Investment Furniture

Investment Furniture

best investment furniture

As difficult as it may be to find the best investment furniture for your home, there are many reasons to proceed with caution and careful consideration.

Furnishing or renovating your apartment or home can be a challenge as you counter the urge to quickly fill the space with practical and stylish pieces by going to your nearest big box dealer and spending your budget on all of your House in one go equip.

Our Decorators I strongly recommend resisting this temptation.

Even if it may be difficult, go up and down. As with anything aesthetic in life, spending more time getting items and more money on fewer items pays off in no time.

Instead of wasting your budget on generic found items that sooner or later fall apart, invest in interesting, high quality, well-made pieces that you can use for a lifetime and beyond.

It is also worth thinking about how to use parts now and how to use them again later. Source timeless, versatile pieces that will grow with you.

Before spending your budget on investment furniture, ask yourself: do I love it? Will I still love it five years from now? Is it well done and designed? Is it too trendy? Is it versatile?

When it comes to buying investment furniture, you should use your time and money wisely for long-term success.

That is, it is unnecessary and almost impossible to buy investment furniture all at once, since no room can be decorated overnight. To help you find your way around, we have created a selection list to help you create your action plan.


Investment furniture rugs

Consider a statement rug as the foundation of any room as it is a great starting point for determining the scope of furniture that will work from room to room. And a good-looking rug will tie everything together in a luxurious way – no matter how old or inexpensive the furniture it is paired with.

If you carefully decorate your home over time, a rug makes a handy placeholder if you’re staring at something overwhelming at empty, open spaces. To get the most use out of a rug, keep an eye out for sales both online and in-store and choose options that have a synthetic blend as they last longer and are easier and cheaper to clean.


Investment furniture art

Like carpets, art can instantly bring an empty or sparse space to life. Framed posters are great and grown up, but our interior designers suggest building an art collection as a real life-enhancing investment. And it’s more than likely that no one else has the same collectibles as you do.

Brilliant, bold, and expressive art can make even the simplest Ikea sofas look more expensive and polished when hung on top.

Be creative in your approach to securing artwork, as works by students and young undiscovered artists are original and can be budget-friendly. Consider buying some smaller coordinating pieces to lump them together, or invest in a large statement piece or two.


investment furniture pierre paulin chair

An iconic, well-designed chair that has both personality and value that defines the manufacturer’s signature will never lose value as long as you take care of it. One of designers like Ray and Charles Eames will also stand the test of time and only get better with age and use.

Choose a classic, celebrated style that can work with a variety of design styles from contemporary to traditional and in many spaces including your family room, living room, bedroom or home office as moving parts around your house can be great fun to make room quickly is updated. Look for chairs and additional seating made by a manufacturer known for good quality and timeless design.


Investment furniture storage chest of drawers

A beautiful chest of drawers is a simple and yet universally appealing piece of furniture. They can serve as an entrance table, anchor a living room, or serve as an excellent bedside table or space for a television. You can also put it in a closet for extra storage space.

A petite bachelorette chest is also versatile and easy to transport and can be placed in a smaller hallway with a lamp and a bin for mail and keys, in a living room between two side chairs, or next to your bed.

Even in a bathroom, a nice dresser is an elegant way to store things. And they are easy to move. If you are looking for a chest of drawers in the long run, it is worth looking again for investment furniture that is characterized by timeless yet substantial design and interesting details that set it apart from others and make it all the more desirable and unique.


Investment furniture lighting

A well-designed light fixture or lamp can instantly add spatial drama while lifting it up to look brighter and end up looking more expensive, especially in smaller spaces. Each room should have multiple sources of light, including table lamps, floor lamps, and sconces, as well as a meaningful ceiling light.

Be bold and have fun with your options, since lighting fixtures belong to a room the way jewelry belongs to an outfit. Just make sure that the lights you bring are unique, have a great design that will never go out of style, and have been well finished by a trusted designer or brand.

Dining table

investment furniture herman miller dining table

With people using formal dining areas less than ever before, you should look for a dining table that does double duty in smaller spaces (a place to eat, work and entertain) to get the most out of your investment furniture.

Depending on the size and style you choose, a beautifully designed dining table will pay off over time as it becomes a central part of your home and guests and family members alike can sit around it and chat.

writing desk

Investment furniture desk

You may miss it, but every home needs a specific place to work on a laptop, check email, and sort out bills.

Depending on its size, a desk can also be used as a bedside table, console table, entrance table and even as a vanity. Find a desk with enough storage space and solid construction to get the best use out of it over time.


Investment furniture bed

Although minimal trends of late have almost eliminated the need for one, a beautifully upholstered headboard is a classic that doesn’t take up too much extra space and adds an elegant feel of drama and symmetry to any bedroom.


Investment furniture sofa

Since it is easy to imagine spending a lot of time on your sofa, buy the best one you can find for your budget. It’s made of an easy-to-clean, durable fabric with a great silhouette. However, our interior designers strongly recommend avoiding printed investment furniture unless the piece is made in iconic upholstery that never depreciates.

While straightforward neutral manufacturing may seem uninspiring at first, a more classic upholstery option will wear out the most than any print or pattern as your tastes change over time. For a quick update, switch accessories like pillows and throws seasonally as an inexpensive upgrade. And resist the urge to sacrifice quality over style as you will have to pay for it in the long run.

Think about it so; An iconic sofa doesn’t come cheap, but you are getting great value for your money.

Something unexpected

Investment furniture accessories

Remember, not all investment furniture has to be a staple. To add a sense of wealth, warmth and play, add the finishing touches to each room with fascinating pieces that reflect your tastes, personality and lifestyle while telling its own unique story.

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