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Country Kitchen Ideas

Country Kitchen Ideas

modern rural kitchen ideas

Country kitchen ideas might sound novel and charming right away, but how can you use them in your own home without the look coming out as a persistent theme? And most importantly, how can you create a layered, transition-inspired country mix that doesn’t limit your direction – especially if you have your house to sell in the future?

To help you resolve some of these problems with confident style, we interviewed Décor Aid interior designers how they pick up the best country kitchen ideas and how they work flawlessly in your home. From modern country house kitchen ideas that elegantly enhance your home to timeless and inexpensive country house kitchen ideas on a small budget, there is something for every home. For inspiration, you will find our interior designers here, who will find the best solutions for a modern yet timeless interpretation of our preferred country house kitchen ideas so that you can create a warm and charming kitchen with confidence. Who says that a country kitchen has to be so literal these days?Instead, get on with what feels appropriate to the spirit of your home and tastes.

Vintage-inspired devices

Vintage inspired appliances country kitchen ideas

What would rural kitchen ideas be without a nostalgic throwback and retro or vintage-inspired elements that go back to a bygone and often romanticized time? When it comes to the more traditional country kitchen ideas, there is a tried and true path that, while predictable, can also be comforting.

A modern porcelain-fronted range like the one shown above will help bring your country kitchen ideas to life and make the space all the more unique. The key to getting the right look is just adding a few elements here and there, such as: B. how the country kitchen shown above is equipped with sleek, modern cabinets, clear lines and lighter colors so that it does not look too theme-oriented.

A checkered kitchen banquet

Gingham Banquet Country Kitchen Ideas

A custom-made kitchen banquet not only makes for a comfortable and enviable seating area in your kitchen, it also helps make your kitchen area feel more actual and cozy while increasing the resale value of your home (as long as it’s minimal and timeless in appeal) .

When it comes to country cuisine ideas, there is no better way to evoke the spirit of the country than with a plaid gingham fabric. Pick a traditional country color like green, red, or blue and cushion your banquets to create a cute country corner or just add gingham pillows to complete the look. Aside from a cozy place to eat, you can also create hidden storage rooms under banquet seats to make even better use of the space.

A neutral striped banquet

striped banquet country kitchen ideas

If you’re looking for something simpler than the bold and bright gingham check for a built-in kitchen banquet, a neutral striped finish is an equally eye-catching graphic alternative. When designing the country house kitchen, everything revolves around a soft palette so that neutral colors fit exactly.

A cream and beige awning strip can look amazing in many country style kitchens, as can a thinner strip of linen or darker combinations for a more modern touch. Either way, a striped banquet will add the necessary visual interest to the country kitchen design ideas that you want to add in your home.

An oak butcher’s block

Oak butcher chopping block country kitchen ideas

When it comes to stylish everyday items for the kitchen, nothing immediately says more “design ideas for country kitchens” than a traditional oak butcher’s block. Natural wood makes a place feel cozy, and an interesting pattern on an oak butcher’s block also allows you to add a graphic visual game to the environment.

However, if you don’t cook at home too often, you don’t have to use it for traditional uses – you can use it as a countertop for kitchen islands, as a prep room, or as a storage place for other stylish things as you like with a tray. Think pepper mills, mixing bowls, or even a cookbook that you are currently using that is open along a butcher’s block. They’re also great for adding a bit of organic to make your kitchen feel like a country.

Exposed brick accent walls

exposed brick country kitchen ideas

Country style is about taking advantage of the naive and more natural elements of your home, and an exposed brick accent wall is an essential way to timelessly appeal to the best country kitchen ideas. Exposed bricks give your kitchen a rough and sturdy feel, and help make it feel less taut and rigidly structured.

Exposed bricks can also add a more rustic feel to your kitchen design without breaking the bank (if your house already has brick finishes). The most important thing is that an accent wall offers a smarter setting than an entire wall. But why do you ask? While exposed brick walls make a great, sturdy appearance, they also tend to crumble and throw off dust on a daily basis – something you don’t want while you cook or eat. So keep yours away from food prep areas unless you leave your exposed wall sealed.

Exposed structural beams

exposed wood beams country kitchen ideas

When we think of a country house style house, wooden beams are often among the first things many of our customers think of. There is something raw and essential about an exposed beam, and there is also something fascinating to see how they support the structure of your home.

Let your wood beams become a central design feature when considering country kitchen ideas, and paint the ceiling and surrounding walls a light color so that all of the focus is on the wood beams or even steel beams. Exposed beams work well for an accent wall too, adding to the visual interest that relies on the natural and raw yet refined.

Kitchen cabinet curtains

Kitchen cabinet curtains country kitchen ideas

Kitchen cabinet curtains are a traditionally charming approach to hiding what has made a comeback in recent years. Having curtains instead of cabinet doors is a much cheaper and easier way to create a country style kitchen than with new cabinets.

