Interior Design Wellness

Interior Design Wellness

Interior design with children

A home’s decor is more than style and function – you should also focus on how it makes you and your guests feel. To inspire you, we reached out to Décor Aid interior designers for a life-enhancing wellness design that would enliven any room in your home with ease.


creative interior design wellness

It should come as no surprise that color can have a powerful effect on the mood of a room and how you feel about it. And with a variety of on-trend hues, the colors you work with are critical to maintaining a sense of wellbeing in the interior design.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the interior wellness colors that can transform a room:

  • Yellows and citrus colors can promote vitality with a joyful energy when used with a light hand
  • Green evokes renewal and restoration, making it a perfect color for bedrooms
  • Lively cheerful shades like turquoise, fuchsia and chartreuse can improve the mood of a room


Interior design wellness plants

Classic botanical styles convey a low-key feeling of calm and natural serenity, and are easy to source and inexpensive, while doubling down for purifying the air in a room. But if you’re not gifted with a green thumb or are short on time for maintenance, you can still go green for subtle interior design comfort.

Consider these options:

• Botanical prints on a throw or pillow

• Framed green and floral artwork

• Botanical decorative accessories


comfortable interior design wellness

It goes without saying that comfort is key in any home. So if you are looking for interior decorating wellness ideas to freshen up your home, think about how you feel comfortable from room to room and whatever was a sore point.

Give your home a warm and inviting feeling with these updates:

• Level structures

• Rethink fabrication

• Opt for oversized seating

Natural elements

modern natural furniture interior design wellness

With a focus on interior design wellness, source housewares with natural elements for an everyday feel-good factor and relaxed mind.

Consider the following tips to implement the concept:

• Unfinished wood

• natural stone

• Linen production

• A natural color palette

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