Wednesday , 24 April 2024
Vertical Garden

Vertical Garden

Vertical gardens are a beautiful way to decorate a fence, wall or even the outer boundary of your home with ornamental plants or evergreen plants to turn the wall or fence into an eye that captures extra ordinary places. There are many ideas for decorating a vertical garden and there is a long list of plants that can be planted on this type of garden.

Usually, creepers are the best source for creating a vertical garden. The always green vines or various pots with amazing flowering plants can be hung to make the fence or wall so fascinating. Years are some of the ideas to decorate a vertical garden.

Different styles in vertical gardens:

Decorate with pockets:

In this style of vertical garden, felt or some recycled material is used as acin to create a vertical garden. The felt must be supported with pockets in rows of three, four or five. The pocket size should be large enough to hold a small pot in them. The pots must be filled with ever green vines, light colored coleus or other flowering plants.

A fascinating separate wall:

If someone is not interested in creating a vertical garden with the house's side walls, he can go to a free-standing wall. This type of wall is created with separate hex wire and a solid frame is formed by them. The frame on the wire wall should be made with wood to give the wall a strong support. Now when it comes to decoration, use different wintergreen or ornamental plants in small pots of the same size. Fix these pots at equal distances and decorate a unique type of vertical garden near the driveway or patio of your house.