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Fire Pit Ideas

Fire Pit Ideas

Outdoor fire pit ideas

Cool summer nights, spending time with friends, good food and good wine, what could be better? Imagine all of this next to a fire pit so you can make the most of nature on those cooler summer nights. Not only do fire pit ideas give you that extra bit of warmth you and your guests need, they also create more light to see when you share stories with your friends and the evening starts and add a stunning focal point to your yard while creating a conversation area where you can centralize the conversation for a cozy feeling.

To inspire you and be on your way, consider these stunning fire pit ideas as the ultimate source of inspiration to create the outdoor fire pit of your dreams. From stylish abstract design to portable options, here are the best options for lighting your outdoor space, handpicked by Décor Aid renovation experts to help you master fire pit ideas that you will enjoy for years to come .

Copper hearth

Copper fire pit ideas

If you’re looking for fire pits ideas that are polished and feature luxurious materials, copper metal fire pits offer endless elegant options. Copper is such a precious and timeless metal, and an outdoor copper fire pit is sure to make a stunning centerpiece or focal point in your yard.

The characteristic color of the metal next to the warm glow that illuminates your garden from the fire provides a visually elegant direction. Use a black wrought iron stand to stand out against the soft tones of your copper fire pit, and choose a hammered copper fire pit if you want gorgeous texture to your outdoor space. In addition, copper ages well when burned and is easy to care for and strong enough to withstand the varied outdoor weather conditions.

DIY brick fire pit

DIY stone fire pit ideas

If you’re looking for inexpensive fire pit ideas that are easy to build yourself in your yard, a DIY brick fire pit is a much cheaper, yet more stylish alternative. You can create a large brick fire pit in your garden yourself that will hardly cost you anything. Plus, you have the added benefit of finding both pride and joy in something useful that you all have created yourself. There is something comforting and particularly intimate about a fireplace made of warm tinted orange bricks that reflect the glow of a fire.

Square or rectangular fireplace ideas are easiest to create yourself. However, if you are looking for something challenging for your fire pit ideas, brick creations in a circle or even abstract shapes will make a unique impression in your garden.

Circular stone pit

Stone fireplace ideas

Building a circular stone pit to be the centerpiece of your patio is certainly an enviable idea for an outdoor fire pit. It is naturally pleasing to see how a robust, uncompromising material like stone is shaped into a circle, as the two seem to stand side by side in a perfectly harmonious way.

If you enjoy making things yourself, you can use pre-cut stone in brick shape to effortlessly bring your fire pit ideas to life. Imagine how great and unforgettable it will be to roast marshmallows with loved ones around such a fireplace or to sit next to it with friends, accompanied by a glass of spicy sangria.

Deep stainless steel hearth

Ideas for steel fire pits

One of the best things about stainless steel is that it doesn’t tarnish and is easy to clean and maintain – it looks great from first to last use, and they’re a great option too if you’re looking for a gas pit fire. A deep stainless steel fireplace will add a minimalist touch to your fireplace ideas that will make everything look modern and warm you up at the same time.

A stainless steel fire pit would also look great in combination with chic gray patio furniture on an atmospheric slate patio for the ultimate future-oriented design that never goes out of style.

DIY cut-out panels

modern fireplace ideas

A fire pit with cutouts along some of the panels is a smart way of personalizing your fire pit with adequate ventilation. This will make your fireplace all the more unique for your home. When you cut out panels on the sides of your fire pit, you can create a meaningful function in your garden that has a purpose too. If you’re a creative person and want to make the most of your own fire pit ideas, a well-designed DIY approach will make you feel unique.

Graphically cut out panels work best in a square or rectangular fire pit, where you can cut shapes on the sides and see the fire shine through them. Flowers, leaves, and geometric shapes make wonderful designs and are easier to create than some of the more intricate designs. However, to get the right look, keep in mind that if you don’t know how to go, you will need to invest in hiring a trained metal smith to create cutouts for you.

Portable fire pit ideas

portable fire pit ideas

If you just have a small patio area that you don’t always want to be cluttered with a fire pit and its accessories, a portable option is sure to be the best idea for a fire pit for your home. They come in stylish, small sizes so you can mount them on any patio, large or small. They are much less expansive than a normal fire pit.

