Holiday Party Decor Tips

Holiday Party Decor Tips

Holiday party decor tips

When it comes to memorable tips for decorating Christmas parties, the beauty lies in the subtle details. Whether you’re hosting an intimate dinner party, celebrating a big anniversary, or taking some friends over for games and drinks, it’s important that you take the burden off the decorating process with easy-to-manage hacks to better prepare your home for your guests.

To help you master the art of preparing your home for parties with ease, we looked to the D├ęcor Aid decorators based on questions they often hear from our clients to help you prepare your home to help host meetings of all kinds.

First impressions are important

Holiday party decor tips foyer

Since it takes less than ten seconds to make a great first impression, it should go without saying that the first areas prepared for hosting events at home should be your entrance and foyer as these are the first areas where your guests are welcomed. Make sure your front entrance and foyer are tidy and welcoming.

Clean your sidewalk and front door without leaving dirt or grime on the floor. Make sure there is a dedicated area for shoes and enough space for coats and bags, whether you keep them in a nearby closet or in another room.

Complete the look with fresh flowers, a scented candle, and mood-enhancing ambient lighting.

Clean and trim windows

Cleaning holiday party decor tips

While we don’t recommend cleaning all of the windows, panels, and doors in your home, we do clean windows and paneling in the rooms where you chat to ensure the overall feel is polished.

Bathroom preparation

Bathroom holiday party decor tips

No matter how far away, guests will enjoy your facilities. In case guests drop in, scan your medicine cabinet so you can be sure they won’t come across anything personal.

Next, make sure you have enough fresh, almost like new, towels, hand lotion and soap in stock. And again, light a soothing scented candle to purify the air with inspiring aromatherapy.

Cut out clutter

Kitchen holiday party decor tips

Less is always more when you have a home full of guests to entertain you. Even if your home is regularly tidy, it is still important to go from room to room and clean up any excess clutter.

to serve food

Food serving holiday party decor tips

When it comes to entertaining food, there are two avenues; There are more formal events where you use your best china and there are casual parties where you put more emphasis on making it easy to clean. Both have advantages and disadvantages, but greener options will always be winners in our books. If you want to feel relaxed with disposable tableware, put containers nearby so guests can quickly clean surfaces after eating.

And when you use more formal tableware, make sure it looks fresh and pristine. A smart hack to making sure of this is to soak them in a mixture of hot water and vinegar and gently scrub them with a microfiber cloth to buff them.

Create a scent story

Candles holiday party decor tips

Since the way your home smells is also an integral part of that first impression when guests walk through the door, you are given mood-enhancing scented candles that will make them wonder where you got them from.

You can also defuse essential oils – whatever it takes to keep a romantic, fresh scent all over your home.

Plan the lighting accordingly

Christmas party decor tips lighting

When it comes to key tips for decorating Christmas parties, lighting can make all the difference. Plan light stories in advance so no one is left in the dark or stuck in the spotlight.

Adjust the volume

Holiday party decor tips music

Another important option for tips on decorating Christmas parties is to create a festive playlist full of songs that will inspire and intrigue guests. Just make sure you’ve placed the speakers in the best spots accordingly and work on the volume controls beforehand.

Bring fresh flowers

Christmas party decor tips flowers

While we envision guests walking in with gifts of fresh flowers, they are still important when considering the best tips for decorating your home for Christmas parties. Bring moody flowers to start conversations with, to add a slight sense of elegant drama to your table landscapes.

Dress up your table quickly

Holiday party decor tips table setting

When it comes to savvy Christmas party decorating tips, the most eye-catching area is often where everyone sits and eats together. Whether you are planning a formal dinner or a serving buffet, decorate table tops with valuable decorative add-ons for a unique and unforgettable statement.

Add unique finishing touches

Christmas party decor tips unique details

While clean replacement surfaces are always inspiring, you should decorate spots here and there for a layered look that makes the event more visible and makes them talk.

Prepare for the worst

In order not to worry you and not that you should expect the worst, prepare your home for small disasters to take away the fear of possible accidents. Spills and stains occur. So create an emergency cleaning kit and know where to keep supplies for quick access.

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