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Masculine Feminine Interior Design

Masculine Feminine Interior Design

masculine feminine interior design guide

While there has long been a debate about what makes furniture and decor appear feminine or masculine (if that even exists – it’s hard to define), we’re not here to address this hot button issue. Instead, we’re looking for the best ways to combine the two for spaces that are rich and diverse, with different references and silhouettes. Whether you’re dealing with masculine, feminine furnishing elements for a quick, versatile room freshening up, or just moving in with a loved one, here you will find advice on how to seamlessly combine the two theories.

Ultimately, the goal is to have an eclectic mix that is so unique to you that it all at once appears to be gendered.

Do it to you together

male trying female interior design ideas

Since we’ve all found ourselves in rooms or even entire homes that appear to be predominantly masculine or entirely feminine, a good rule of thumb when trying to incorporate two different styles is to look beyond and to these masculine feminine differences in interior design communicate exactly what you both want, don’t want, and are willing to experiment with.

Use the rule of thumb 80/20

male female interior design advice

Well known in the interior design world, the 80/20 rule states that as long as 80% of your furniture is consistent, you can get away with the other 20%. For example, the only things in the room upstairs that aren’t in a traditional Parisian aesthetic are the sofas, chaise longue, coffee table, and the artwork. The rest of the space, however, is united in a more traditional, antiquated decor. But who gets dibs on the 80% and who gets the 20%? It all depends on the mix of furniture you already have and want to work with and what you want to buy and part with.

Share as much as you can

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While it can be easier said than done, the key to a cohesive space full of personality shared by couples is to give the two of you a touch. Think of it as a fun editing practice if you want to share what makes certain design objects special for you when you want to include your two belongings, as masculine feminine interior design should never be a one-sided story.

Bring in different textures

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While you’re working on most likely combining two different design tastes, keep the eye moving in a room by bringing in different textures, finishes, and materials to avoid keeping the eye on the heirloom grandfather clock on its display Your spouse exists. This is also a great way to highlight the coexistence of masculine, feminine interior designs, as different textiles also help create a cozier, lively atmosphere.

Get sentimental

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Share highlights and trophies from your past, as well as hallmarks of your relationship with one another, for a rich sense of personality and history that tells your two stories.

Compromise and simplify your color scheme

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Regardless of your personal color scheme preferences, we recommend sticking to a neutral core and deciding which additional hues to add for a total of three key colors per room, as these will put it all together.

Think of this as a color option for each of you (just make sure they work together). Another trick that will also help you use furniture longer when considering a masculine, feminine interior design is to opt for darker pieces – think of the deepest surfaces of wood and matte black as these are never go out of style and convey a sense of balance to every room.

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