Shabby Chic Bedroom Ideas

Shabby Chic Bedroom Ideas

2019 shabby chic bedroom ideas

Over the past few decades, the decorative term “shabby chic” has been widely used as a focal point when considering trendy bedroom styles for households across the country, while creating a casual feel with subtle feminine touches. However, as the years passed and design trends came and went, shabby chic styling became less practical among the many more modern design options and became unfavorable for looks that focused on mid-century modern decor. But today the design style is back in vogue thanks to the return to distressed furniture, and the shabby chic look is back on trend, albeit in a more minimal way. Although it has undergone several changes to reflect modern tastes and decorating styles, the warm and soothing look of the design style stays the same for a look that is universally appealing and more gender neutral. So if you’re looking for some fresh shabby chic bedroom ideas for your home, you’re sure to find inspiration in this comprehensive list of shabby chic style ideas and suggestions put together by Décor Aid’s expert interior designers.

Maybe you already have a flair for the shabby chic style and need unique decorating ideas and styling tips that will get your creative juices flowing. You are in the right place. If you’re on a tight budget, the ideas presented here can also help you create some affordable DIY projects to make the look your own without spending a small fortune. And if you love floral prints, whitewashed furniture, vintage pieces, and the look of French interior design elements, these shabby chic bedroom ideas will inspire you regardless of your style and sense of decor. Here you will find style and ideas for decorating bedrooms that will add character to your shabby chic bedroom, without spending a fortune or taking too much time. Without further ado, these are the best shabby chic bedroom ideas on a budget.

The headboard

colorful shabby chic bedroom ideas

Since shabby chic calls for dusty, pale colors and makeup tones, complement your pastel bedroom with a light headboard that sits just below the surface of the darker textures you bring into your bedroom for tonal play. Use your headboard to create a balance if you are into patterns rather than a pure white color scheme.

A stylish headboard design underlines the romantic ambience that you want for your shabby chic bedroom. And you can go for just about any silhouette and material that will grab your attention – but even better if you opt for a headboard made of tufted fabric to add extra comfort to the look.

Shabby chic bed sheet

Shabby Chic Bedroom Ideas Bedding

Add a playful touch to your shabby chic bedroom decor with starched bedding with flowers and polka dots that have a pre-washed appearance. This shabby chic decorating idea is a great way to introduce color and print while keeping the look and feel nice to the eye. Go for subtle hues with a faded, worn feel and watercolor floral prints that are slightly abstracted to keep the look effortlessly romantic for years.

Ultimately, you can choose the floral pattern of your choice. However, they are best when they boast of a subdued spirit that adds character and visual interest to your bedroom that feels anything but clumsy. And opt for soft, lush and sluggish inventions such as velvet, silk, linen and knitwear of all kinds.

Lacquered wood bed frame

Shabby chic bedroom ideas bed frame

Use a vintage bed frame to upgrade your shabby chic bedroom with the sophistication of Victorian-inspired silhouettes and designs. A vintage bed frame that has been updated in a milky white color should be given a calming, soft finish. Using a vintage bed frame is a great way to master the shabby chic style on a budget, as you can find one in thrift stores, vintage furniture stores, real estate sales, and even over hand-me-downs from friends and relatives can find.

Give the look a whole new look by installing a mirror over your shabby chic bed frame for a modern touch that will also help make your bedroom appear bigger and brighter than it really is.

Hope chest bed style

Shabby chic bedroom ideas storage bench

When it comes to shabby chic style ideas, don’t overlook the need for smart storage solutions as you can easily find ones that will feel right at home with the design styles for a consistent feel. Bring a small dresser that will carry the dominant shade of your bedroom while enhancing the soft palette and fabrics that you introduced to your shabby chic bedroom.

If pink, other powdery pastels, or neutrals are your preferred color choices, repaint a shabby chic hope box with a desperate tone on a matte finish to create the feminine feel that shabby chic bedroom ideas call for.

Embrace a simple style

classic shabby chic bedroom ideas

Today’s take on shabby chic interior design patterns offers a less cluttered feel and a much simpler, somewhat minimalist look and feel. When looking for the right bedding, throw pillows, and decorative accessories, try as much as possible to consider simplicity rather than quantity for a processed, well-judged feel. Narrow these items down to the things you cherish and you’ll find it easier to organize them into a cheery looking shabby chic space that is also easier to tidy up without distracting the eye with too much attention.

Create a lot of space between the bed and other furniture and accessories in your shabby chic bedroom. While this may take up more space than you expected, you are left with a shabby-chic bedroom that exudes coziness while also creating the perfect place to relax when you retire at the end of a long day.

