Wall Texture Ideas

Wall Texture Ideas

Wall texture ideas

Walls have more to offer than you think, and there is more than one type of wall treatment to consider when creating or updating a room. But how do you go about considering the best wall texture ideas for your space? To inspire you to choose the best wall texture ideas for your project, we reached out to the home renovation and construction experts at Décor Aid to share everything they know about wall texture ideas.

Your wall structure isn’t just about a quick paint job covering a wall to create a beautiful, well-judged design. Although the color of the wall paint is important when choosing a design for a room, the texture of your walls can define a room as well. The ability to create a textured wall speaks volumes about your decorating style and taste for the unique.

Whether in the bathroom, in the living room or in the kitchen: If you give the walls in your home texture, every room gets a lot more depth. This can easily be achieved with natural elements like marble and hardwood. Maybe you’re remodeling your home and need something unique Wall texture ideas You can easily contribute? Fortunately, there are many viable styles and options for you to consider. While some require a large budget, others can be implemented with limited resources and with ease. That said, here are those Top wall texture ideas You should consider creating a transform update.

Splatter knockdown

Splatter wall texture ideas

This wall texture idea requires more effort and resources than any other wall texture idea. This is because there are several steps involved in the installation process to get the correct appearance. First coat the wall with two coats of primer before spraying the texture material over it. Once the texture material has hardened and the surface is smoothed, you can use a knife to finely shape the rough edges.

This process can be very messy and challenging. Hence, it’s not ideal for DIY renovations and projects alike. However, it is perfect for new construction projects.

Comb texture

Comb wall texture ideas

This wall texture idea is a popular choice among interior designers and homeowners who value highly designed wall surfaces. The combed textural look is created with a simple tool to draw fine lines of varying lengths along a wall. Hence, there is a high likelihood that it will create rainbow-like lines that repeat on different walls and angles to hint at the world of art deco design.

Popcorn texture

Popcorn wall texture ideas

This wall structure is specially designed for ceilings. And it is mainly used for covering uneven angles on ceiling panels that are not easy to work with. This wall texture style can also help reduce the noise due to the complete application process and its thickness. It is also a great way to bring back timeless retro Wall texture ideas for living room.

You can just apply it with a texture sprayer with a compressor next to a popcorn ceiling texture mix. The only downside to this wall texture idea is that it is difficult to remove once applied and can trap dust and cobwebs.

Blow brush texture

Slap Brush Wall Texture Ideas

The slap brush texture for walls is created using a stomp brush or panda paw to mark a wall. This type of wall texture works best when trying to hide some imperfections or imperfections on a wall. It is one of the most popular Wall texture Ideas for the bathroom This is a great way to hide different types of wall imperfections while trying to bring out the specifics of a wall.

The best technique to achieve this is to lay a drywall composite smoothly over the wall surface. Then use a brush to stamp or tweak it multiple times until you get the result you want. However, the result will depend on the type of brush you use and how you handle it.

Santa Fe texture

Santa Fe wall texture ideas

This wall structure is worth mentioning as it was one of the most common Wall texture ideas 2019. You can easily create the look with a wide drywall knife. The Santa Fe texture is usually characterized by two layers of drywall, with one layer having a slightly smoother texture than the other.

This wall structure idea is perfect for mud flaps, balconies, and small areas, but not ideal for a living room as it can be tonally distracting even if it’s tonal.

Orange peel wall texture

Orange and peel wall texture ideas

As the name suggests, this type of wall texture is similar to a real orange peel, but with a more bumpy surface. While it resembles the feel of a splatter knockdown wall structure, it does require a more consistent application than the former. To do this, avoid intensifying the wall texture paint immediately after spraying.

Instead, let it dry and apply a coat or two of primer and paint to get the look you want.

Falcon and trowel

Hawk and trowel wall texture ideas

Hawk and Trowel wall texture ideas are perfect for when you are looking for Wall texture ideas for bedroom. The name of this wall texture was derived from the tools used to create it. It consists of several layers of texture rolled against each other.

Apply hawk and trowel textures to the drywall of your bedroom and watch the dramatic transformation to redefine the space.

Hand-applied drywall texture

hand-applied wall texture ideas

Although the application process is similar, drywall textures offer a variety of appearances. This type of wall texture is mostly applied by hand. However, for this purpose you will need a specially designed brush and knife.

Ad expect an uneven look with lots of tonal texture and craft imperfections that should be appreciated rather than hidden.

Swirling sand

Sand vortex wall texture ideas

This is another popular wall texture idea that will take some time to perfect, but which can change the look of your home in the most dramatic ways. It is therefore ideal to be considered one of the top Wall texture ideas for the kitchen. However, this type of wall texture cannot be created on its own.

You will need a partner to roll a perlite primer already mixed with sand while you use it to create an arched pattern. This is done through a series of rounded hand movements to achieve the desired effect. With the brush you can easily create free patterns or geometric lines along a wall.


Rosebud wall texture ideas

This wall texture is similar to the idea of ​​the slap brush texture. For this wall texture idea, the texture is created by circles in the damp mud with a brush. This creates a pattern of rose buds. This process is repeated until you get the texture you want. The best place to practice it is on an older piece of drywall that needs updating.

This wall texture idea is great for hiding serious wall imperfections and is very easy to apply as a DIY project. In addition, it gives your living room an eye-catching look and draws attention to your walls.

Crow’s feet

Crow's feet wall texture ideas

Crow’s feet are one of the most popular Wall texture ideas for bathroom It’s easy to do with a clean, stiff-bristled brush – and then use the brush to apply wet mud to the drywall. When the mud is pushed up it forms a texture that looks like crow’s feet, hence the name of the wall texture.

Unlike other wall textures, the main disadvantage of a crow’s feet wall structure is that dust can easily settle in the deep grooves of the wall texture. Other than that, it’s a lovely wall structure that can change the look of your living room when you apply it to your drywall.

Stamp the brush

Stamp wall texture ideas

This is achieved when you apply damp mud to the drywall. You will need a long bristle brush to achieve this textured look. When you press up with the rounded brush, the stomp brush texture pattern is created. Use the rounded brush to repeat the pattern until the texture you want is achieved. This wall texture may not be easy to master all at once. But after a while you will understand the basics and master the technique.

Textured walls are not the same as plain colors in terms of colors and consistency. Texture colors feel denser and more pigmented so they can change the look of your home and create an amazing effect.

This Wall texture ideas for drywall are perfect for home renovations and new home construction projects alike. Feel free to experiment with them as often as you wish.

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