Interior Designer Hacks For Small Space Living

Interior Designer Hacks For Small Space Living

small living room furniture ideas

Who doesn’t want their home to have more space than it actually is? Because really, we all need more space with the goal of living in a lighter, airier home that is well organized and decorated. But how do you do that in a small townhouse? With this general puzzle in mind, we’ve rounded up some clever little interior designer apartment hacks that can help you get  the most out of any room .

If you move into a more densely populated area, you may be in a much smaller house than you are used to and looking for space-saving hacks for the  interior . Fortunately, small residential and home decor does not mean to go in style – you can still get a stunningly beautiful small room with enviable interior design features for small spaces have while the limited space you have , optimal  use .From furnishing ideas for a small house to updating a small room that you found difficult to decorate, we’ve got you covered with clever tips chosen by our decorators.

Show what you need

clever little apartment ideas

It goes without saying that less is more when it comes to ideas for small apartments. However, our interior designers are always amazed at how many additional elements customers can manage in a challenging environment.

This doesn’t mean that life is reduced to the bare minimum, but when you are thinking about the best decorating ideas for a small home, focus on what is important and what makes you feel great and inspired every day – these are the parts who you should live with.

Hang the curtains higher

Flooring for small apartments

One of our decorators was quick to point out that his first apartment was a small studio with a wall of four-foot windows as the main focus and pretty much nothing else.

To get the most of his small house, he thought outside the box and installed dramatic floor-to-ceiling curtains to make the room instantly feel bigger and more impressive.

Invest in small furniture

small apartment ideas investment

With city life being very trending over the past two decades, there are plenty of brilliant furniture makers out there who are intuitive enough to turn your small apartment ideas into a reality with beautiful small home furniture.

And when it comes to furnishing ideas for small houses, there is a wide choice. Approach your project with a strong understanding of the design styles so that everything works together in harmony and doesn’t just happen randomly.

Choose a neutral wall color

small apartment ideas wall paint

Note that while the table base and chairs look heavy, this little corner doesn’t feel cluttered thanks to an elegantly placed glass table and ultra-white walls.

The table’s clear surface makes the space feel open, while the white walls (a must when decorating small houses) do the same while also helping to make the space feel brighter and more energetic too.

Use any surface

elegant little apartment ideas

When it comes to small apartment ideas, the sky is literally the limit. Take a cue from the space pictured above and go vertically to maximize usage in every inch of your little home.

When everything is organized and together has a rhyme and reason, they will never look clumsy.

Bring a sofa

Seating for small apartments

A sofa or bench is perfect for any small house and is a must have if you want to entertain elegantly without having to bring along a heavy, overcrowded sofa that is wide and takes up space, leaving you little room for anything else.

Plus, they’re a lot cheaper than a traditional sofa, easier to move, and a lot more unique too.

Wall lights

breathtaking little apartment ideas

Even with the serious interior design of small houses, every inch counts. So make the most of your space with wall-mounted extras and lighting to create space on table tops while creating a mood with intelligently placed lighting fixtures on your walls, adding drama.

Get a foldable wall table or desk

small apartment ideas tables

Make the most of small apartment ideas with collapsible wall tables and tables, or tables that you can fold up and easily stow away.

This is perfect whenever you need more space for extra guests, games, or items that you don’t use every day.

Built-in seating with additional storage space

small apartment ideas furniture

Another ingenious hack for decorating small houses is to have built-in walls that act as hidden storage areas as they together take up less space and make your home feel like endless, enhanced amenities.

Imagine if the kitchen pictured above had a table and chairs in the middle of the room – wouldn’t the room look much smaller, cramped, and worst of all, poorly styled?

Keep it cozy

cozy little apartment ideas

When it comes to small apartment ideas, keeping the space cozy should be a breeze. On the other hand, you’d be surprised by customers who believe they can be rigid and great in a compromising environment.

And since you can’t achieve this kind of magic without serious compromises, you should be realistic and create cozy corners to make your space feel like a welcoming home.

Get Tonal

small apartment ideas wall colors

For the best approach to interior decorating in a small space, choose tones or shades of the same color to create a calming, calming oasis – regardless of size.

However, we recommend bright, optical white, as it makes every room feel bigger, brighter and bolder. However, smaller rooms tend to appear dirtier faster. So make sure that high-traffic areas are properly assessed, as a smaller house highlights the inevitable daily wear and tear.

Bring a large rug

small apartment ideas carpets

We tend to view flooring as the ultimate foundation for interior design and recommend starting with flooring when considering small home interior design concepts to make the most of your space.

Opt for a two-tone or neutral rug and make it big to make the space look more expansive and expensive. Stick to a larger rug, as a small rug can help the room appear smaller than it really is.

Nesting tables

small apartment ideas solutions

While we recommend glass-topped tables as they take up less visual space, two small nesting tables instead of a large coffee table can make for clever little apartment ideas as they can be easily moved around when you need more space.

And since they shouldn’t break the bank, when you get tired of their style, you can easily swap them out to freshen up a room quickly and easily.

Play with Scale

small apartment ideas scale

One of the most basic lessons for decorating small homes is that the scaling applies to every single decorative element that you bring with you. From lamps to side tables, everything should work in sync.

