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Concrete Paver Design Ideas

Concrete Paver Design Ideas

Concrete pavers are used at home to make the driveway smooth with good looks. The concrete pavers are also used near the pool patio. These are quite easy to install and are available at different cost prices depending on the material used for pavement.

Different features of Concrete Pavers:

The basic purpose of the concrete pavements is not only to give the driveway or garden a nice look but it also gives an open space to know the area. The space where concrete pavers are used is more manicured. The thoughts behind emphasizing the area is to add a refined piece of hardscaping that can define space well.

These concrete slabs are cheaper than stone and are available in such attractive colors that can never be provided by brick use. Similarly, the durability of concrete pavements does not arise, as they are sufficiently durable than asphalt.

Different types of concrete pavers:

There are two main types of concrete pavers. These are as under,

Interlock pavers

Architectural tiles

Interlocking Pavers:

The origins of these pavers begin after World War 11 and were invented by the Dutch. It entered the market when the brick that existed for concrete faced a short decline. The short supply gap was then filled by these coarse-shaped blocks of concrete pavers and they are still present in the same form since then.

Architectural Pavers:

This is a fairly refined form of concrete pavers but they are less durable than interlock pavers because they cannot carry heavy traffic loads. They are very similar to the appearance of brick or natural stone. Costers they are cheaper to install.