 2017 she joined the Clayton & Little team. There she focuses on residential interior design and takes pride in translating clients’ needs into reality. By the way, she also cataloged the photography collection The Gernsheim House in the Harry Ransom Center.

Roberts uses her background in art and textiles to determine the general direction of the spaces she works on while practicing interior design in Austin. And while she doesn’t do many commercial interior design projects in Austin, her home work on the AIA Austin Homes Tour was featured in Traditional Home and Luxe Magazines, and the recently published Texas Made Texas Modern as one of Austin’s finest interior designers.

Decor aid

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Since launching in 2014, Décor Aid has revolutionized the world of interior design in Austin thanks to an honest approach to commercial and residential projects. As one of the leading interior design firms in North America, Décor Aid aims to offer luxurious design that is seamless and achievable.

Every project starts with a free face-to-face consultation where an interior designer will tell you about your needs and show you how to move forward effectively. Then you will receive a thorough proposal along with a guarantee that there is no minimum purchase per hour. As one of the premier interior designers in Austin, Decor Aid works with the most talented interior designers in Austin who have been carefully vetted.

Austin customers also have unlimited access to exclusive interior design discounts from Décor Aid that save up to 50% off the retail price.

Décor Aid’s inspiring projects have been featured in ELLE DECOR, House Beautiful, New York magazine and others, among others.

Rachel Horn

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Rachel Horn spent her childhood amidst the classic stone buildings, churches and structures in San Miguel de Allende, which in turn shaped her approach to calm sophistication with a heritage spirit.

Horn’s interpretation of the interior design of residential buildings Austin has been recognized in numerous books and international shelter magazines as one of the best interior designers for maintaining the Spanish colonial style. She also has a deep understanding of Colonial and Mexican design movements, which makes her a standout figure among the top interior designers in Austin.

Count + castle

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The Count + Castle team is a member of the American Society of Interior Designers and one of the finest interior designers in Austin. Not only does it practice interior design in Austin, but it also preaches this by coaching and assisting and training other local Austin interior designers town, village.

J. Fisher Interiors

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J. Fischer prides itself on being approachable and far from being smart unlike others who practice interior design in Austin. Her designs underline a delightful mix of professionalism and playfulness – which makes her one of the best interior designers in Austin. Their designs are luxurious and refined while taking on the realities of everyday life.

Marcus Mohon

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Marcus Mohon Interiors focuses on the interior design of Austin, which is characterized by everyday elegance and characteristic symmetry. The company’s portfolio includes work that is undeniably accessible and inviting. With projects across the nation, Austin Marcus Mohon Interiors marks them as some of the finest interior designers in Austin.

Her work combines the urban modern and the rustic, the refined and the tangible, but most of all the company tries to focus on delighting its customers’ everyday lives with great, enriching design.

Allison Jaffe

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Allison Jaffe Interior Design, one of the leading interior designers in Austin, offers a range of decoration and space planning services to their discerning clients. The company’s lead designer, Allison Jaffe, studied interior design at Texas State University and is a professional member of the American Society of Interior Designers.

She is also one of the few Austin interior designers registered with the Texas Board of Architectural Examiners. This makes them a rarity, among other things in the interior design of residential buildings in Austin.

Michelle Thomas Design

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Michelle Thomas Design has a team of design professionals who practice the best of interior design in Austin. The company’s lead interior designer, Michelle Thomas, has received six Rising Star Awards from the American Society of Interior Designers and was recently featured on the hit HGTV reality show Property Brothers.

The company specializes in cutting-edge, clean designs with eye-catching color choices that only the best Austin interior designers can conjure up to bring spaces to life.

Heather Scott home

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Founded in 2006 by Heather & Scott Harkovich, Heather Scott Home & Design humbly started out as a popular home decor destination. It has grown to become one of the premier interior designers in Austin, receiving national recognition and numerous awards for both residential and commercial Austin interior design.

As one of the best known interior design firms in Austin, the firm also specializes in intelligent interior design for Austin offices.

Jane Reece

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After cutting her teeth in Florida in 2007 and moving her business to Austin, Texas, Jane Reece quickly became one of the top interior designers in Austin. The interior design takes on their signature. Austin combines classic and contemporary interior design styles for a look that is undeniably luxurious, yet relaxed enough for everyday life.

Greer interior design

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Since founding Greer Interior Design, one of the leading interior designers in Austin, Jennifer Greer Hartmann has worked closely with her broad clientele to achieve a unique balance between classic and modern interior design. With a view to versatility, Greer Interior Design masterfully combines different design styles while refining the surrounding architecture and above all the people who will use each room.

With over 15 years of experience, Greer has worked on the interiors for every type of residence: from sleek condos to classic Austin homes to charming lakeside properties. And unlike other elite firms involved in home interior design in Austin, Greer and his team look to a client’s budget for every aspect of a project so they know how much it’s going to cost.

Spaces designed

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Award-winning interior designer and real estate entrepreneur Komal Sheth combines each project with a decidedly creative and refined approach to interior design in Austin. Before founding Spaces Designed in Austin in 2005, Sheth worked with renowned interior designers around the world in Bombay, India, Austin, Dallas and parts of California, who in turn influenced her personal decorating style.

Expect a touch of luxury and global influences that blend seamlessly into a multi-faceted interior design. As one of the best interior designers in Austin, she believes that “The home should reflect the client’s vision and tastes, with the interior designer’s touch exceeding expectations. ‘Spaces Designed also practices high-end interior design in Austin.

Turnstyle interior design

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Lieve Saether is the lead interior designer behind Turnstyle Design, one of the leading interior designers in Austin. And unlike other interior designers in Austin, Turnstyle Design aims to create interiors that take into account both the spirit and personality of a home’s owners and guide them through the entire process to ensure they are involved in the outcome of their project .

Saether’s approach guarantees that the spaces she creates reflect the individuality, energy and accessibility of her approach to living space in Austin. She is also known for her signature color stories, which boast a rich artistic sensibility to ensure the uniqueness of each project. Even better is the fact that it comes with a strong grasp of iconic visual and historical design references and movements.

Bates Design Associates

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Accredited Principal Architect Kim Bates understands the power of a well-managed design process and the value of working with clients, and shows them the possibilities that luxury interior design in Austin can make a reality in their everyday lives.

Her portfolio is full of sophisticated, classic, elegant and inviting spaces that celebrate the best of modern Austin interior design. Her work is the epitome of modern Austin interior design as she is known for creating richly layered spaces with a timeless transition feel.

Kim is a licensed and award-winning designer who has worked both locally and internationally. Her inspirational work has featured in a variety of Shelter magazines and she was selected as a finalist for HGTV’s “Faces of Design”. Bates is also listed as one of the Top 20 Designers in Austin by She has degrees in business and interior design and has been on an interior design study trip to Europe.

She is a founding member of the Blanton Museum of Art, a member of the National Charity League, the Institute for Classical Art and Architecture. Bates also participates in a mentoring program at Westlake High School while serving on the board of the Austin Community American Society of Interior Designers and on the board of the Women’s Symphony League.

Next level Austin

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With a founding interior designer with 20 industry experiences and an eye for intriguing designs that exude brilliance, this company offers luxury interior design throughout the Austin area. Together, the Next Level team brings an unmistakable design sensibility into the world of interior design Austin by playfully overlapping colors, shapes and textures and inspiring its customers to think outside their comfort zone for the best in modern interior design Austin.

From the best Austin interior designers to firms being considered for commercial interior design in Austin, we’ll keep adding to this list as new talent hits our radar.

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