Once you’re ready for the evening, you can pack up your outdoor portable fire pit and put it out of the way until you’re ready to use it again. And if you have a car, you can even drive it from destination to destination. Plus, they’re affordable, lightweight, and easy to care for. By the way, this is a great starting point for deciding whether to invest in fire pit ideas as if you see that you have hardly used them after a season. Maybe the investment isn’t worth it after all.

Lattice hearth

Grid fire pit ideas

A lattice fire pit is a striking graphic addition to any garden or patio area. It intelligently blends geometric shapes and design as they are used to efficiently remove smoke without you having to work on it. If you want to make a glamorous statement in your outdoor area, ideas for lattice fire pits are a visually appealing and intelligent option for your home. And you will quickly find that the way in which the glow of the fire emanating from the lattice work of a fireplace casts fascinating shadows on the floor that are second to none.

We think such fire pit ideas look best when done in a hexagonal shape or an inverted trapezoid as these shapes are really great for lattice work.

Abstract DIY stone fire pit

abstract hearth ideas

When it comes to your own fire pit ideas, why stop at a simple old square or circle? Since you’ve already created a home that is unique to you and a beautifully landscaped garden, should you consider something unexpected and make your fireplace a stunning focal point of your garden or patio with a unique feel?

A geometric design would be a great trending option (a hexagon or pentagon would be an effective choice), or something like a leaf-shaped or teardrop-shaped design makes for a unique design. As long as it directs and manages fire, the sky’s the limit when it comes to silhouette and materials. The key here is to make sure that it is universally appealing when you source permanent fire pit ideas. When it comes to selling your home, you don’t want to find that you’ve invested in a larger purchase that is hard to sell in the long run.

Tabletop fireplace

Table fireplace ideas

When space is limited and you don’t have room for a large wood or gas fire, a table fire is a smart and inexpensive solution. Table fireplace ideas take up hardly any space and you get the same warming effect with a small table fireplace as with a larger, more traditional fireplace.

This would be a great option if you have limited space to work, especially if it is a balcony. They are also easy to clean. Just make sure you keep an eye on it to make sure you don’t have any safety issues as it is so easy to move.

Now that we’ve covered the ideas for fire pits, here are the four types of backyard fire pits that you can use to add comfort and ambience to a fresh evening all year round:

1. A wood fire

Create a campfire feeling in your own yard with a wood fire pit. Wood fireplaces add warmth and the romance of crackling wood, ensuring that the fire stays complete and safe. There are a variety of wood fire pits that you can consider based on your needs.

  • Wood oven grill:

    A fire pit that doubles as a wood-burning grill is a great addition to the garden if you’re entertaining outdoors in the summer, as it’s great for cooking and grilling. Just make sure that a grill gate is installed above the flame bed.

  • Outdoor fireplace:

    Upgrade your garden or patio with a beautifully designed outdoor fireplace that is similar to an indoor fireplace, fireplace and everything, portable or built-in.

  • Brick or stone fireplace:

These make for an inexpensive, easy DIY project that uses cinder blocks, stones, or bricks that you can easily find at any local hardware store.

2. A propane fireplace

Propane always makes it easier to use when using fire pits as they create a liquid flame without the need for a refill gel or pile of wood. Add one in your garden made from synthetic wood, stone, steel, or even glass.

  • Portable propane fireplace:

    Portable fire pits are a great investment as they provide warmth while creating a welcoming ambience and the perfect cooking station. They can also be easily moved anywhere in your yard when your fire pit is not stationary.

  • Copper bowl fireplace:

    Copper is an elegant and extremely durable material for the garden. It has a high melting point and can withstand the elements outdoors for years. Note, however, that this is an expensive investment.

3. A gel powered fireplace

Create a warm, inviting feeling outdoors with a gel-powered fire pit that burns beautifully without creating odor or smoke. Plus, you can easily move gel powered fire pits anywhere in your yard.

  • Gel Fuel Logs:

    Gel powered logs can easily be used for any fire pit design. They create an authentic feeling of fire and will help you avoid the pitfalls and clear out a real fire.

  • Table fireplaces:

    A gel powered table fire pit is a great alternative for small backyard and patio areas that you want to add a closed fire to. These can also be used indoors if properly monitored.

4. A natural gas fireplace

If you are able to install a natural gas pipeline in your yard, a natural gas fireplace will ensure you never run out of fuel.

  • A sunken design:

    When installing a sunken natural gas fireplace in the patio or floor, care should be taken as the flames can be close.

  • A square, round or table design:

    Create a beautiful addition to your garden design ideas with a stone, brick, or copper fire pit.

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