Ideas For Fall Decorating

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Summer is coming to an end and now it’s all about autumn. We applaud the cool weather and everything that goes with it. When the cold air rushes in, we move in. We long for the comforts of home. When you spend most of your time indoors, your home needs to look and feel good. This year’s design trends are following suit, bringing darker colors and luxurious materials. Try some of these trends for a cozy and chic home that will make everyone jealous.

1. Black headlights

One of the biggest trends this fall is black faucets and appliances in the kitchen. Think black hardware, stoves, faucets, and lighting. As a timeless staple for any color palette, however, it’s a tool that is best used sparingly. To keep black accents from getting out of hand, make sure the room is well lit and that there is a good balance between dark and light elements. High contrast, when well balanced, is the perfect way to add drama without dating your design.

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