Bedroom Makeover Ideas

Bedroom Makeover Ideas

Bedroom Makeover Ideas 2019

Since it’s always great to start the New Year with simple room fresheners all over your home, we’ve put together a handy guide to bedroom remodeling that will inspire you in 2019 and beyond. To illustrate the top 10+ tips for bedroom renovation, we interviewed Décor Aid interior designers about their best practices so that you can easily remodel your bedroom.

Bedrooms are often neglected as they cannot be seen by guests. However, since they should be viewed as an oasis of refuge for yourself, you should find it important to bring your bedroom into 2019 both functionally and stylistically. Don’t let the interior of your bedroom be boring any longer. Instead, take cues from these 10+ foolproof routes for a dramatic bedroom renovation.


unique bedroom makeover ideas

Lighting is an important feature in creating a warm and intimate feeling in a bedroom, but for some reason it is often overlooked. It could very well be that you don’t spend as much time awake in your bedroom, but often the time you spend awake in it should require that the room be well lit with layered lighting. Good lighting schemes are also needed to prepare and read for the next day, as these often take place in your bedroom. And if you don’t get enough light out of your current flash device,

It is important that you can relax in your bedroom and that bright lights are not good for that. Easily and cheaply, dimmer switches are the perfect solution, letting you dim the lights when you get ready to sleep (one of our top tips for bedroom renovations).

Match up furniture

Art Deco Bedroom Makeover Ideas

Since no one else will see your bedroom, it’s one of those rooms where furniture often mismatches, using what fits in the room and what does the job. Replacing furniture that has accumulated over the years with matching sets will bring the world of good to your bedroom.

Having furniture that doesn’t look and fit in the room is a surefire way to turn your bedroom into a place where you don’t want to spend time. Choose pure white or light wood furniture for a light and airy feel and darker wood for a more cozy feel. You will see such a difference between your before and after your bedroom renovation.

Clear colors

colorful bedroom makeover ideas

It should be a given in any room, but remember that when planning a bedroom renovation, you should pay close attention to the color scheme you will use to decorate your bedroom, as well as details such as trimmings and accessories to help it all come together. If you want to create a space that feels light, airy and spacious, we recommend clean and light colors for your bedroom renovation ideas. Colors like white, off-white, light blue, green, lilac, and muted tones are generally great for creating a clear and collected feel. Avoid using too warm tones if you prefer a look like this.

Combine crisp colors with crisp white beds and minimalist furniture for the perfect light and airy bedroom renovation. The difference you will see before and after in your bedroom will be breathtaking. However, we also recommend adding color hits to keep the eye moving. It doesn’t have to be an oversaturated tone, but a unique pop of color like the burnt orange table pictured above adds extra energy and visual play. Otherwise, the room would fit a little too well together without it and spoil the personality.

Warm tones

warm colored bedroom makeover ideas

Fortunately, cozy and warm tones are all the rage right now, and we love using them in creating dramatic yet soothing bedroom makeovers. If your bedroom is bright and light and you want something more earthy, give your bedroom a subdued coat of paint for an inexpensive bedroom renovation (it’s not always about replacing furniture and spending a ton of money). Or, you can add a bright accent wall that lets you introduce new colors every few years to freshen up the space quickly and cheaply.

Warm tones make your bedroom feel much cozier. So use colors like terracotta, clay, pink, and brown for a room where you feel comfortable and at ease. Warm, earthy. and natural tones are one of our top bedroom renovation ideas in 2019 as they blend well with almost any design style, are timeless and, most importantly, have just enough character to completely transform a bedroom.


artistic bedroom makeover ideas

Carpets can soften slightly and make a bedroom look more inviting while keeping the feel and the floor warm. This will give you the much-needed boost with every budget makeover on a tight budget. A small change like adding a patterned rug can make a big difference in a room and doesn’t have to cost a small fortune. There are so many different carpet styles to choose from; From cowhide and sheepskin to natural fibers and printed silk fabrics that give every bedroom a touch of everyday shine. Natural woven rugs are perfect for something sturdier, while a silk Persian rug adds a touch of the exotic.

If your bedroom is empty, create interest with a bold pattern or vibrant color to spice up an otherwise boring room. You can’t go wrong with adding a rug, which makes it one of our top bedroom renovation tips. And even better when it is layered – another winning decor trend, in which several carpets are layered next to each other and on top of each other to achieve maximum comfort.

