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Mid Century Modern Kitchen Ideas

Mid Century Modern Kitchen Ideas

best modern kitchen ideas of the middle of the century

While it’s easy to identify and inject modern mid-century design into a frequently used space like a living room, getting the right look in a kitchen can be much more difficult. But it is undeniable that a modern kitchen from the middle of the century infinitely charming  effect,  if it is done correctly.

How do you create a beautiful mid-century modern kitchen from scratch or during a kitchen remodel? To help you find the right way forward, we asked the interior designers at Décor Aid for their best mid-century modern kitchen ideas as the design style has become more popular recently as homeowners do something different looking for the cold and clinically modern kitchen styles we see all too often. Adding the right mid-century elements to your kitchen area will make the most of your space with pops of vibrant color, unique add-ons, and modern details. And best of all, the design style requires personality – something that isn’t common in kitchens.

The modern kitchen decor from the middle of the century is the right way if you are looking for a different feel is the full of warmth and flair. Adding small mid-century style elements to your modern kitchen doesn’t have to be a daunting and expensive task unless you don’t know where to find  smart mid-century modern kitchen ideas . So keep in mind these mid-century modern kitchen ideas that will help you get your job done in style and with ease.

Go all green with kitchen cabinets

Green cabinets of mid-century modern kitchen

Have you ever thought about gem-colored and glossy  green kitchen cabinets paired with a mix of beige or white details like a countertop or backsplash? It could mean the difference between a mid-century and a classic kitchen style. Choose backslash patterns like black and white crossed, raster styles, and those that are retro-inspired as these time-tested styles date from the 1940s. Let your appliances and furnishings reflect your goal of creating a timeless mid-century modern kitchen.

Opt for a refrigerator with solid metal handles and a stamped metal body, as these refrigerator patterns are similar to models popularly seen more than 50 years ago – with advances in technology along the way, of course.

Add style to your countertop

Mid-century modern kitchen counters

If you’re thinking of a unique way to incorporate mid-century modern kitchen design ideas into your kitchen area, there are more than a dozen ways to do it using your countertop as a tool. A great option is to delve into the world of laminate countertops, which were trending in the 1950s and 1960s. If you are bringing them into your modern kitchen this is a good place to start.

Laminate worktops are very durable and can last up to 30-40 years, making the investment worthwhile. And your kitchen will look even more vintage-inspired if you go for candy colors like teal, avocado green, and even pink.

Devices that you cannot do without

Mid Century Modern Kitchen Ideas

By now, you should know that no modern mid-century kitchen  can be complete without lots of bright colors and playful patterns. Appliances like the oven, refrigerator, microwave and hob in bold and bright colors should be considered must-have items. Such colors for a modern kitchen design from the middle of the century range from strong red to turquoise to robin egg blue.

These playful colors are the only significant colors that will add everyday elegance to your kitchen while channeling the zesty allure of mid-century kitchens as they were decorated decades ago.

Choose modern mid-century ceramic patterns

Mid-century modern kitchen tiles

Many mid-century homes used inexpensive and colorful ceramic tiles as the ultimate material for backslashes and countertops during the design style’s heyday. You can combine any light color with a black tile border. A mid-century inspired kitchen is one that combines just a few bright colors with black to create a sense of strength that is used on either floor tiles, backslashes or countertops.

Even better when you can use room-defining tiles with graphic detailing, like most homes of the time, to give the feel of a mid-century modern kitchen.

Flat front furniture is a must

Mid Century Modern Kitchen Cabinets

Equip your kitchen with timeless, simple and minimalist flat front cabinets similar to those seen in many homes in the 1960s. Flat front furniture is known for its soft surface feel, which also prevents scratches while creating a smooth and smooth appearance. Today’s iterations are usually made of powder-coated metal, which also gives them a tough, yet lightweight feel.

Channeling you  modern kitchen ideas of the middle of the century in 2019 by bring in cabinets with a simple design in almost any color that draws your attention. Just make sure the colors you choose are the ones that you will be happy with for years as they can be an expensive feature that will need to be replaced after just a few years .

Polished concrete floor

Mid Century Modern Kitchen Flooring

Concrete is a great floor option for a kitchen as it is incredibly durable, easy to maintain, inexpensive, timeless and most importantly, it goes well with just about any design style, from the modern mid-century to more minimalist people. To get the look right, investigate the look of a classic mid-century modern kitchen and find out how mid-century homeowners designed their floors. It is common to find that most homes by the 1950s had a polished concrete floor. So the idea isn’t quite a millennium, although concrete paving has grown dramatically in popularity over the past decade.

Polished concrete floors are known for their reflective nature as they keep the home warm in the fall and cold in the summer. However, the only consideration to keep in mind when you have children is that they can be rough underfoot. So be sure to cover yours with layered carpets if you have small children with you.

