Inspiring Modern Office Design

Inspiring Modern Office Design

modern office design

Fortunately, modern office design is no longer limited to bringing as many people as possible into one work area. As more and more people have flexible working hours and the way they work has changed, the days of open-plan offices with no privacy are over, as are the days when everyone had their own office. The world of corporate interior design is completely different from a few years ago.

It has been shown that creating a comfortable environment increases employee productivity in the office. No wonder we’ve seen more innovative and beautifully designed offices lately. For inspiration, we have compiled a reference list of offices that are characterized by modern concepts for office interior design.

Google – New York Office

Google modern office design

The way Google is doing corporate interior design is truly incredible – you could use up an entire essay on analyzing modern office design. Known for creating fun and interesting jobs, Google is often discussed and envied by other companies for good reason. Each office is designed to reflect the area. Your California office is different from your New York office, and so on. Her New York office has a subway tile hallway and even a fire hose and graffiti. In one of their meeting rooms, they have a wall-sized map showing the NYC subway system. There’s even a Broadway-themed room and another that is decorated to look like a little vintage city apartment.

The NYC office is also known for its employee funnel systems and has scooters and ladders between floors. The entire office has also been designed to encourage maximum interaction between staff in order to create as many new encounters as possible. There are also plenty of quiet corners to take a break. There are swivel bookshelves in the library so you can enjoy even more privacy. Google has captured the essence of New York in its office interiors with an office interior designed to get the most out of the pleasure of its employees.

Prada – Milan office

modern office design milan prada

Prada hq was designed by Rem Koolhaas with Chris van Duijn and Federico Pompignoli from the architectural office OMA and has a three-story metal slide art installation by Carsten Höller. Located in a former industrial area that the group renovated between 1993 and 2000, it inspires Prada’s outpost in Milan while encouraging creativity. It’s a lesson in fascinating corporate interiors.

Fender – LA office

Fender modern office design

Fender’s offices have a large wall in the reception area on the ground floor that the public are welcome to stop by and have a look at, to provide everyone with a stunning commercial interior design. And as you can imagine, it’s no surprise that Fender guitars are ubiquitous in this office interior. They are artfully exhibited on the walls next to plush seats in the break areas, in meeting rooms and deconstructed for artistic statements. There doesn’t seem to be a room without a guitar.

The interior design of the office is industrial with white walls, polished concrete floors, and exposed ceilings. The scattered guitars offer a lively departure from the monotonous color scheme and encourage imagination and creativity. Open kitchen and break areas invite you to stop and use. Watch your colleagues come and go in clear glass meeting rooms. Your space has been designed to remind you of the company’s ingenious and lasting work while providing an inspiring and comfortable environment.

Zoopla Office – London

zoopla modern office design

Zoopla has taken on a distinctly relaxed feeling in her London office. Your office has been designed to look and feel like home. The interior of the office literally takes the shape of a house. There are sections around a library, living room, dining room, and even a wine cellar and tree house.

To top it off, there is even a meeting room that resembles a swimming pool. Even so, it has an industrial office look throughout the property, with lots of whites and grays to compliment the natural materials used in this commercial interior design.

Dollar Shave Club – LA Office

modern office design Los Angeles

The Dollar Shave Club brought in the outside world for their new headquarters. From the moment you walk in the door there are plants and trees everywhere. From grass on the stairs for additional spontaneous seating to trees in the office work area, foliage surrounds you throughout the office. An industrial and open space, exposed ceilings and lots of glass – in this office you will not be pushed into natural light.

It feels surprisingly natural; Natural materials are used throughout the office that complement the use of flora throughout the office. Bright colors keep it light and airy, and cozy sofas, carpets, and coffee tables mark the break areas.

Trip Advisor – Massachusetts Office

Tripadviser for modern office design

In the reception area there is a wall with cute retro suitcases and a huge graphic map. The map is made up of hundreds of pictures from TripAdvisor users from all over the world. Each floor of this office interior is a continent, and the countries of that continent provide inspiration for the decor, art, and meeting room names. This instantly covers what you think of when you think of TripAdvisor. The office design is bright, inviting and bright with an industrial touch.

The work area is designed on a workbench so that employees can sit or stand. This is one of the offices on this list with a more traditional desk layout, with casual meeting areas and whiteboards that don’t intrude into the work area like many other corporate interior layouts do. Dining and break areas are pleasant to the touch, with bright pops of color like green and orange that complement the more industrial grays for a beautifully modern office design.

Innocent Drinks – London Office

modern office design london

Your office interior is designed with a typically British interpretation of modern office design. They have artificial grass on the floor and picnic benches for lunch – the kitchen areas look like you are making your coffee or tea at home.

Bunting is stretched from column to column and reflects the brand’s colorful personality. In the office there is a Tardis in the office that is guarded by a Dalek. If that doesn’t make for a seriously cool office, nothing will.

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