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Bathroom Flooring Ideas

Bathroom Flooring Ideas

Bathroom flooring ideas 2019

Are you thinking about updating your bathroom floor and not sure where to start? To help you, we reached out to our renovation and construction experts to come up with the best bathroom tile ideas. From fresh, wonderfully graphic black and white tiles to the unexpected return of terrazzo, here are some of the chicest bathroom flooring ideas to try in 2019 so that you too can have a modern and enviable updated bathroom.

Geometric pattern

Geometric bathroom floor ideas 2019

Geometric bathroom tile patterns are all the rage for 2019 and are perfect for bold and expressive bathroom flooring ideas. From vibrant geometric patterned tiles to tiles that are much more minimal in spirit, there is a great visual game to be found when it comes to geometry. From intricate and colorful hand-painted tiles to sleek and stylish designs with simple hexagonal or trapezoidal patterns, there is no particular design direction driving this trend.

By making your bathroom floor a main feature with stunning geometric patterns, you can be sure that it will look like no other. You can make this bathroom tile idea even more expressive by creating a juxtaposition by mixing and matching different colors and patterns.

Black and white

Black and white bathroom floor ideas 2019

Bathroom tiles in black and white experienced a real comeback in 2018 and were adopted at all current interior design trade fairs in 2019. There is something so timelessly elegant about black and white bathroom tile ideas, and they are sure to add an inspiring retro vibe to your bathroom that will never go out of style.

From boldly plaid designs to smaller mosaic tiles and geometric designs, black and white tiles go well with just about any design style, from rustic to art deco. The possibilities are nearly unlimited.

Shiny white

Glossy bathroom floor ideas 2019

For an easy path to a dramatic and super chic bathroom, high-gloss glossy white bathroom tiles are hyper-modern and go well with just about any design style, especially in a minimalist home. All-white bathroom floors always look clean, uncomplicated, refreshing, feel relaxing, and can be easily accented with contrasting colors like black and gray to create visual interest.

All-white bathroom floors and wall tiles give your room a calm feeling, a bit like a luxury spa. Your bathroom should be all about relaxation, and glossy white bathroom floor ideas are sure to help you create a dream haven.

Hexagonal tiles

hexagonal bathroom floor ideas 2019

Another homage to geometry is the return of hexagonal tiles. As you can imagine, it is endlessly fascinating to have unique bathroom tiles that are extraordinary – who wants tired squares and rectangles? Hexagons are more interesting and will help you create a bathroom floor design that will remain unique to you without ever going out of style.

Use a single color for a sleek look, or mix and match shades and create your own pattern (we love pastel colors for this). You can even go for black if you’re looking for bathroom flooring ideas that are a little more moody.

Natural stone

Stone bathroom flooring ideas 2019

Natural stone bathroom tiles are going to play a major role in bathroom flooring ideas 2019 like you’ve never seen before. The trends of 2019 love natural materials and this is no exception when it comes to your bathroom.

The warm natural stone tones add depth to your bathroom and make a large bathroom space feel cozier than if you were using white bathroom tiles. Plus, they’re all unique, so you have something special and exclusive to yourself.

Herringbone pattern

Colorful bathroom floor ideas 2019

There is no better way to create interesting bathroom floors than with a colorful herringbone pattern. This is a great idea if you want to do something different but don’t want to go with bold, patterned tiles.

You can make it even better with a contrasting grout color – this idea looks equally good on the floor and walls.  

Retro style

Vintage inspired bathroom floor ideas 2019

Bathroom floors have not escaped the retro trend. So if you are a big fan of retro style elements, don’t hesitate to include your bathroom tiles. From classic retro patterns to exciting colors like pink, orange and green, vintage-inspired bathrooms are sure to never go out of style.

Fan tiles

Retro inspired bathroom floor ideas 2019

Fan tile encompasses art deco design. If this is an exciting design direction for you, these are the perfect complements to your bathroom flooring ideas. From fan tiles that resemble scallops to fans that have a bolder geometric design, fan tile is a little different from your usual bathroom tile.

Our top pick is available in some stunning colors and, thanks to its lively look, must have a shimmering aqua color.

Soft pink

modern pink bathroom floor ideas 2019

You may have thought we were done with soft pinks, but they still look fresh. Blush tones are all the rage, and that means blush bathroom tile ideas are an infinitely viable option. For a decidedly retro feel, tile your entire bathroom with delicate pink tiles (you will never have experienced a more cozy and calming space).

We love sleek vertical tiles for the walls and hexagonal tiles on the floor or small square tiles for the entire bathroom for a charming effect.  


Carpet ideas bathroom floor ideas 2019

If you have simple bathroom tile on the floor and you want to take your bathroom with you, how about a beautifully patterned rug for your bathroom? The bathroom may seem like an odd place for a stylized rug, but it’s a lot cheaper than new tiles and you can swap them out accordingly. You have a mat in your bathroom when you step out of the bathtub, right? Why not expand on that idea and have a patterned rug instead?

A woven natural material dries quickly, is durable and hard wearing and looks stunning. Or you could do something really glamorous with the bathroom flooring ideas 2019 and choose a cowhide rug (only for half a bathtub, mind you).

