Design Kids Bedroom

Design Kids Bedroom

Nursery work area

Whoever said that children are the great joy in life never had to design a children’s room. Between their great ideas and your tight budget, keeping everyone happy can seem impossible. And with the way children grow, how do you choose a program that is flexible and tailored to their changing interests? Fortunately ours Older designers have these tips for creating a bedroom that will grow with your child.

Your room, your art

Nursery wall art

If you find that your child’s aesthetic sensibilities clash with your own, consider hanging their art their Room. Create a gallery wall – either in a random arrangement or in a grid pattern – with matching frames to make your pieces look curated and meticulous.

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Accessorize instead of remodel

Equip children's rooms

It can be tempting to add a decorative theme to your nursery. But choose wisely: it can be costly to deal with a topic. For a cost-saving solution, decorate your nursery with accessories that can be replaced as they get older and their interests inevitably change. We sourced colorful accessories for this bold TriBeCa apartment, including a Star Wars poster that can be easily replaced as our client’s child gets older.


Nursery storage

If getting your kids to tidy up after themselves is a constant back-and-forth, consider how to incorporate cleanliness into your bedroom. With lots of storage space, your kids have no excuse not to tidy up after themselves. The kids who live in this colorful, contemporary Connecticut home are big comics fans. And so we gave them plenty of opportunities to keep their huge collection.

Loft bed

Loft bed for children's rooms

If there isn’t enough space in your nursery, consider how to add a little square footage. A loft bed or bunk bed is a great way to do this. Our customers wanted to give their child enough space to play. So we pulled up the bed and installed drawers in each of the steps to create additional storage space.


Nursery work area

Set your kids up for success and make sure their room has enough space for a desk. And if two of your children share the same room, make sure they both have their own separate work areas. Our customers in this colorful mid-century apartment faced exactly this situation. So we put a desk in the corner and installed a floating desk between the two beds that doubles as a bedside table.

Pieces that grow with your child

Nursery Adaptable Pieces

When designing a children’s room, it is important to consider how your children will grow. So when sourcing furniture, choose parts that are appropriate for this phase, your next phase, and anything that might come after that. In this house on the Upper East Side, the children’s beds can easily be exchanged for two single beds, which turns this children’s room into a children’s room a chic, stylish children’s room.