Decor Aid Fathers Day Gift Guide

Decor Aid Fathers Day Gift Guide

Father's Day gift guide socks

Father’s Day is getting closer and closer. And while you have two weeks left, give Dad’s present more forethought than he gave on Mother’s Day. Our expert designers have these tips for Father’s Day gifts.

For the father who needs a different grill

Father's Day Gift Guide Toolbox Grill

While mom may be fed up with chocolates and flowers, dad won’t be too upset with a new grill. But get him something a step above the crispy charcoal Weber from his bachelor days. For the dad who grills on the go, this fold-out grilling toolbox is worth considering. Just remind him not to take a back seat on his drill.

The Barbecue Tool Box is available from Macy’s and costs $ 125.

For the dad who’s still trying to rock

Fathers day gift guide walnut record player

If your dad is an audiophile, you should get him something to play the records he hid in the attic. Try this Carbon Walnut Turntable from Pro-Ject with its 78s and 45s. The sound quality is recognized by the father and beautiful enough that your mother will not mind.

The Carbon Walnut Turntable is available from Rakuten and costs $ 499.99.

For the forgetful father

Father's Day gift guide

For the dad who tends to forget about wallets and birthdays, get him the Tile Slim Tracker. The tracker is slightly thicker than a credit card and can easily be attached to a wallet, keys or phone. It won’t guarantee he’ll remember your birthday, but at least he’ll find his wallet.

The slim tracker is available on the Tile app and costs $ 24.

For the father who feels at home

Father's Day gift guide Seersucker Jinbei

If your dad picks up the morning paper in a terrycloth robe, give him something a little more sophisticated. The organic cotton Jinbei robe by Muji is breathable, stylish and comfortable, making it perfect for lounging in the summer months. Your father will thank you, and so will his neighbors.

The Seersucker Jinbei Robe is available from Muji and is available now for $ 45.

For the father who always asks for socks

Father's Day gift guide socks

If your father always asks for socks – mine does – get him what he wants. One of our favorite clothing designers, Odd Pears, has a Father’s Day special where he receives 15 pairs of brightly colored originally designed socks.

The Father’s Day Sock Bundle is available at Odd Pears and costs $ 53.

For the father who could use a little “me” time

Father's day gift guide alone time

If your dad is the strong, quiet type, then give him what he really wants: time away from everyone else. Whether you send him on a fishing trip to the Colorado River or let him play a round of golf alone, any dad is sure to appreciate some alone time.

Time alone is priceless.