Distressed Kitchen Cabinets

Distressed Kitchen Cabinets

Worried kitchen cabinets have quickly gained fame and popularity for a variety of reasons. Not only do they look amazing, but they are also very easy to do. Many people are under the impression that buying this style for your kitchen cabinets will cost a lot. It is absolutely not true. You can easily achieve the brand new look using half a dozen items or so.


While grinding is a messy job that takes ages to do well, the first step is to acquire distressed kitchen cabinets. Of course, you first have to remove all the kitchen cabinets' hardware, but everything from there happens quickly enough. The grinding will remove the gloss on the cabinets, which will make the second step easier.

antique Glass

The trick while using antique glaze to achieve the appearance of the distressed cupboards is to do so sparingly. After about a minute or so, use a damp cloth to wipe off the glaze. It is important not to use a wet cloth. Only damp will work. Make sure the glaze dries out completely. If necessary, scrape your cabinets in some places with the nail to get a better look.

Top Lackawanna

After the glass window has got its time to dry completely, apply a top coat to seal everything in place. Polycrylics and a sponge brush work best together. To achieve a smooth surface on your unpleasant kitchen cabinets, make sure you put together between layers.