Dark wood

Modern wood flooring flooring ideas 2019

If you love the appearance of natural wood and are not afraid to install it in your bathroom, we recommend that you choose the darkest shades you can. Dark wood floors in the bathroom add depth and warmth to your bathroom in a way that no manufactured tile can. It’s luxurious, warm, earthy, and just beautiful.

It makes sense to see how dark wood shows up in bathroom flooring ideas 2019. As you know, natural, sustainable materials are all the rage right now and we can’t get enough of dark wood.


Classic bathroom floor ideas 2019

If you are bored with classic and expected tile layouts, creating a chevron design with visual interest can make your home stand out from the crowd. They don’t have to be all black and white either. You can only use two colors for this, or you can be bold and use as many as you want.

The great thing about chevron bathroom tile is that it is sure to never go out of style as long as you take care of your approach and avoid a stubborn look that becomes dizzying.


Unique ideas for marble bathroom floors 2019

If you want your bathroom floor to look glamorous and opulent for a calming sense of everyday elegance, marble should be heading in a confident direction. Ideas for marble floors in bathrooms easily evoke an expensive and luxurious space as soon as you see them. No two pieces of marble are alike and it is a truly stunning material – no wonder its beauty continues to stand the test of time.

To create the most elaborate bathroom, consider quality marble in classic colors as a focal point for ideas for raised bathroom floors that are worth the investment. However, since marble can be porous and possibly stained, we recommend avoiding placing it in the shower or near areas that will get very wet. 


Terrazzo bathroom flooring ideas 2019

With the return of the popular terrazo material from the 80s, which marked its popularity in any room in a home decor, it was only a matter of time before it found its way into bathroom flooring ideas.

We love terrazzo bathroom floors – they are unique and different as no two parts are the same. It can be purchased in tile or larger slabs, depending on your preference (we recommend large slabs instead of smaller bathroom tiles for a more dramatic look). Terrazzo is also available in a variety of different colors and designs, from a mix of light colors to slightly more muted colors with just one contrasting color in the mix. And while the bathroom shown above highlights the brilliance of terrazzo, we recommend using a light hand, as an entire room covered in this visually noisy material may feel overwhelming.And there is a risk that it will look out of date faster than on smaller, more digestible scales. 

Wood effect

Synthetic wood bathroom flooring ideas 2019

If you are understandably nervous about installing hardwood floors in your bathroom but love the way wood looks and every room feels warmer, innovative wood effect bathroom tiles are a great problem solving alternative. Wood-like flooring is available in a variety of colors and finishes, regardless of whether you are looking for a gray, white or dark wood effect. We think they look especially good in cooler tones. cooler tones also go well with the grout colors and help you create a more convincing wood effect floor.

Plus, you won’t have any problems with the floor getting damp and not drying out properly, and it will last longer than real wood.

Concrete bathroom floor

Concrete bathroom floor ideas 2019

As an alternative to predictable standard bathroom tile, concrete offers a strong and stylish alternative and goes well with any type of modern home decor scheme.

Concrete creates an ultra-smooth, matte finish, but the best part is that it’s practically indestructible, inexpensive, and you need to keep you from mold and mildew. When it comes to your shower enclosure, we recommend buying a handy, non-slip rubber bath in a matte or wood option, as a quick fall can lead to injuries that are more dramatic than traditional tile.


Striped bathroom floor ideas 2019

When it comes to bathroom flooring ideas that will create a memorable visual impact, sometimes it just takes a resourceful approach to the placement and installation of the tiles that you bring in.

We love how this homeowner went against expectations, and instead of installing their contrasting tiles horizontally, they opted for expression by going vertically, which is ultimately a much grander and dramatic gesture than it could have been if it would have been done classically.


Black bathroom floor ideas 2019

One of our interior designers’ favorite trendy novelties for bathroom floors featured a breathtaking play with texture through tiles that feel like a contemporary, handcrafted feel.

To get the look, keep an eye out for bathroom tile that has a handcrafted, artisanal feel, almost like everyone is perfect while you work perfectly together.

Mini hexagonal

Mini hexagon bathroom floor ideas 2019

While oversized hexagonal bathroom tile ideas always look great, mini-hexagonal tiles still offer the same look and feel in smaller rooms without looking visually heavy while making the room feel smaller.

Plus, dainty hexagonal bathroom tile can be a little cheaper and, like its larger counterpart, will never go out of style.

Penny tiles

Classic Penny Tile Bathroom Flooring Ideas 2019

When it comes to home decor trends, sticking to classic occasions is sometimes the best way to go, especially when it comes to raised bathroom tile. Even so, Penny tiles have proven time and again to be the standard, timeless go-to place for good reason.

For a more unique approach, however, our team of general contractors quickly found that you can easily create a custom feel by opting for an unexpected grout color besides standard black or white. Think white penny tiles paired with a subtle orange grout or a decadent jewel shade.

Moroccan inspired

Moroccan inspired bathroom floor ideas 2019

Moroccan-inspired bathroom floors make a visually interesting statement and ensure a beautifully patterned room in every home. And while it will have a timeless appeal for years to come while it looks great in combination with any design style, our interior designers were quick to suggest that you stick to more classic color combinations.

Skip the current colors and opt for traditional blue, white, and gold or updated black and white colors for Moroccan bathroom tiles.

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