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Nursery Decoration

Nursery Decoration

neutral blue children's room carpet

When designing the nursery, it is natural to get caught up in the early stages of your baby’s life. But while diaper changes and late feeding will be your reality for a while, it won’t be forever (we promise). And sooner than expected, your child will have outgrown the baby-themed furniture and decorations to find more options for “big kids”.

Raising a child is expensive enough without having to set up the kindergarten from scratch every few years. Instead of buying cheaper temporary items that only last a short time, invest in higher quality items that can last through your child’s high school graduation (and beyond). With the right planning and a few key elements, it is possible. However, remember that you are decorating a room for a child, not a small adult. So it should still be fun and a little bit bizarre. The aim is to keep that carefree feeling while investing in the right items. Get our tips for designing a space with endurance.

You can find more inspiration in the clip of the remodeling of the kindergarten that we did for Dr. Rachael designed on the TV show ‘The Doctors’.


gray kindergarten

The color of your child’s walls can be a quick indication of your child’s age (and gender). Pastel pink or blue? That has an expiration date of around two or three years. Instead of constantly repainting, opt for neutral colors like light or dark gray, which are suitable for boys and girls, babies and children.

If you choose wallpaper, replacing a baby-centered pattern is even more expensive and labor-intensive. When deciding on a design that your child is likely to outgrow in a few years, consider limiting them to an accent wall. To make it even easier for yourself, opt for self-adhesive wallpaper, which is much easier to remove than traditional wallpaper.

Image via Emerson Gray Designs


pink abstract nursery wall art

Investing in great works of art is another way to lay the foundation for a space that will grow with your child. That doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot. Instead, choose pieces from emerging talent. (And who knows? It might be worth a lot one day.) But find pieces that speak to you rather than pieces to buy, like prints of cartoon characters. Choose timeless parts and protect your investment with beautiful, high quality frames.

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white nursery white armchiar

There are certain pieces of furniture that your child cannot physically use for a very long time (we’re looking at you, cot). But there are other things that will last for years, especially if you are strategic about what to choose. For example, instead of buying a changing table, opt for a dresser that you can cover with a changing pad while your child is in diapers. And if gliders and rocking chairs aren’t your thing, just choose a roomy, comfortable armchair. It flows seamlessly from the nighttime feeding place to your child’s reading corner.

Image by Tessa Neustadt via The Bump


Sputnik chandelier

Kindergarten lights are just getting more glamorous and sophisticated, and that’s a great thing. Chandeliers, geometric wire pendants, mid-century fixtures … there are so many stylish options that look great in more adult spaces. Table lamps with drumshades and simple silhouettes also go seamlessly beyond the kindergarten stage. So if you want to keep costs down, skip the butterflies and baseball bats and go for these timeless looks instead.

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Area rug

neutral kindergarten blue carpet

A good quality rug is a thing of beauty and with the right care it will look great for years to come. If you are planning on investing in a luxury rug, avoid colors and patterns that are too trendy or that you think will tire you out quickly. That doesn’t mean you have to get a boring rug. Instead, choose timeless motifs or at least patterns that don’t play.

Since your child will play on the carpet at least as a toddler, choose a soft, soft, or shaggy style. Or, add a sheepskin blanket or two for extra cushioning and a layered look.

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