Tuesday , 27 February 2024
Declutter Your Home

Declutter Your Home

Debug your home

Luxury furniture and a professionally designed space will never look good when your home is full of clutter. Whether it’s a pile of papers brought home from the office or a trash drawer full of batteries, clutter is going to get in the way of a beautiful home. And clutter isn’t just a thorn in the side. It can also affect your mental wellbeing and your ability to concentrate. So, if you’re looking for quick and easy ways to make your home look better, follow our guide on how to clean up your home.

Relax room by room

built-in storage solutions

Cleaning up your home doesn’t have to be done in one fell swoop. When you deal with rooms every day, you are so much closer to clearing your home. When asked to prepare this Hoboken townhouse for a home showcase, we started in the living room. By tidying up the large built-in bookcase, we cleared up more space for decoration, and after a day we were on our way to get this house ready for display.

Rules of three

Decoration rules of three suppressors

The more space you give each object in home decor, the more it will attract attention. When it comes to de-interference, however, it can be tempting to go for a completely bare, minimalist design. Grouping similar objects in groups of three naturally creates symmetry in your home and allows you to find the perfect balance. In the foyer of this Westchester family home, we placed a triplet of geometric objects on the foyer console for a tasteful design that is modern without feeling minimal.

Baskets for blankets, throws and pillows

Suppress baskets for blankets

You live in a house, not in a museum. Your home should be comfortable without feeling naked or stuffy. If you’re looking for ways to corral blankets, pillows, or other items in your home, consider adding a few wicker baskets around the house. Place them at the foot of your bed and next to couches around the house for a chic way to organize all the pillows and blankets.

Decorate your storage solutions

orange modular memory suppressor

If the open storage trend has taught us anything, storage isn’t a hiding place. Think of your storage solutions as just another place to decorate. In this penthouse in Central Park West, our customers asked us to build a storage solution that would match their ornate apartment. So we made a modular storage unit and added an orange accent wall for a bright pop of color.

Open and closed storage

debug open storage solutions

Open Storage is a great way to debug your home. However, you will find it difficult to find a way to tastefully display a drawer full of batteries or other necessary bells and whistles that are best kept hidden. So if you’re trying to denoise your home, consider an even mix of open and closed storage options. In this conversion of the Upper East Side apartment, we lined the longest wall of the living room with a combination of open and closed storage solutions for a functional and stylish common area.