Blue Living Room Ideas

Blue Living Room Ideas

Blue club chairs design

The color blue creates a calming, calm atmosphere in a room, so it makes sense that it should be such a popular choice for living rooms. After all, when you’re entertaining guests, you want to calm them down. When the right color sets the tone, you can take advantage of the effects. Even the fashion world is taking a blue cue – Pantone’s Spring 2016 color report features three shades – Serenity, Snorkel Blue, and Limpet Shell – ranging from sky blue to bright navy to aqua.

But rest assured – blue living rooms are not a fad. These calm hues are easy to live with so unlike the contents of your closet, you won’t question your choices until next season.

Shades of blue

Venetian plaster walls blue living room

Powder blue Venetian plaster walls set a calm tone for this living room that is enhanced with blue artwork, furniture and accessories. Picture over house beautiful

Beachy blue

light blue living room beach house

Similar to how an infinity pool seems to blend into the ocean, the light blue walls of this beach house match the sky through the wide windows. Image via HGTV

A touch of blue

light blue living room

This shade is the paleest whisper of blue and gives this living room an airy feel. Image about better houses and gardens

Lighter pale shade

blue walls eclectic space

Light Venetian plaster walls set a cheerful tone in this versatile room. Image via Luxe

Robin’s egg elegance

Robin egg blue elegant room

The nifty shadow on the walls of this Parisian living room is reminiscent of comparisons with robin eggs … and small blue boxes. Image via Elle Decor

Blue smoke

blue paneled wall sofa

This striking shade adds depth to the paneled walls. Image via home and garden UK

Light blueberry

Blueberry grass fireplace room

Grass cover in a shade called “Blueberry” gives this room a cheerful atmosphere. Image about home therapy

Deep blue something

deep blue day bed walls room

The adaptation of the walls to the day bed makes a strong color statement. Picture over porch

Dreamy blues

rich blue walls art space

Rich blue walls and furniture complement the bold work of art. Image about my domain

Stately shade of blue

Marine walls stately space

A royal navy shade is a classic choice. Picture about the pink pagoda

Rich Navy

Navy Room leather armchair

This deep navy shade is just the right color to highlight the vintage leather armchair and ottoman. Image via Emily Henderson

Saturated color

moody blue room

If you paint the window frames and form the same shadow as the walls, an atmospheric atmosphere is created. Image via interiors of Studio M.