Vintage furniture

Shabby chic bedroom ideas furniture

For many decades, shabby chic bedroom ideas were shaped by vintage furniture, which created a severely crowded look that gave the eye a lot – too much, in fact. Not much has changed about the idea these days as the use of reused items and vintage furniture makes it a lot easier to personalize your shabby chic room so that it exudes a warm feel and a distinctive personality.

For example, you could use a kick drum instead of a bedside table and old shutters instead of a headboard. The goal is to take a look at the contemporary vintage decor style without breaking the overly cheerful look that the design style requires. So, like we’ve said before, get creative with your sources and browse local vintage stores, thrift stores, antique fairs, and even online outlets like eBay and Chairish to get the best deals that you can on a one-off can bring into your home. A friendly feeling that will make your shabby chic bedroom ideas unique to you.

Shabby chic vintage curtain tie back

Shabby chic bedroom ideas curtains

Does your bedroom color scheme use white as the dominant room color? Classic all white is a standard color option when it comes to modern bedroom color schemes, although staying clean and comfortable can be a challenging color for many as it highlights rather than hiding stains and everyday wear and tear. The best way to soften a white color scheme and add a little coziness to your bedroom’s white accents and furniture is to add detailed vintage tiebacks to your window treatments.

Your selection of curtain tiebacks can be just about anything, and the best colors for them can range from green to pink to dark blue, or you can go for something more classic like wrought iron, brass, chrome, or even a pretty braided silk rope of any color. Get the right look by making sure that the color of your tiebacks has a neutral base combined with a colorful look that will add that vintage feel and add space to your white bedroom. Although gorgeous curtain holders fit easily in any room in your home, this type of decorative extra is also perfect for a little girl’s bedroom or a nursery as it is also a little more playful.

Whitewashed decor

Basket bedroom storage ideas

Shabby chic bedroom decorating ideas don’t just come on white and white. While a white color is ideal for many shabby chic decor styles, it gives less room to personalize and tweak your decor style to reflect an ambience of character and uniqueness. Hence, you need to introduce some other colors to activate the deep neutral tone that a pure white color scheme creates in a shabby chic bedroom.

Mix soothing pastels and soothing neutrals for a shabby chic decor that will give you a perfect mix of colors without being distracting or stubborn. These colors will help you create a touch of individuality and character that will highlight your twist in the shabby chic design style.

Lace, toile, burlap and rattan


When it comes to materials and prints to enhance the look and feel of shabby chic, think of lace, burlap, rattan, and toile materials as your go-to place. They are a must have when it comes to shabby chic design ideas as they have a certain softness and a contemporary feel that is perfect for shabby chic interior design.

Create a game of soft textures by quickly combining lace, burlap, rattan and toile for a charming feel that draws on the tried and tested while staying classic. Best of all, these materials are easy to work with, inexpensive to source, and easy to find. And they will mesmerize the eye and keep moving, which is exactly the kind of effect you want to achieve.

Antique picture and art frames

best shabby chic bedroom ideas

Antique photo frames are necessary in a shabby chic space because they offer small and affordable ways to bring in beautifully crafted vintage finds without having to opt for a floor to ceiling look. You can use them to create a gallery wall cluster and dig deeper into vintage design elements by painting your vintage frames with a layer of bright, almost non-colored pink and watery white paint.

This gives them a colorful yet desperate look that makes them all the more desirable. Hang them on the wall above your bed along with other treasured finds and collectibles for a look that is rich in history and personality. Or, if you want to convey a more powerful message in your shabby chic bedroom, consider bringing in a large vintage-framed piece of art and leaving it like a natural statement that is sure to spark lots of conversation.

Mix in a romantic tone

green shabby chic bedroom ideas

Your shabby chic room ideas should not be devoid of antique elements and inventions and an unmistakably romantic tone. If you go all in white, you can create a calming and comfortable feeling and make your bedroom appear bigger and brighter. If you love an all white shabby chic bedroom, consider using bedroom accessories and decorative extras to create an intoxicating mix of textures with a romantic feel that will give your bedroom a warm and inviting look without a minimalist approach.

You can achieve the look with faded and muted floral prints and a general, worn patina that covers most of the surfaces in your bedroom for an antiquated look that will stand the test of time. Don’t forget to keep an eye on simplicity and remember that the less cluttered your shabby chic bedroom will stay appealing and on-trend for longer.

We hope you can find inspiration in these shabby chic bedroom ideas. In the reality of decor, a shabby chic bedroom isn’t just for women – think of it as gender neutral. Though they create a more feminine and sophisticated feel with whimsical accessories and vibrant colors like pink, rose red and an array of flowers. The look it creates can be done well, an excellent design direction for both sexes.

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