Pick a fabric that enhances the rest of your kitchen and brings your room together – stripes, plaids, flowers, and simple linens work best here. This is the best of all country kitchen ideas on a budget as it will cost a lot less than renovating your entire kitchen and completely changing your space. When the seasons and trends change, you can easily swap them out for a quick room freshen up.

Substructure the closet curtains

Sink curtains country kitchen ideas

If you think a full set of kitchen cabinet curtains is too much for your kitchen area, then what about only having one under the sink? This is great for rural kitchen ideas for small kitchens as it doesn’t take up all of the space and has a meaningful impact for a small addition.

Since you are only using one curtain, you can go for something completely quaint and country-inspired. How about some romantic tiered ruffles? Something great? Or a cute and colorful gingham? No matter in which direction, under the bar curtains you are sure to create a feeling of joyful mood in your country kitchen, which boasts an idyllic sensibility.

Modern wooden cabinets

modern wooden cabinets country kitchen ideas

If you like a rural feel but prefer a more modern look over more traditional country style, a range of modern wooden cabinets is a timeless alternative in your kitchen. A modern design gives you the clean look you want and still gives your kitchen the warm look of wood.

All wood-facing cabinets can be a little difficult to read when you use them in your kitchen. We therefore recommend installing contrasting cabinets either above or below so that your modern ideas for the country kitchen feel clear and realistic with a light hand.

Wooden shelves

open wooden shelves country kitchen ideas

Wooden shelves in your kitchen offer you a lot of additional storage space and give your kitchen an industrial-inspired atmosphere. Put your most-used items on a shelf above your stove and display everyday items and dried goods in storage jars next to them.

Open shelves add a rural flair to any home and are one of the more affordable ideas for DIY country kitchens. Plus, they don’t have to be left unfinished or painted, as they look just as ideal in a clear white or a darker shade. The key to open shelving is that the items are easier to catch dust and require regular cleaning and freshening from time to time.

A rack with hanging pots and pans

hanging pots country kitchen ideas

Suspending your pots and pans on hooks on the wall or on a rack hanging from the ceiling is an elegant way to enhance the country spirit in your kitchen. Displaying your pots and pans this way will make your kitchen area feel more complete and better used.

Plus, this is an easy and effective way to achieve a rural feel (and it’s perfect for rural kitchen ideas on a budget), not to mention the fact that it creates more storage space elsewhere.

Wooden countertop

Wood countertop country kitchen ideas

A wooden countertop is a classic that is indispensable in any country-style kitchen. A wooden worktop gives your room a nice, warm color and rounds off a country-style kitchen wonderfully. An oak countertop provides the perfect tone to complete your country kitchen ideas and will help make your space feel warmer, cozier and more comfortable.

Keep in mind that wood countertops can be more delicate than stone or tile, as they will show watermarks and ailment as they age.

Butler’s Sink

Butlers sink country kitchen ideas

A butler sink is another classic element that many immediately imagine when they think of an inspiring country kitchen design. A timeless, deep ceramic sink gives your kitchen a rustic farmhouse feel and goes well with wood countertops and colorful kitchen cabinets.

A butler sink becomes the focal point of your kitchen. Play with a traditional statement tip to better match your country kitchen design ideas to today’s style elements and to juxtapose the old and the new.

Head back dining chairs

Ladder back dining chairs country kitchen ideas

Simple and effectively constructed ladder-back chairs embody chic country living and timeless design features. No country kitchen is complete without a set of ladder-backed chairs around a dining table, and your own country kitchen ideas should be no exception.

Vintage ladder-backed chairs add a real rural flair to your home – an original and worn piece of rural nostalgia in your kitchen. And if you are patient with the procurement, you will most likely encounter a theft at a local thrift store or online auction site.

Stone floor

concrete stone floors country kitchen ideas

If there is one type of kitchen that you will see a stone floor in, it will be a rural one. Stone floors give a sturdy yet rough, well-used feel to your kitchen and work with your other country kitchen ideas to create a space to remember.

A stone kitchen floor is like no other flooring – each slab or tile feels textured and smooth at the same time, giving your kitchen an enviable texture unlike any other flooring you get. Stone and concrete floors can also help make your home feel more timeless and can help add resale value as it’s a wise investment.

Traditional kitchen cabinet

Storage Display Dresser Cabinet Country Kitchen Ideas

A traditional cabinet or dresser in your kitchen will help you create more storage space while adding a stylish touch. They keep your dishes to hand at all times and offer you additional storage space in the cupboards and drawers below.

A new set of kitchen cabinets can be expensive. If you can buy a traditional kitchen cabinet or dresser from an antique store or thrift store, they’re a much cheaper alternative (one of our best ideas for a country kitchen on a budget).

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