Cool Wallpaper Ideas

cool wallpaper ideas

Have you been looking for some cool wallpaper ideas but don’t know where to start? Let yourself be soothed by the wisdom of the interior designers at D├ęcor Aid, who shared their views on cool room wallpaper ideas that will make your walls sing.

After all, wallpaper that defines the space is no longer as cumbersome as it used to be. With printing and application innovations, installing and removing wallpapers is easier than ever. Consider these wallpaper styles as an inspirational starting point to transform one room at a time so you can get the right look with the best type of wallpaper application and prints for your walls.

What defines modern types of wallpaper?

Since wallpaper is a lot easier to use, here are the different types available in the market.

Quick cleaning wallpaper

The easy-care wallpaper is just right for wallpaper ideas for kitchens, bathrooms and high-traffic areas. Do you see a spill or a stain? Do not feel anxious any longer as every day you can get rid of imperfections and accidents in just a few minutes. Look for specially coated Teflon wallpaper that will help you effectively clean your wallpaper to avoid messy soiling. That also makes it a much cheaper alternative to a tiled kitchen backsplash. Talk about cool wallpaper ideas for walls that you might find easier to work with than standard color.

Easily removable wallpaper

The days of tedious wallpaper removal are long gone, as removable wallpaper allows you to simply peel off the cover if you want – without damaging your walls. This is great if you want to remodel a room every now and then without spending a fortune or hiring professionals to install and remove it. And most are often waterproof and washable, which makes them a great option even for high traffic areas.

Classic background image

Standard wallpapers still make for cool wallpaper ideas for walls, although they date back to the difficulties homeowners often emphasized in the past. Sure, they are easy to clean and stick better to the walls. However, they need to be professionally installed and removed. However, today’s classic wallpaper options will no longer damage your walls once removed like they used to.

Small prints

Polka dot kitchen wallpaper ideas

If you’re looking for strikingly cool wallpaper ideas for the home but are short on space, avoid oversized prints that will only make them appear smaller. Instead, opt for delicate, small-format prints that still help define a room in style without screaming.

Think of two-tone dot and floral prints that feel naive but still define the space.

Tonal takes

tonally cool wallpaper ideas

Another great take on cool wallpaper ideas for challenging small spaces, striped and patterned wallpaper is great for keeping the look easy on the eye while creating a layered play of calming colors.

Instead of going for bold and expressive hues, keep them subtle and opt for neutral combinations that allow you to introduce the required color and depth in a small space.

Subtle shades

subtle wallpaper print ideas

Again, you can’t go wrong here if you keep the look simple. Opting for calm hues and patterns may help you cherish your choice of wallcovering even longer as it doesn’t evoke too strong an emotional response.

And when it comes to reselling your home, subtly cool wallpaper ideas for your home are sure to win the approval of a potential buyer as the look will remain timeless in the long run.

Art deco inspired

cool wallpaper ideas abstract graphics

Although the era is nearing its centenary in the world of interior design, the heady appeal of symmetrical graphic Art Deco-inspired prints and patterns lingers thanks to the everyday feel of decadent glamor.

Go for a powerful look with a similar feel and only use it on an accent wall to keep the look modern and straightforward.

Faux marble look

Wallpaper ideas with marble effect

Sure, who wouldn’t want marble-clad walls in their home? But the price tags are out of the question for most homeowners. Thanks to modern wallpaper ideas and innovations, you can get the look without it looking too faux over a marble-printed wallpaper.

Create a rich visual feel with marble-printed wallpaper that instantly makes every room appear all the more expensive. When it comes to cool wallpaper ideas for the home, sometimes all you need to do is be a little creative and think outside the box.

Coastal strip

cool coastal strip wallpaper ideas
Create a wonderfully refreshing, seaside-inspired feeling with modern wallpaper ideas that evoke the spirit of the sea and bring back fond memories on the beach in the warmer seasons. To get the look right, keep it simple and choose a background image with a simple blue and white color combination paired with vaguely nautical details.

Ethnically inspired

ethnically cool wallpaper ideas

Channel a faraway wanderlust feeling with cool wallpaper ideas that celebrate the culture and spirit of various ethnically inspired design movements for a unique and rich feel. Opt for tie-dye prints, Japanese shibori, and tie-dye effects.

Bold symmetry

symmetrical cool wallpaper ideas

Nothing is better than a striking symmetry in large and small rooms. If you’re considering cool wallpaper ideas that feel timeless, this take on wallcovering should be high on your list. Think of oversized stripes and symmetrical patterns that are playfully scaled.

Dramatic black and white

cool wallpaper ideas classic colors

A black and white color scheme makes for dramatically cool wallpaper ideas with a clear feel in any room. Let the classic combo redefine a room and combine it with bold color hits to really make the look stand out.