Get inspiration from an all-white mid-century kitchen

mid century white modern kitchen

An all white kitchen may not be new to even inexperienced decorators and homeowners as it was an extremely popular choice between 1950 and 1970 and was once considered a unique way to add a personal touch of modern elegance to any kitchen. To this day, it remains a calling card when you  consider mid-century modern kitchen decor .

When everything goes white, including your appliances and cabinets, your kitchen will get brighter and bigger, cleaner and brighter. White is also great for highlighting colorful decorative finds, prints, and patterns while avoiding a busy, distracting, and persistent look.

Globe pendant lights

Mid-century modern kitchen lights

Mid-century modern kitchen ideas would not be complete without eye-catching spherical lights and pendants. In the 60s and 60s they had a naive look, but today they look all the more dynamic thanks to asymmetrical styling details.

To get the right look and make your mid-century modern kitchen design look complete and current, go for oversized kitchens to really make a space-defining statement. Go for crystal clear glass to upgrade the design style and bring it up to date.

Orange and brown

Mid Century Modern Kitchen colors

These two colors are earthy and vibrant at the same time, making them the perfect choice for a mid-century modern kitchen . Regardless of your kitchen space and layout, they remain a classic mid-century kitchen color combination that you originally envisioned. Painting your kitchen walls a bold orange will make your kitchen sing, while a calming brown combo will keep everything grounded and not too bright.

These colors were typical of the mid-century due to their down-to-earth simplicity and optimistic feel. A muted brown color works best for your kitchen cabinets, especially with a matte finish. This will help bring out the warm nature of any unexpected color you bring in. If painting your kitchen walls with bold orange colors isn’t your comfort zone, you can go for more subtle means of bringing in the color by incorporating orange and a subtle beige over appliances, cookware, and decorative accessories that you see as the seasons and trends change can easily be exchanged. This combination is sure to create a distinctive mid-century feeling in your kitchen.

Rethink kitchen features

Mid Century Modern Kitchen Inspiration

If your kitchen is designed so that the outside walls of your house are not used, you can create a courtyard kitchen feel reminiscent of classic mid-century stylistic elements. This takes you away from the usual way of positioning the sink along an outside wall under a window, as shown above.

And consider open shelving above your counter for a less clunky and visually heavy look. This, in turn, helps you create an open and flowing space in the kitchen that is easy on the eye too. Aside from being transported to the middle of the century, this will help create a sense of expanse even when faced with limited kitchen space. Ask any interior designer and he tells you immediately that this one of the best ideas for a modern kitchen design the is middle of the century in 2019, which you should use to your advantage.

Include smart and stylish storage

Mid Century Modern Kitchen Storage

Achieving stylish mid-century storage solutions without expanding your kitchen size may sound daunting, but as with any hurdle during the interior design process, it’s important to always be creative.

You can make effective use of unused spaces and corners by adding a border cabinet style that uses cabinets to cross an area instead of being attached to the wall. Install shelves over your doors if you’re still short of storage space. The more storage solutions you bring in, the easier it is to keep everything clean.

Keep it up

timeless modern kitchen ideas of the middle of the century

If there is one thing that you should take away from mid-century modern decor, it is that it should always be fun and expressive. Think bold colors, wild patterns, and retro-inspired silhouettes.

And since the design style requires a playful mind, there really is no wrong way to get it working as long as you keep everything pared down and edited for a well-judged look.

Go for built-in

classic modern mid-century cuisine

Increase your home’s resale potential by having bespoke additions professionally installed in your kitchen that instantly bring out the best of mid-century modern style.

Think of kitchen banquets with clever storage space underneath, which create a warm and inviting feeling in your kitchen too. And remember to install exposed beams to beautifully channel the rustic touches of the design styles.

Embrace the ambience of nature

Try Mid Century Modern Kitchen

If you’re remodeling or rebuilding a mid-century modern kitchen, add as many windows as your structure allows. This allows for a free flow of light that beautifully connects your home’s relationship between interiors and the environment – a perfect choice for a classic mid-century modern kitchen .

This will also help you better care for plants that you bring in for an added sense of organic and as an ode to the beauty of the great outdoors. Plants are also great for kitchens as they can help purify the air. Even better if you can plant and maintain a small herb garden on the windowsill that you can use every day.

When it comes to mid-century modern kitchen design ideas , space is always the biggest challenge. The modern kitchen from the middle of the century, from the you dreamed is, may not be comparable to the available space. Worst of all, however, expanding the layout of your kitchen can be an expensive undertaking when you have the potential to expand it. One of the lessons to be learned from mid-century modern inspiration is design with compatibility in mind. The ideas shared here are intended to help you design, update, and remodel amodern mid-century kitchen help  .

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