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Sputnik Chandelier Design Ideas

Sputnik Chandelier Design Ideas

Candlesticks are known for giving the house a unique and sophisticated view. But if there is a chandelier that can increase this while adding a modern look, it is the chandelier of the sputnik. This type of chandelier has a star shape appearance. They contain two main parts in a chandelier.

  • Axle – It is the frame that holds and supports the entire chandelier. The wires pass through the shaft.
  • Lighting Fixtures – These are the branches that branch from the axis in the form of a star. Each branch has a luminaire at its terminal.

This type of chandelier is very large in appearance and can easily catch the attention. They are also known to give strong light because of the number of branches that branch out. Here are some tips to consider when buying a sputnik chandelier.

The size

This is one of the first points to take into account before you buy one of these. The number of branches, the number of lights, etc. they all depend on the size of the chandelier. In general, the chandelier is known to have a good balance, but some modern patterns may have varying weight concentrations. It is important for one to understand them before they are attached to the ceiling.

The place

Establishing a chandelier in the right place is important to ensure good lighting and also to produce the beauty of the chandelier along with the room itself.

The number of lights

The number of candles in the sputnik chandelier is more than a medium-sized chandelier. This can lead to higher power consumption. However, by carefully placing the lights, one can ensure sufficient brightness for a room by the smart use of light at limited luminaires.