For added visual interest, consider adding one or two larger pieces of furniture in each room to create a richly layered interior design for small spaces that keeps the eye moving rather than tucked into a corner.

Keep furniture away from walls

small apartment ideas furniture placement

One of the easiest small apartment ideas to manage is to move all of the furniture towards the center of a room, not against walls, as the room feels cramped and uncomfortable for no good reason.

Low-lying seats

small apartment ideas seating

Buy low-slung furniture with all of the seating at eye level to ensure visual continuity, maintain salon-style conversations, and make your ceiling appear higher so that each room appears so much bigger than it really is.

Use memory wisely

Decoration ideas for small bedrooms

It is of course important to make good use of the available storage space. Space in the kitchen area is tight (ask an interior designer ). There are tons of kitchen cabinet interior decorating hacks that can help you make the most of the available space.

Easy to replicate, hang cups and utensils on the walls and create as many functional shelves as possible. Think of shelves that slide out of built-in cabinets, desks that fold into storage, Murphy beds that fall off the wall, and tables and chairs that serve dual purposes. The possibilities for interior design in a small space are endless . You just have to plan carefully and keep your mind open to what can be done in a small space.

Image via HGTV


small living room storage living room storage ideas

Can your dining table serve as a workspace? Can your drawers be converted for other purposes – for example, open and covered for additional table space? Can your coffee table serve as a footrest? Can you use the dead space under your stairs for extra storage or decorative space?

Small room interiors are all about creating as much multipurpose furniture as possible throughout the room. In return, you create a lot of extra space in your home. If you make sure no space is wasted, you will continue to win if you try your hand at interior design in a small space . Having a dresser instead of a bedside table saves a lot of space and looks great, as does a laundry basket with a usable surface – little apartment ideas to save space .

Image via Pinterest

Trick the eye

small living room decorate hacks

There are many small decorating ideas for apartments, which you can use to your advantage to make your home look bigger and to feel larger. Draw the eye up by placing art higher on the walls, creating the illusion of a larger space (people may just take you as an  interior designer with this trick ).

Try to keep your space as open as possible. Leave the doors open so it looks like the entire room is flowing together. If you have floor furniture, look for furniture with legs or add it yourself instead of leaving everything right on the floor. That way, you can see the floor space under your furniture and make the room appear much larger. Often times you will find that the best small apartment decorating ideas don’t break the bank while making the most of every space in your home.

Image via Tiny Dt


Mirror decor for small apartments

Mirrors are an age-old styling trick that can be used to add space to your home, and they keep working. Use mirrors to reflect light and make the eye think the room is bigger than it is.

Mirrors next to windows reflect nature and are sure to make it seem like you have another window in your room. The more windows you have, the bigger your home will be. With a touch of glamor affordable, mirrors are a must for any interior design for  small houses .

Image via Anya Flow


small house decoration lighting ideas

Poor lighting can make an already small room appear even smaller. If there are dingy and dark corners, that part of the room will be cut off and the viewable area will be reduced.

Make sure all rooms are well lit. Concealed lighting fixtures on top of furniture and both on and under cabinets are a great way to get rid of dark spaces. Since you may not have enough space for table and floor lamps, get as much light as possible from ceiling and wall lights (another tip to add to your list of ideas for decorating small apartments ). When it comes to the best, smart interior designer hacks for small space interior design, keep in mind that often only a small structural adjustment is required to get the eye to make your home look bigger.

Image via Cory C.

Vertical space

tiny space-saving decoration ideas for the kitchen

If you’re short on space, you’ll be surprised how practical your blanket could be. There is a place for some of the best hacks for interior design . There are countless ingenious ways to make optimal use of the ceiling space, e.g. B. hanging storage elements that you can use to store pots and pans in your kitchen.

If you make the most of your vertical space, you also have a lot more wiggle room for your home. For example, put beds on platforms to create extra storage space underneath, or put shelves above and around door frames – no one will doubt your skills as an interior designer when they see such smart solutions for small spaces. As any interior designer should suggest, place items that you don’t use often in the highest areas and more often in the lower areas. 

Image via Coco Lapine

Use of color

Furnishing ideas for small houses

The way you bring color to your rooms goes a long way in developing ideas for decorating small apartments . Dark colors can close up areas, but if carefully worked in, they can make areas appear wider than they are.

Using light colors can make areas appear larger and more expansive. However, you need to be careful and make sure the room doesn’t look too clinical while keeping in mind that smaller rooms often have dirtier walls as things rub against them more often. Large pattern areas, such as B. Walls with heavily patterned wallpaper are sure to make rooms look smaller. Stick to the walls, which are painted in the same color and keep the same ground in, in order to create the illusion of more space to the simple interior of a small house to improve .Any interior designer will tell you that starting with walls and floors is the best way to do interior design in a small space.

Image via curbed

On a budget?

Smart ideas for interior designers in a small space

If you are on a tight budget, don’t fret because there are plenty of little home decorating ideas on a budget that you can implement. To get the most bang for your buck, browse local thrift stores for bargains and look for free furniture listed online with items that people no longer want or need.

Don’t be afraid of upcycling and reusing – these found items can make your home feel unique. Just ask any interior designer and we’re sure they’ll swear by the virtues of money-saving antique markets and even junk shops when it comes to evaluating unique merchandise. 

Image via Redfin

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