Ceiling Fans For Bedrooms

Ceiling Fans For Bedrooms

Are you planning to invest in bedroom ceiling fans? If you are, you probably need a detailed guide on how to buy them so that they are worth your money and time. Many people may think buying ceiling fans for bedrooms is a no brainer and an incredibly easy task. Don't let them fool you because it's actually a frightening task that can go wrong in many ways.

Ceiling height

When choosing ceiling fans for bedrooms, the first ceiling you need to consider is your ceiling height. For safety purposes and improved ventilation, make sure that the minimum ceiling height is 2.1 to 2.4 meters. Anything less than that can prove dangerous. If your ceiling height is actually larger than that, the solution is to invest in larger ceiling fans for bedrooms.

Sheet Materials

Most of the modern fan blades are made of wood for safety purposes. But you can still find stainless steel and aluminum blades as well. In the quality of the ventilation, there is no difference between the different leaf materials. However, the wood and plastic sheets tend to be quieter, which is the perfect choice for bedroom ceiling fans.

Reversible rotation

Most ceiling fans for bedrooms simply rotate in one direction. It is ideal to select ceiling fans that can rotate in both directions. This will create a two-way stream of air and help increase ventilation and cool your bedroom better.