Coffee Table Decor Ideas

Coffee Table Decor Ideas

rocks on the coffee table

When you run out of space to decorate your home, it’s time to freshen up your coffee table quickly. Whether you’re a nature lover, tech geek, or art snob, it’s a place to show off your interests. So don’t let this aspect of your home be overlooked. Follow our guide to designing your coffee table.


how to style a coffee table plants

To prevent your coffee table from appearing randomly, first get hold of a tray to keep everything in line. Once everything looks more organized, you can experiment more with shapes and colors. You can even put house plants on your coffee table like we did at this family’s home in Westchester.

Amorphous natural objects

how to style a coffee table with natural objects

And when plants are a bit of a low-maintenance, consider getting more amorphous, naturalistic objects to decorate your coffee table. For the table in this luxury apartment in San Francisco we covered a concrete chain link from the Future Perfect, a bouquet of easy-care greens and a geometric honeycomb vase for a modern but lively coffee table.

Art books

how to style a coffee table art books

Would you like to impress your guests with everything you learned from the art history course you barely passed in college? Then show yourself off with a couple of art books. It gives your guests something to leaf through while you’re busy in the kitchen, and maybe some of that artistic know-how rubs on you. Check out the art books we sourced for this mid-century palace on the Upper East Side.


how to style a coffee table with colorful objects

If you want to add a dash of color to your living room, there is no better place than the coffee table. Source pieces that reference the existing style of your home but include the accent colors that you have elsewhere. In this colorful family apartment on the Upper West Side, we moved into a collection of green and ruby ​​coffee table accents to complement one of the client’s existing artwork.


how to style a coffee table geodes

Rocks and geodes are a great way to add a naturalistic yet luxurious touch to your home. Spread them out with the other items you put on your coffee table like we did in this Manhattan Pied-a-Terre.

Sculptural objects

how to style sculptural objects of a coffee table

In addition to books, plants and stones, we love to design coffee tables with small sculptural objects. If you have a few statuettes that aren’t getting enough attention on your shelves, consider adding them to your coffee table like we did with this Manhattan apartment renovation.


how to style a coffee table monochrome

And if you prefer a contrasting, neutral look, you should equip your coffee table with a collection of monochromatic table objects. But with a monochrome look, you should never go for an all-white or all-white scheme. Use a combination of textured grays, blacks, and whites for a compelling neutral palette, like we did in the living room of this SoHo duplex.