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Family Room Decorating Ideas

Family Room Decorating Ideas

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The family room is the room where comfort is king, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful. Our designers shared their tips for decorating a family room that is worth coming home to.

Pictured: Our new home for newlyweds.


If you plan to spend a lot of time with a piece of furniture (lounging, napping, cuddling movies), you want to look for deep seats that you can curl up comfortably in. While comfort is key, you’ll also want to look for a piece that is bespoke and holds its shape so it doesn’t look disheveled every time you sit down. Look for features like a single seat cushion or a tight backrest. When it comes to materials, look for comfortable, durable fabrics such as leather, velvet, wool and linen in forgiving colors.


Create a space that’s conducive to conversation by arranging the seating so that it faces the couch. Also, choose chairs that are just as comfortable as the couch so that your guests will want to sit down and stay for a while. (And no, that doesn’t mean there is a set of matching loungers with cup holders in the armrests.)


When opting for a traditional coffee table, choose one that can withstand a lot of wear and tear from dishes, glasses, and the occasional few lazy feet. A more comfortable alternative is an ottoman that doubles as an additional seat and offers additional space to stretch out. Just fill it with a tray that can be used to store snacks, drinks and remotes.


Curtains are an essential element in family rooms from both a decorative and a functional point of view. They add a visual and physical warmth and bind the space together. They also help absorb sound. Whether you’re hanging out with friends or seriously watching, you won’t feel like you are in a too noisy restaurant.


Another great way to absorb sound is with a rug, which also increases the cozy factor of a room. Choose a soft, soft version that feels great barefoot. So think of sheepskin rather than sisal.


A family room should feel warm and intimate. So avoid harsh ceiling lights. Instead, opt for soft, layered lighting with floor lamps, table lamps, and other dimmable options.


It’s always the details that complete the space, but this is especially true for family rooms. Complete the sofa and chairs with soft, durable pillows, snuggle-up pillows, and blankets. Display some family photos in sleek, coordinated frames. When you hang them on the wall, place them in a row of three. Complete the room with books and objects that have a special meaning for you.