How To Transform Your Room

How To Transform Your Room

Transform your space and reposition your mirrors

We have all heard the phrase “There is no time like the present,” a saying made famous by the proverb writer John Trusler, and we think it sounds true when you consider whether or not to renew the space there . When you think about it, why not act on your instincts?

Remodeling your home can help you stay organized, bring back the decor you forgot, and it has even been proven to have an impact on your overall wellbeing. Some of you may be thinking, “Well, it’s easier said than done.” And of course, you can’t redesign or repaint your entire home right away. When it comes to redesigning even one room in your home, there are many constraints such as budget, location, and size that limit the possibilities for improvement in your home. For those looking for an instant gratification in decor, you need to hire Décor Aid interior designers to come up with a list of design tips that will allow you to completely transform your room in 3 hours.

Unexpected art placement

Unexpected art placement to transform your room

“I think art is subjective. Therefore, the placement should also be done. When designing one In a place where we place works of art, I almost always try to introduce new ones to my customers Opportunities to hang your artwork “Alex-Decor aids decorator.

There are traditional rules for placing art, so all artwork should be 6 to 8 inches above the area’s furniture. However, like art, interior design can be entirely subjective. Hence, a home with unexpected art placement can still be an integral part of a great interior design. Instead of breaking out your handy leveling tool, consider going beyond the norm and leaning a single piece or group of paintings against a wall in the room you are styling.

You can even try leaning them on the top of your coat. Such art placement adds depth and mystery to any room. Have fun with this approach by trying different arrangements. Alternate the pieces in different formations until they feel just right. The design tip doesn’t take more than three hours unless you own massive works of art.

Hang up the carpet

hang a rug on a wall to find a new focus

Why hang a rug on a wall? There are too many good reasons to list them all. Maybe you run out of space or you want to create a new look for your home that doesn’t take up much time or cause trouble.

“Accent rugs are great places to go when hung on a wall instead of laying them on the floor in the traditional sense. Most customers are delighted when they see how well it can round off a roomMaria T. from Decor Aid.

Carpets come in different colors, sizes and textures. These overly textured rugs are great for breaking up an otherwise flat wall and make a fantastic design statement. Carpets in colors like red and orange can be subtle backdrops that add pops of color to an area of ​​your home, but also bring warmth. While carpets in cooler colors like blue, green or purple can create a calming and calm atmosphere.

Picture above: Nazmiyal

Make something new out of something old

transform something old into something new

When you get the urge to get rid of all of your old furniture, stop and think about how you can Reuse items. That brings us to a handy home improvement tip which is to reuse, recycle and reuse it. Check out all of the passive space in your home like attics, closets, and basements because you never know when you will find grandma’s antique dresser to turn into a chic bench. This decorating idea will help restore the functionality of that forgotten piece while creating a sense of renewal that is reflected throughout your space, and there is no need to break the bank or worry about a budget.

“I once had a customer who didn’t want to part with any of their older furniture. Instead of sourcing all of the new decor, we were able to work together and find new ways for them to use their old pieces with new functions. “ Ali S.

Relocate your furniture

Relocate your furniture for a new take

Just like repurposing older decorations, another useful interior decorating tip is to naturally place the pieces in your home. It can be as simple as swapping out the two armchairs in your study for the love seat in your family room. Whenever you are thinking of moving furniture around, always wonder if there is a place that will benefit more from the piece in question than from its current location.

“I’ve learned through experience that some customers are skeptical about how big the difference can be when moving furniture. But when they saw how great their living room-accent rug looked in their newly painted guest room, customers were delighted that they trusted my instinct to move instead of getting all the new mirrors. “ Decor Aid interior designer Meg L.

The move is great as it helps take advantage of the parts you already have, rather than spending money on new furniture that does the same function with just a different look.

Add new textiles

Add new textiles to play contrasts

If you feel like it’s time to give your home a fresh new look, but you don’t know how much time and resources to devote to the project, consider adding new textiles to your room conversion.

“I worked with a couple once who wanted all of the rooms to suit each of the four seasons. So I got gem-colored accent pillows, textured carpets, and cozy blankets. These new textures and shades added pops of color and helped add personality and depth to the client. “ Maria T.

New textiles are great for rooms with neutral color palettes or for rooms where not only color but also texture and pattern are needed. Textiles like throws, rugs, and blankets are affordable ways to transform any room in your home. Adding new textiles is a tip interior designers use when working on projects with tight time constraints. Adding new textiles is quite simply a task that can transform your space from dull and one-dimensional to one full of personality, color, and chic style.

Reposition your mirrors

Reposition your mirrors for a sense of depth

As with an unexpected placement of art, most people don’t realize that most mirrors should be leaning against a wall instead of being hung in the traditional sense.

“I love playing around with mirrors when decorating a client’s home. I always tell My clients see mirrors as decorative windows that capture light and add meaning from depth to space ” David G.

Repositioning the mirrors in your home is another design idea to transform your space that you can finish in a matter of hours. If you play with the positions of the mirrors in your home, the reflected light and the feeling of depth will vary depending on the distance from doors and windows. Another quick and easy design idea to consider when repositioning your mirror is to follow the rules of Feng Shui. This Eastern philosophy will help you balance the energy of your home by following certain rules for decor placement. Whichever placement rules you adhere to, your space will have a sense of novelty in just three hours.