Statement headboard

stylish bedroom makeover ideas

Statement headboards have been heavily featured at all recent interior design shows and are a brilliant addition to the best bedroom renovation ideas of 2019, and our most savvy clients can’t get enough of them. Dramatic wingback headboards are a strange addition to bedroom renovations and are sure to have a serious impact on your bedroom. If a wingback headboard is optically too heavy for your room and you don’t have enough space for one, choose a narrowly padded headboard instead.

We love velvet upholstery (and they look stunning on headboards, too) and you can tie your headboard with a velvet upholstered dressing table chair or some vibrant throw pillows. Changing your headboard has an instant and incredible impact on your bedroom renovation – and it’s probably the only decoration in your bedroom that takes up the least amount of space.

Rearrange the layout

charming bedroom makeover ideas

It is easy to understand that sometimes a bedroom is decorated in the same arrangement as it always was for convenience, lack of space or inspiration, and basic needs. If you’re looking to do a complete bedroom renovation, now is the time to truly commit to doing everything around to your advantage. And when it comes to design solutions, you should be honest with yourself and understand that this may not be the most ideal layout for your bedroom. So, consider rearranging your furniture and changing everything to get the most out of your windows and wall surfaces.

Take this opportunity to update furniture for smaller or differently shaped scores that are full of personality and beautifully designed to make better use of space and realize your ideas for renovating your dream bedroom. To start with, we recommend starting with a quick overview of the room to immediately eliminate what is visually and practically frustrating to you, and play around with a new positioning to really understand what is missing in the room and what needs to be replaced so quickly as possible. Because the interior of your bedroom should come to you faster than the other rooms in your home where you have the freedom to decorate more slowly.

Art on the walls

fashionable bedroom makeover ideas

Just because your bedroom is primarily used for sleeping doesn’t mean it can’t be a stylish and interesting space with vibrant and beautifully framed artwork and sculptural extras. Art is a must have for every room in a home, and your bedroom should be no exception. Be bold and install a gallery wall behind your bed so that a wall of contrasting art hangs on one wall.

Have fun with your bedroom art and choose some pieces that you won’t get tired of without being afraid of making too much of a bold statement. No bedroom makeover would be complete without carefully curated artwork that has been carefully placed. So update your bedroom makeover ideas to 2019 with something fresh, fearless, and most importantly, full of inflammatory personality, charm, and visual appeal.


Storage space bedroom makeover ideas

Don’t let cluttered, disorganized chaos rain down in your bedroom. Make sure you have plenty of storage space for your clothes, shoes, and accessories, and that smart storage solutions are just as important to bedroom renovation ideas as they are to any other room in your home. Cluttered up makes your bedroom less relaxing, so having the right storage solutions in your bedroom is of the utmost importance.

Keeping your bedroom as small as possible and with enough storage space to hide anything that doesn’t need to be outside will help you relax better in your upgraded bedroom. We love how the bedroom shown above has plenty of storage space cleverly hidden in a wall of gorgeous built-ins that also has a novel window seat with ultra-thick pillows for the ultimate in luxury.

Function room

Home Office Bedroom Makeover Ideas

Often a lot of effort is put into making bedrooms look nice and inviting, and the functional use of space is often overlooked. Does your bed really have to be that big? Do these bedside tables just take up too much space without offering enough storage space? Wouldn’t it be better to have a bigger dresser or wardrobe instead? Take the time to think about how you are going to use your space before starting your bedroom renovation.

If you plan to read a lot in bed, make sure you have plenty of smart and well-designed storage areas for your book collection, as well as a comfortable reading chair. If you don’t read in your bedroom that often, maybe a bookcase could be swapped out for a larger dressing table? Thinking about and challenging the way you use your space will have a massive impact on your bedroom renovation before and after, and you won’t be disappointed.

Another way to add functionality to your bedroom is to create an intimate study where you can work in style and comfort when you wake up in the morning. We love how the home office shown above offers a nice mix of transitional furniture.

Go for a minimal look

minimal bedroom makeover ideas

Since your bedroom should be viewed as a sanctuary to unwind in peace and quiet after a long day, go for a spartan, completely minimal look.

And while we’re not saying you should start from scratch, especially if you already have quality furniture, an ultra-clean, timeless spirit will always have a thoroughly modern look. To achieve the right look, bring plenty of storage space to hide as much as possible and keep an eye out for straight lines while limiting your color palette to just three forever classic colors.

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