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Nursery Art Ideas

Nursery Art Ideas

Nursery garlands design

As you wait for your baby to arrive, feeling meaningful and intimidating is natural for every decision you make – even when it comes to it Decoration of the kindergarten. Give yourself a break! Choosing nursery decor should be fun, especially when it comes to choosing wall art. But if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed choosing the pieces that will adorn your baby’s walls, we’re here to help. Check out our favorite ideas for finding and displaying kindergarten art that you (and eventually your baby) will love.

Nursery wall art basics

First, there aren’t any strict rules about what wall art is all about. So it’s not just framed photos or prints. Instead, wall art can be a series of tassels, a macrame wall hanging, or even skateboard decks. You also don’t have to choose traditional nursery-themed pieces, like pastel colored cartoon animals. After all, they won’t be babies forever, so it makes more sense to invest in parts that your child won’t declare as “too baby-like” when they start kindergarten.

Types of wall art

Here are the most popular categories of wall art and ideas for displaying each type:

Photos, prints and paintings

Nursery gallery wall purple dresser

Perhaps the most common type of wall art, there are myriad ways to showcase these pieces. A gallery wall is a great way to bring pieces in a variety of media and frame types together to make a statement. Or, you can achieve a more cohesive look by hanging a collection of black and white photos in black frames with white matting. You can also make a statement with fewer pieces: choose a large work of art or hang two or three pieces side by side, like a diptych or triptych.

If you don’t want to commit yourself to a gallery wall, picture bars look similar, but you can always change the parts and arrangement (and without putting new holes in the wall). You can also hang a photo line with clips and hanging cards and of course your baby’s latest photos.

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Nursery wall art mural

Hiring an artist to paint a mural is a great way to make an individual creative statement in your baby’s nursery. Be aware, however, that this can be a big investment and, depending on the design, one that your child will quickly outgrow. But as long as you are aware of the potentially short-term nature of the mural, go for it.

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Nursery gray walls white sticker

Wall tattoos are the epitome of non-binding children’s room decor. They’re pretty cheap too, so don’t hesitate to go as whimsical as you’d like. If your child grows past looks, you can easily peel and redecorate the decals, possibly with a new set of decals.

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Wall hangings

Nursery gray walls quilt wall hanging

Think outside of what is traditionally considered wall art. For example, if you love the intricate heirloom blanket you’ve gifted but are nervous about how your baby might ruin it, hang it on the wall instead. Other fun, funky options include textiles, vintage pull-down cards, retro travel posters, and pennant garlands.

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