Thursday , 12 January 2023
Black And White Bedroom

Black And White Bedroom

Do you want to make a striking statement? Try to use the black and white theme for the interior of your bed room. The contrasting colors create a strong and eternal impression. Black is a dark mysterious color while white is untouched and clean. When the two are put together, a magic drama comes to life. Each interior of the room can be of a color.

Wall Color

The walls need not be painted in the sunny colors. Of course if you like it, the wall can be completely white. A more sophisticated effect can be given to the walls by using patterns that include a combination of these two colors. Wall papers with subtle patterns in this combination can be used.


The interior of the room does not all need to be in the same color. A color can be used more than the other. If the predominant color is white, the luminaires can be black, such as light switches, door knobs, handles, hangers, latches etc.. If the table lamp is black, the shade may be white or a combination of black and white or vice versa. On board, chair, bed, chest of drawers etc. are all black, bed linen, curtains etc. can be white or a combination of the two. You can use elements in other colors, such as the lampshade or the curtain rose in some other light shade as red.

Float them with it!

Floors can improve the dramatic impact of a room. An all-white floor will look good with a black and a theme in the room. But if you like to use both, go for a designed floor for a classic and sophisticated look.