Wednesday , 28 February 2024
Built In Shelves

Built In Shelves

built-in wooden shelves

As a functional storage solution that can also show off your stylish home decor, it’s easy to see why built-in shelves are so desirable. If you already have built-in features or want to install them, it may be difficult to get the look and feel that you want. So follow our guide and get the most out of yours built-in shelves.


suppress built-in shelves

If you already have shelving built in, the easiest way to get the look you want is when you get the look you want. It highlights your most decorative merchandise and gives your shelves a crisp, clean feel. We prepared this New Jersey house for a house show by giving this collection of decorative objects a little breath.

Become decorative

built-in shelves antiques

Built-in shelves are great for storage, but are also great for showing off your decorative side. We have installed fixtures in the library of this Greenwich, Connecticut property to display a tasteful collection of antiques.

Recycled materials

Display shelves made of exposed bricks

Adding shelves doesn’t have to involve expensive remodeling. If you want to add some shelving in, consider remodeling your home with the materials you already have. In this Sag Harbor loft, we built built-in shelving into the original brick wall to add a practical storage solution with a rustic finish.

Built-in wall-to-wall shelving

full-walled built-in shelves

If you choose to install built-in shelving, you are giving yourself 25% more storage space than you think you need. In this Upper East Side living room, we lined the longest wall with a built-in unit to provide a variety of storage options for this family. The shelves are a mix of open and closed storage space that highlights decorative merchandise while keeping clutter in place.

Painted shelves

painted built-in shelves

If you want to quickly freshen up your shelves, consider repainting them. In this New Jersey home office, we’ve lightened the space a lot by painting the built-in shelves a sky blue color.

Design with a theme or motif

built-in shelf decorations

When looking for ways to decorate your shelves, consider a specific motif or theme. We’ve given the built-in shelving in this Central Park West penthouse an old school Hollywood theme to create a chic, glamorous look that matches the walnut construction.

Children’s playroom

built-in shelves children's playroom

If you have kids, or if you want to have kids, or if there are often kids in your house, built-ins are a breeze. As an easily accessible storage solution, they’re great for organizing toys, clothing, and knickknacks. In this suburban home, we installed built-in shelves in the playroom so the kids have a place to (tidily) store all their toys.