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Design A Cool Startup Office

Design A Cool Startup Office

Refinery 29 office design

While the benefits – free snacks, dormitories, dry cleaning – are legendary at startups, the interior of the office is often equally impressive. When companies abandon traditional business practices, they opt for rooms with the same free-thinking attitude. So don’t forget the importance of office design as you focus on ways to make your business a success. (For more ideas, check out the office design tips we shared with Inc Magazine.)

Flexible startup office spaces A startup’s workspace requirements can change dramatically in a short period of time. A fast growing company needs a flexible office with room for growth. Planning an office that can grow with your business from the start is a much easier option than moving all of your operations to a larger space each time you start hiring.

If you are in a temporary room or small office while preparing your new corporate office design, observe how your employees work and how the different areas of the office are used. Do people crowd on the sofas or do several people work in the café downstairs or at home? Pay attention to how people work or want to work. When your workforce is mobile, you may find that you can use less desk space and more space or collaboration facilities like a coffee shop or playroom.

Common spaces Public areas are the heart of the startup office. Multiple spacious and predictable areas encourage collaboration. Gone are the days of packed cubicles and offices – great modern office design should create a collaborative work environment with a sense of transparency and inclusion. Even small office designs should have areas where people can collaborate or meet for “all hands” meetings.

In addition to the common spaces, you might want to include distraction-free zones in your startup office space, e.g. B. small rooms for individual or small group work. You and your employees will spend a lot of time in your office during the critical early stages of your business. Therefore, the office decoration should encourage creativity and convey a pleasant feeling.

Cool office design The design of your office should be a reflection of your company and help nurture your culture and identity. Mark your office with your logo and choose colors that match your visual corporate identity.

If you’re looking for office design ideas, you’ve come to the right place with your own employees. Let your team help customize the space with their own artwork and objects, while building morale and community. Other office decorating ideas include bright colors to encourage creativity, gardens and plants to let nature in, and plenty of natural light to keep employees energized.

Your headquarters should also be a professional place to impress investors and customers. The reception area should make a great first impression and speak to your brand’s style. You may also need to plan space for events or conferences.

Office design with decor aid

Interior designers aren’t just for residential projects. Decor Aid’s team has extensive commercial design experience and is very familiar with office design layouts and office design trends. As a co-startup, Decor Aid understands your needs and priorities. Whether your business has been around for years or you’re just starting out and needing small office design ideas, the company can help with planning, shopping, and finding the right contractors, contractors, and other professionals to do the job complete. You focus on growing your business – Decor Aid does the rest.

Startup Office Design

Contemporary startup office

Tables provide flexible workstations that are open for easy communication and do not require dedicated desks. The clear symmetry of the placement of these tables gives this already large space a sense of sophistication. About refinery 29.

Modern meeting room design

Office conference room in yellow, black and white

Splashes of yellow enliven this conference room in a startup office. We love the fact that one half of the table is lined with contrasting Eames chairs for an eye-catching visual effect without distracting or panning over the topmost area. Via buzzfeed.

Midcentury style office design

White and blue modern office

Mid-century modern furniture adorns a common room in this stylish startup office. And when it comes to decorating office space, opt for proven, timeless furniture to make the most of it in the long run, as trendy furniture will make everything feel dated sooner or later and need a costly update. Via buzzfeed.

Elegant reception area

Blue start reception area

This reception area makes a polished first impression with its calming but bold accent wall, symmetrical gallery wall, and sumptuous seating. Follow the example and go for an accent wall with an unexpected hue and luxurious furnishings, often reserved for more formal areas in a private household. About Lonny.

Contemporary meeting room

Contemporary green office

A cafeteria room doubles as an area for meetings or events in this sunny Silicon Valley start-up. We love the fact that the alternating graphic rug gives a sense of play and unexpected color, while raw, untreated wood combined with rather capricious concrete pillars add a touch of organic and nature.

Colorful reception area

Decor Aid B2R office design

A wall-sized quote and a comfortable sofa greet visitors and represent the corporate brand in an office design completed by our team. Notice how we took full advantage of this small space by bringing true-to-scale furniture instead of choosing smaller ones that make visitors feel like they’re not relaxed and ultimately not inspired.

Industrial commercial office design

Industrial office design

The industrial design of these offices is a nod to the architecture of the building. And while it has a masculine spirit, bold, oversized, circular chandeliers have been introduced for an instant touch of pleasurable glamor that is easy on the eyes. The same goes for the polished concrete floors, which have a subtle sheen. And as you can see, finding the right balance of symmetry is important to create well-coordinated office space of all types and sizes. About Fast Company.