How To Design Nursery

How To Design Nursery

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Few home projects are as life changing as decorating a kindergarten. Setting up the baby room and choosing the nursery decor can feel like a daunting task, but try to relax and have fun with it. After all, the most important thing is that you create a space in which you and your baby feel comfortable. With that in mind, make sure you incorporate your personal style into the nursery design. You will spend almost as much time in the nursery as your baby, so it should reflect your tastes. Decorating this space is an opportunity to play with cute and whimsical elements. So enjoy the process and design a children’s room that you will enjoy.

Kindergarten basics

First, ask yourself what kind of feeling the kindergarten should feel. Do you want to be lively and playful? Calm and calming? Once you’ve set the mood, you’ll be informed of your other design decisions. How will you use the space? If it’s just for sleeping and changing, or will your child use it as a play area too? These factors also affect the design.

Kindergarten themes are fun but don’t feel compelled to choose one. And when deciding on a theme, remember that not every single design element in the room has to fit or refer to it. Think of kindergarten as an influence rather than a strict guideline. It’s also a good idea to use gender-neutral ideas on kindergarten themes like travel or baby animals, rather than going for looks stereotypically associated with girls or boys.

Of course, when it comes to furniture, you need a crib and changing table or something that works like one, like a low dresser. A chair is also key for late night feedings. Don’t feel compelled to choose a specific type of chair like a glider or a rocking chair. Just go with what is most comfortable for you, even if it is a simple armchair.

If you have hardwood floors, a rug is a must. Choose a soft but firm pile and make sure it is properly anchored. Even if you have carpeted floors, an area rug is a great way to define the space and create a layered look.

Window treatments are essential if you want your baby (and you) to sleep. Curtains prevent light, noise and drafts and bind the children’s room design together. If you want an extra layer of light filtration add roller shutters.

Lighting is another important design feature. Turn on a dimmer or get three-way lights so you can control the light level in the room. Fairy lights are a charming way to add ambient light to the nursery, and chandeliers add an unexpected, elegant touch.

Gender-neutral ideas for kindergartens

Regardless of whether your baby’s gender is going to be a surprise or you just don’t want a traditional feminine or masculine design, a gender neutral kindergarten is becoming increasingly popular. For years, green and yellow were the go-to color choices, but now many gender-neutral kindergartens are just that: neutral. Soft grays or white walls provide a calming environment and allow you to personalize the room with wall decor and other pops of color. Neutral colors also make the transition easier when planning to use the nursery for future children or when converting the space into a more adult bedroom.

Baby girl nursery ideas

Decorating a little girl’s kindergarten is an opportunity to experiment with a variety of styles. For example, try to achieve a more glamorous look with high-quality elements like chandeliers, metallic accents and a sheepskin rug. Or try a modern, eclectic look with a geometric light fixture, mid-century furniture, and a vibrant gallery wall.

Think beyond pink when choosing a color palette for a little girl’s nursery. Traditionally, pink has been the preferred color for decorating girls’ baby rooms, but choosing a cool neutrality feels more modern and offers more flexibility in decorating. Of course, if you love pink you should use it, but maybe try it as an accent – not the dominant color. And instead of a light shade, choose a soft shade of blush.

Baby boy nursery ideas

Kindergartens for boys don’t just have to be about sports, trucks, or other stereotypical male issues. Instead, opt for more specific decorating styles like a rustic look with accents of reclaimed wood, lantern pendant lights and nature-inspired wall decals. Or, add a dapper feel with gingham curtains and a striped rug.

If you want to incorporate some blue into the kid’s room but can update the classic selections by taking a more modern approach, e.g. B. a deep navy or a gray-blue. You can also choose a neutral wall color and blue accents in combination with other colors like mint green.

Decor aid makes it easier to design a kindergarten

Waiting for your child to be born can be a busy and stressful time, especially if you add a makeover or renovation to the mix. Let the interior designers at D├ęcor Aid take the pressure off and create a lovely nursery for you and your baby. Our full-time, in-house team of designer decorators has years of training and experience and can help with projects of any size, whether you’re creating a kindergarten for your first child, upgrading an existing kindergarten for your latest addition, or remodeling a home office or guest rooms in a kindergarten. Let’s do everything we can so that you can focus on what matters most: having a happy and healthy baby.

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Pink and Blue Girls Nursery

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Modern boys kindergarten

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