Wednesday , 28 February 2024
Ceramic Tiles For Bathroom

Ceramic Tiles For Bathroom

Bathroom can be tricky to decorate and tile. When it comes to ceramic tile for bathrooms, the options are too many for someone to make a simple choice. If the sole was not hard enough, smaller bathrooms are much harder for tiles than usual. But that does not mean that you leave your bathroom until it is difficult. Here's a little guide to help you choose the best ceramic tiles for your bathroom while keeping your mind in mind.

Diagonal Tile

Diagonal tiles play tricks on your eyes to make it look like the bathroom is bigger than it actually is. The simplest reason is that ceramic tiles for bathrooms placed at 90 degree angles are spontaneously easier to count even in your subconscious mind. Diagonally placing the plates makes it a little more daunting for your mind to immediately choose to count them.

Lighter colors

A basic rule for design is that lighter colors open up the space in any room, while darker colors tend to create a boxing effect. There is a reason why roofs tend to be painted white. This is because they do not create the effect of being framed. Choose ceramic tile for bathrooms that are bright to make it appear that your bathroom is bigger than it really is.

Larger tiles

Most would go for smaller tiles in a small bathroom. Don't make that mistake. Larger tiles give your bathroom a less crowded look. You do not need all the grooves that smaller plates give to your bathroom.