And since it’s a great combo for the smallest spaces, think of it as a classic that you can use to your advantage when trends and tastes change as it always looks fresh.

Memorable moments

bright floral cool wallpaper ideas

When it comes to defining space-defining modern wallpaper ideas in the smallest of spaces, you should think about how you can really create a remarkable feeling that will mesmerize guests long after they have left.

Think of prints full of personality and adorable games with nature and elements that have an organic feel to them.

Traditional toilet

cool wallpaper ideas toile

Since nothing beats the appearance of the familiar, go for modern wallpaper ideas that touch the traditional with a toile print wallpaper with a twist. Think of dramatic and unexpected additions that convey the sense of pressure of the moment and even forward thinking.

Imaginative flowers

cool wallpaper ideas floral classics

Another riff of the classics, a rich floral print, can also be seen as a cool wallpaper idea thanks to updated flower pieces that are sure to spark conversations. And since they always look and feel timeless, especially if you are looking to resell your home, go for floral wallpaper prints with unique floral designs that are so subtle that the eye can skip them.

Crisp azure flowers

cool blue wallpaper ideas for the home

If you’re looking for timelessly cool wallpaper ideas for the home, a refreshing light blue and white color combination might do the trick as it will be appealing in the years to come and works especially well in small spaces like bathrooms and entrances.

Since the pairing is so easy on the eyes, opt for an oversized scale to make the traditional more playful.

A bold geometric print

cool wallpaper ideas geometric prints

A symmetrical geometric print is another great twist on cool wallpaper ideas for the home in a small space. It’s perfect for adding a sense of strength while keeping the look infinitely appealing. Go for a bold contrast to really make the look stand out and keep it interesting by pairing it with bold details like matte metallics and pops of electric paint.

Abstracted contrasts

abstract cool wallpaper ideas

If you’re looking for cool wallpaper ideas that are far from subtle, consider abstracted patterns as a viable option for energizing any room in a home. Going for the unexpected will create a dramatic focal point that guests will talk about long after they leave.

A vivid pattern goes well with just about any design style, from emphasizing a versatile feel to maximizing a minimal look.

Classic fruit illustrations

cool wallpaper ideas fruit prints

Add a sense of visual game and riff to classic wallpaper prints with an adorable fruit print on an oversized scale for a modern take on wallpaper ideas. To keep the look light and minimal, go for a white background to also highlight the graphic wit of the print you’re bringing in. Think large-format oranges, bananas, pineapples, and even strawberries for a sweet, dramatic twist on the traditional.

A capricious flower

cool floral wallpaper ideas

Instead of going for a traditionally sweet floral design with a saccharine charm, go for a more modern spirit with cool home wallpaper ideas that play on flowers in an unexpected style. Think of large blooms, dramatic brooding hues, and unique patterns.

This way you ensure that your background image stays fresh and timeless without having to dive too deep into experimenting.

Animal prints

cool wallpaper ideas bird prints

Have fun with cool wallpaper ideas and opt for animal, bird and nature prints, which are almost illustrative of an eye-friendly and deliciously decadent look without appearing too childish or naive.

Imagine a white background brought to life with a series of depictions of animals in motion to truly energize every room in your home. Even better if you have kids as they will most likely spend hours focusing on your unique, freshly printed wallpaper.

Bonus: Unique placement ideas

Since the days of rooms completely covered in wallpaper seem long gone, consider these interesting aspects of wallcovering placement as viable options for adding color and pattern to your home without having to go all the way .

An accent wall

cool wallpaper ideas accent wall

Who said that cool wallpaper ideas for the home belong on all four walls of a room? Why not add room-defining depth to a room with a striking accent wall instead of creating an all-encompassing look? Emphasizing a main wall in a house gives you a visually strong focal point that captivates all eyes. Best of all, since it’s only part of a room, you can also easily and cheaply update it as seasons and trends change without having to completely redesign a room.

In shelves and cupboards

cool wallpaper ideas for placement

Bring your shelves and the interior of your closets to life with cool wallpaper ideas that include prints and patterns in the least-expected places. This in turn gives these niches more depth and highlights what is in them in a wonderful style. Since this is a small space that you are working with, you have the freedom of choice as there is no “wrong” way to get the right look when it comes to cool wallpaper ideas for rooms.

The fifth wall

cool wallpaper ideas ceiling

Still looking for modern wallpaper ideas for the home but not being sold on an accent wall or all-over print? When it comes to cool wallpaper ideas, it sometimes pays to think outside the box. So if you really want to make a dramatic room-defining statement, why not consider one house that is most often overlooked – the ceiling, also known as the “fifth” wall.

This way you can bring in modern wallpaper ideas for walls without committing to too much pressure while your ceiling appears higher than it is. This also allows you to be more adventurous with your print selections since you don’t have to see them until you put your head up.

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