Best Picture Rails

Best Picture Rails

Hanging wooden shelves

Wall art is one of the best ways to brighten up a room, but let’s face it – hanging it up isn’t a picnic. From the right viewing height (rule of thumb: always hang a little lower than you think) to drilling the appropriate hardware into your wall, it seems easier said to artfully integrate photos, paintings and prints into your room done.

So when it comes to renovating your space and displaying new artwork, it’s great to consider one of our decorator’s favorite shortcuts – a picture rail. With a thin piece of molding that runs parallel to the ceiling, you can use picture rails to hang works of art on wire and make adjustments if necessary. The best part? If you want to move your art, you won’t be left with the clutter or unsightly holes that traditional hanging leaves. Check out some nice examples of image rails below.

Bedroom art exhibition

Picture rail traditional bedroom

These two framed black and white prints highlight this rather frugal bedroom and add a graphic kick of visual interest that is easy on the eye, not distracting. Also, the hanging cord adds more detail to the room to attract attention.

Image source: Martha Stewart.

Image rail hallway ad

Picture rail gallery wall hallway design

Modern art in simple frames hangs on a picture rail in the home of Stephen O’Connor and Annick Houle. We love the way the different prints and pieces work together as an interesting collage that resembles a gallery wall. Image source: Remodelista.

Hanging wooden shelves

Hanging wooden shelves

San Francisco-based Carlysle Manufacturing makes shelves that are specifically designed to hang on video rails – installation couldn’t be easier! Image source: Remodelista.

Copper picture hook

Copper picture hook

Hooks for picture rails come in different shapes, colors, materials and sizes. This copper option has an enviable, worn patina that adds a touch of the old world to even the freshest pieces. Image source: Southern Living.

Picture Rail Studio Space

Image artist studio design

Picture rails can be easily disguised or disguised like this studio in Brooklyn. And for an artist, picture rails should come in handy because you can quickly move work around if necessary. Image source: David Ross.

Vintage Picture Rail Display

rustic picture rail country decor

Do you have a collection of vintage prints and frames? Think of a picture rail as a modern and novel way to display your valuable possessions.

Image source: Southern Living.

Picture Rail coat display

Picture rail art wall yellow lacquer color

Suspended over a mantelpiece, the placement and strings add a lot more interest to this traditional fireplace than a regular hanging. For a similar look, plan an unexpected approach and go against the grain with odd numbers.

Image source: Martha Stewart.

Picture Rail buffet table

Picture rail buffet decor

A separately framed split print gives this classic buffet table a playful touch that will grab your attention.

Image source: Little Green Notebook.

Picture rail in the bathroom

orange shower curtain gold bathroom accents

In Jonathan Adler and Simon Doonan’s bathroom, there is a brass rail above the tile paneling for hanging pictures. If you’re looking to renovate your space, contact your home renovation expert to learn how you can follow a similar approach with beautiful brass elements. Image source: Houzz.

Image track collage

Picture rail art collage

In Nadia Geller’s Los Angeles Design Studio, numerous works of art are overlaid with a picture rail for an unusually three-dimensional effect. Image source: Apartment therapy.

Picture Rail Shadowboxes

Picture rail insect artwork

Share your collections with the world by artfully displaying them on authentic thread from a picture rail for an elegantly robust effect.

Image source: Chris Court.

Eclectic video track display

Image rail eclectic decor

We love the way this space has a gallery wall that features historical skills that are compelling and inspiring.

Since instrument racks require various drilling techniques and heavy duty applications that damage and damage your walls, let video rails come to the rescue! If you use video rails to tag your favorite instruments, you can just pull them down while making sure they don’t leave marks on your walls. Plus, it’s much better than neglecting to keep them in their cases.

Okay, we just can’t get enough of the idea of ​​hanging shelves on a picture rail, and for good reason. Using a picture rail to temporarily hang shelves makes it easy to move them around in due course and make sure your walls stay safe and solid. But even better is the fact that they appear to float from a distance, since no clunky brackets are needed.

If you’re not gifted with picture rails, or if the ones pictured here are too large for your tastes, consider using a molded chair rail to your advantage as an easel or shelf to display keepsakes, frames, plates, art, and sculptural items.

Image source: Ricardo Labougle, World of Interiors.