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Enhance Your Workday with a Treadmill

Enhance Your Workday with a Treadmill Desk

You have a 9-5 job that pays you well, doesn't mean you go and you're proud of it. But wait, does it really pay you good? Just think of which of the medical bills are up? Have you ever thought about what is happening? Well, that's the job you're so proud of playing chaos with your health.

Seated disease

What you go through is usually called "sitting sickness". That's because you spend the better part of the day just sitting. That is why apparently healthy people are contracting heart disease, diabetes and other sedentary life-related diseases.

Off of sitting

Organizations now wake up that a majority of their workforce suffers from some health issue or the other as an off-shoot of "sitting" on their workstations throughout the day, despite the short insignificant breaks they have. They have noticed that the productivity level that is bound to the south is and the dismissal of employees' sedentary working style. This "very much" weighs them.

Help at hand

Do not worry. Now that the realization has begun, the organizations leave no stone in their effort to help their labor return to good health. In line with their intentions, the offices are now equipped with treadmill beds and standing desks to handle the important issue.

The return

Research has it as during the first stages when the employee has to get used to doing tasks such as writing, writing etc, while on the treadmill productivity dropped and employees were exhausted. But gradually they began to improve. There was a marked improvement in communication, interaction with colleagues, mental agility and sleep quality. This had a rebound effect on diabetes and other health problems such as osteoporosis, cholesterol and other obesity related problems. They also noticed that the employees had a happy disposition and they are very happy about it.