Tuesday , 10 January 2023
Styling Coffee Table Decor

Styling Coffee Table Decor

Coffee table styling

The coffee table really is the workhorse of a living room. It’s expected to hold drinks, serve as an occasional footrest, and maybe even an impromptu dining table – and look great doing it. And while it looks like styling a coffee table should be an easy task, it’s one of those tricky details that can prove to be a bit challenging. With that in mind, we asked our designers to come up with a few tricks to add the finishing touches to the decor of the coffee table.

Pictured: Stylish coffee table in our NYC apartment redesign.

Use a tray

Decoration tips for coffee tables

A tray can mean the difference between an overcrowded or contracted coffee table. Correct all these frills! Image via Skonahem

Bring nature in

Outdoor inspired living room

A beautiful stone or shell can be exactly the sculptural touch your coffee table needs. Image via Pinterest

Go vertical

Vase styling tricks

Bring vases or candles for a certain height so that everything doesn’t feel flat. Picture about the house i am creating


Coffee table styling books

They are called coffee table books for a reason. Play around with the color matching of the books on your coffee table or just choose the books with your favorite covers to display. Picture my domain

Round coffee table styling

Marble coffee table decor styling

Just because the coffee table is in our New York City pied a terre The project is small, that doesn’t mean it can’t have a big impact. We have given a textual explanation with the coexistence of quartz, lucite and leather.

Coffee table tray

Brass candle holder stone tray coffee table styling

Vary the object heights for visual interest. We like to group our objects in groups of three to create a cohesive feeling. Image via Rue Magazine

Coffee table styling

Ottoman coffee table red accents styling

Use color to make the objects on your coffee table uniform by sticking to a limited palette. Image via Lonny

Colorfully lacquered trays

colorful trays table coffee table decor styling

West Elm’s wood-lacquered trays are available in a variety of sizes and colors. So you’re sure to find one that will keep all your items in one place and look great.

Resin display boxes

Storage boxes for bone inlays

Made from resin and bone, these patterned honeycomb boxes provide a graphic feel and are perfect for hiding TV remote controls.

Copper candle holder

decorative candle holder made of copper

These handcrafted copper candlesticks are inspired by 1980s Italian design and traditional American colonial candlesticks. Modern with a vintage twist, they’re the perfect way to add a little height to your coffee table vignette.

Amethyst sculpture

Natural amethyst stone decor

This amethyst dot does three things – adds a sculptural element, a pop of color, and brings in a bit of nature. And that little twinkle doesn’t hurt.