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Patio Ideas

Patio Ideas

Backyard patio ideas

A patio is the perfect place to entertain guests outside, especially when it’s a warm and calming environment. When it’s warm and sunny, what better area for entertaining than an outdoor patio? Whether you want to create a relaxing space to have a few drinks with close friends or a relaxed space to unwind after a swim in the pool, there are plenty of brilliant patio ideas for you to take note of should.

Perhaps you are an avid grill master and you want a place to do quests in an elegant setting, or a place to serve an outdoor feast for your loved ones? Whichever direction you’d like to go for smart backyard patio ideas, we’ve reached out to our decorators to share their must-have attitudes so you can create a quiet outdoor space with ease.

Extensive dining area

best backyard patio ideas

Imagine a large, long table surrounded by chairs and benches, ready to entertain all of your guests when they come over for dinner. Imagine a large dark wooden table on a beautiful stone patio ready for entertainment. This is a great idea if you have a large family and need a lot of space to house your children and extended relatives. This doesn’t have to be expensive, and as patio ideas grow on a budget it is easy to achieve.

Outdoor cooking area

Kitchen backyard patio ideas

If you enjoy cooking, design a terrace with an integrated outdoor cooking area. If you want a cooking area that you can use rain or shine in, make sure your kitchen area is covered so you can work in any weather. If you’re keen to face the elements (or you’re just a fair weather cook) add a brick built BBQ area to your patio ideas so you can grill to your heart’s content in the sun.

Leafy, shaded relaxation area

green backyard patio ideas

Perfect ideas for outside patios? Build a pergola to surround your patio. And add in dramatic ivy that grows over your pergola, creating a nice shaded area to relax in outdoors. The more your ivy grows, the more comfortable and cozy your shaded patio area will feel – and transforms it into an oasis of relaxation. Hang a hammock between the posts of your pergola so you can comfortably rest outdoors, read a book, and look out over the garden as the sun goes down.

Traditional brick terrace

traditional brick backyard patio ideas

A traditional brick terrace, surrounded by overgrown flower beds in the cottage garden, is quaint and typically British. It’s as traditional as possible when it comes to outdoor patio ideas. If you want to give your patio area the feel of an English country garden, lay red brick and choose a mix of plants and flowers to grow around you.

Elegant seating area

elegant backyard patio ideas

Add a touch of elegance to your patio ideas with matching seats and sofas in white. White is a classic, elegant color and looks great on a patio against the browns and greens of your garden – it almost feels like a beach retreat. Surround your seating area with modern glass tables where you can place your coffee (or wine). When looking for small patio ideas, choose a sleek table and chairs that aren’t imposing to create the feeling of spaciousness.

Patterned tile patio

Ideas for tiled backyard patios

Patterned tiles on your terrace give your ideas for backyard terraces an oriental flair. A fun and relaxed design makes this the perfect place for entertaining in an informal setting.

Informal seating area

informal backyard patio ideas

If you like things a little more informal, consider less seating for your patio area that surrounds a low coffee table. The closer you are to the floor when you are sitting, the less formal the seating area will feel. If you want to use your terrace with your closest friends for a chilled drink in the evening, this idea is perfect for an outdoor terrace. Sprinkle the seating area with lots of pillows to make it a comfortable and relaxed seating area.

Keep warm on cool evenings

Backyard fireplace ideas

Center your patio seating area around a chimney, fire pit, or fire to enjoy cool evenings. If you want to sit outside in the evening while it cools, it’s best to arrange your seating around your chimney or fire pit – so everyone can keep warm for the perfect intimate patio idea.

Jacuzzi relaxation room

Whirlpool terrace ideas

If you’re lucky enough to have an outdoor hot tub, arrange your deck around your hot tub so you can sit back and relax after a swim. Invest in waterproof or waterproof seat covers for your garden furniture. There are some gorgeous options that will repel the water.


Backyard patio ideas bench

Benches are perfect if you have a lot of people to sit on or just don’t have that much space on your patio. It’s also a great way to add extra storage, whether it’s for ceilings or garden tools. Benches are also great if you’re looking for backyard patio ideas on a budget, as these are cheap to make.

Wrought iron table and chairs

Backyard Home Patio Table Ideas

Wrought iron patio furniture makes for a really rustic and traditional patio design idea. They look great alongside cottage garden style flower beds with mismatched hues and scales, making your patio area feel closed and cocooned.

Outside bar area

Backyard patio bar ideas

If you are the ultimate celebrity and love to entertain, an outdoor bar area for your garden patio is the perfect patio idea. Make sure it is covered so that you are protected from the elements and have plenty of storage space for glasses and drinks so this idea for an outdoor patio will benefit you.

Rustic porch style

rustic backyard patio ideas

Think wooden tables and wicker chairs when considering rustic backyard patio ideas. Climbing plants on the posts and fresh flowers on the table make for an interesting idea for the design of the terrace. It’s also a practical, neat idea for your patio that doesn’t cost too much – perfect if you’re on a budget.

Plants everywhere

green backyard patio plant ideas

Hanging plants, climbing plants, plants in planters. Create a veritable jungle of a patio with lots of green around you for a lush idea for an outdoor patio. If you have the climate for it, invest in tropical palms and flowering plants to liven up the area. Grow a climber on a pergola for a green canopy and add some color to pots with flowering plants.

Lounge area

lovely backyard patio ideas

A place where you can rest and relax after a long day is the ideal way to make use of your patio area. Treat yourself to comfortable seating in the lounge so you can rest your eyes in the sun at the end of the day.

Wood, wood, wood

Ideas for wooden garden furniture

Think wooden decks, a wooden pergola, and wooden furniture. This patio idea gives your patio area an elegant and luxurious atmosphere. Match the colors as best you can and keep the style in tune with each of your wood elements. Use natural colors for outdoor carpets and upholstered furniture for sitting.

Mediterranean terrace made of terracotta tiles

Terracotta backyard patio ideas

This style is the ultimate in traditional patio style – terracotta tile. You will feel like you are sitting on a veranda in Spain with this setting for your idea of ​​an outdoor terrace. Combine it with traditional wooden patio furniture or something more modern for a contemporary, upscale feel.

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