Best Interior Designers Hoboken Nj

Best Interior Designers Hoboken Nj

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To finally make you feel at home, we’ve put together a comprehensive list to hire the best interior designers in Hoboken, NJ. From large projects to simple room fresheners, these trustworthy interior designers are sure to seamlessly upgrade your home.

Creative interiors and designs

Hoboken interior designers interior designers creative

Creative Interiors & Designs, LLC is a full-service residential and commercial building design firm. Transitional design basics with a mix of tradition and modernity determine the style of Creative Interiors. Her design team brings a casual, clear sophistication and exuberance to give every project a fresh look at the interior. They strongly believe that a well-designed space can improve your home and your enjoyment at home.

Their professional designers create a sense of style and personality while also ensuring that a home remains comfortable and accessible. Their employees are characterized by thoughtful and well-designed pieces from markets in the US and around the world.

Decor aid

Hoboken interior decorator interior decorator help

As one of the leading interior design firms in the country, Décor Aid has transformed the interior design industry by making luxury design effortless and accessible.

Starting with a free in-home consultation, your designer will help you define your needs and provide guidance on how to move forward with a detailed quote and no minimum order requirement. Our well-established team of interior designers has been selected from among the top interior designers in the country and brings an unprecedented level of expertise and personalization to every project.

You get full access to Décor Aid’s exclusive deal-only discounts, up to 50% off the retail price. These cost savings often exceed our design fees.

Our life-enhancing renovations have been featured in ELLE DECOR, House Beautiful, New York Magazine, and others.

J Patryce Design

hoboken interior designer interior designer j patryce

Founded in 2005 and based in Hoboken, the company embodies the vision of its main interior designer, Joan Enger, to combine clean lines with classic elements to ensure an elegant, inviting environment.

Joan began developing her skills during a successful run in luxury branding for Estee Lauder, Godiva and Ralph Lauren Home. After fifteen years, she decided to pursue her lifelong passion and return to interior design school. After completing courses at NYSID, Joan was hired by Claremont to assist high-end design firms with some of the best textiles on the market. Still striving to be on the design side, Joan was fortunate to land a position at Shostak & Company as a junior designer, where she spent nearly four years absorbing the pros and cons of an excellent mentor with impeccable standards . Finally, she used her experience to go into business for herself and start her company.

Joan’s style can best be described as “classically modern”, combining clean lines with traditional twists. She believes that a well-executed interior involves an interesting mix of materials, finishes and textures. The direction of the company points from transition to modern, but despite the specific style that is desired, each space they touch feels unique, layered and timeless.

Swift-Morris Interiors

Hoboken Interior Designer Interior Designer Swift Morris

With exquisite taste and boundless curiosity, Carol Swift has been the passionate creative force of Swift-Morris Interiors since it was founded in 1983 with English carpenter Neil Morris. Carol’s approach to interior design combines the lifestyle of her clients with an assured aesthetic sensitivity and an appreciation for fine furniture and art.

Swift-Morris Interiors’ previous assignments ranged from Caribbean villas to urban brownstones to all of the design projects in between. Carol’s style is always original and innovative, using colors and unique palettes as a distinctive element in any interior. She has created indelible spaces in ten large designer showhouses along the east coast. Her tasteful and innovative work graced the cover of New York Spaces and has been featured in New Jersey Life, Design NJ, Southern New England Home and New England Home magazines.

D&G Interiors + Design

hoboken interior designers interior designers d and g

D&G Interiors + Design is a Hoboken-based design company that provides a wide range of design services. Our services include interior design, product development, site management for both new developments and renovations as well as the retail boutique for home decor. D&G offers the best of products to complement our design while ensuring that each customer’s unique needs are met.

D&G draws on a wide variety of resources including tile, stone, cabinets, hardware, closets, flooring, custom furniture, wall coverings, lighting, fabrics, window treatments, custom beds, art and accessories. By working closely with each customer, we can create bespoke environments and products for all lifestyles and platforms.

The D&G team of innovative designers and consultants has one goal: exceed our customers’ expectations for design aesthetics and maximize the function and impact of each space. Every member of our team strives to build a partnership with every customer. The partnership is built during the consultation phase and, regardless of size, goes well beyond the execution of the project.

Design MACS

Hoboken Interior Designer Interior Designer Macs

Design MACS is an all-inclusive interior design company that has helped customers across Northern New Jersey and abroad make their design dreams come true for many years.

Founder and lead designer Marissa Sauer has created spaces for celebrities like Kris Humphries, the Today Show correspondent Jenna Wolfe, and Charles Kelley of country music group Lady Antebellum. She has appeared in episodes of Man Caves, Designed to Sell and Dear Genevieve on HGTV, as well as other series on the DIY Network and A&E.

They work hand in hand with contractors to ensure a product that exceeds your expectations and pride themselves on creating beautiful, functional spaces that suit your needs and aesthetic tastes.

Robert Jenny Design

hoboken interior designer interior designer robert jenny

For Robert it all started with the development of the innovative design. For this reason, Robert moved to New York City in 1996, where he found a receptive audience for his exceptional work. Starting with an empty blackboard, he transformed ordinary, distinctive industrial spaces into personalized, fascinating houses.

He defines home through the eyes of his customers. With each project, Robert offers individuals artistic designs and unique features that reflect each person’s distinctive style and true personality.

One of its key qualities is its versatility, which has developed through time and experience. For example, Robert recently expanded his work portfolio to include ultra-modern salons, lounges and offices.

Carly Ahlman Design

Hoboken Interior Designer Interior Designer Carly Ahlman

Carly Ahlman is an interior designer who specializes in interior design and renovation projects for residential and commercial buildings in the New York metropolitan area. She focuses on creating spaces that are creative, stylish, and functional.

After studying interior design and communication at the Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan, Carly worked for a number of renowned interior designers and shelter magazines. Through her diverse experiences, Carly got to know the specifics of the interior design industry.

hCO Interiors

hoboken interior designer interior designer hCO

hCO interiors was designed by Hillary Keech Cohen, an interior designer who has lived in Manhattan for over ten years after graduating from George Washington University with an honors degree in interior design. Hillary is affiliated with high-end design firms focusing on both large and small residences, boutique hotels, and celebrity homes in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Nashville, Hawaii, Martha’s Vineyard, the Hamptons, and New York City.

Through the innovative use of traditional and alternative materials, hCO interiors strives to create inviting spaces that reflect the tastes of our customers. Our goal is always to implement a collaborative design process with our clients at every stage of a project. We provide access to new and antique furniture, decorative fabrics, and home and office accessories to complete the vision created with clients through our design consultancy.

Design projects to which Hillary has contributed significantly have appeared in Elle Decor, the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times, among others.

Hillary was previously Design Director at Huniford Design Studios and associated with Roman & Williams, Sills Huniford and Modest Designs.

Aurora interior design

Hoboken Interior Designer Interior Designer Aurora

Aurora is a full-service interior design company based in Hoboken, New Jersey that caters for both commercial and residential needs. We have many options and ideas – both custom and in stock – for lighting, furniture, floor and wall coverings / applications, window treatments, bedding and artifacts.

Aurora is characterized by the interplay of modern and industrial style as well as our ability to deliver traditional and contemporary design. Our mission is to support our customers’ vision and bring it to life. The main goal of our design team is to bring a casual and streamlined sophistication to each project, along with exuberance to give each project a new take on the interior.