Wednesday , 24 April 2024
Bike Shed

Bike Shed

To the envy of everything, you have become the proud owner of the latest attention, the average machine. When the first euphoria dies down, the more practical issue of where to store it begins to safely gnaw you. The best option is to place it in a shed safely away from the thieves' curious eyes.

So, what's a shed? Glossary defines it as "a small structure built for protection or storage"

Where to store the bike

Depending on the space and resources available, you can build your bicycle shed to store your bike. There are many different options that you can try. If there is plenty of room in your house to accommodate the bike, it would be the best solution. The next best option would be a garage if you have one. In a garage you can think around with the bike without worrying about getting the floor dirty. The security can be satisfied with the various security options available. You can build a brick hull – you would need to get permission to build one though. Another option would be to get a shed built with galvanized iron or steel panels.

security measures

The rule of thumb on the safety of your bike is not to make it publicly known that you own a bicycle. Then invest in appropriate security systems that will discourage hoodlums from trying to stumble on your bike. The safety systems range from the robust padlocks to the more sophisticated power locks. Choose the option that is professional and appropriate.