Teenage Bedroom

Teenage Bedroom

Teens are hard cakes and they also make it known. They must be handled with children's gloves. So designing their rooms – their personal domain can be an uphill task. But it can be a breezy fun activity if you get them involved throughout the process. They will love the responsibility and be very proud of the result!


Check out the free space and then decide on the type of bed and where to place it. Chances are that your teenager will choose a bunker bed because it is high on both the new factor and the cold ratio. Beds with storage facilities can also be considered. Teenagers always need a little extra space.

The style statement

Give them a funky or light chest of drawers. Alternatively, you can paint the existing agency with some bright colors to get the fun look – get your teen to do it !!! For a relaxed look add a bean bag or two casually placed around the room. Add a colorful matte in bright funky patterns or strong geometric patterns. Use bright curtains or curtains for the windows. Use different combinations to create an eclectic and inspiring style.

Wow walls

Color the walls with bright colors. Create an accent wall with any of the bright or dark colors. Decorate the wall with pictures of their favorite personalities or their artwork. For an accent wall, you use a creative mural. Put your teens at work and watch the creative juice flow!

Lighten up

Improve their room with creative lighting. Use many accent lights to highlight their favorite corners or areas. Task lights or lamps create the right mood in the work area. A small night light can be used to give the room a soft light that contributes to good sleep.