Mirror Decoration

Mirror Decoration

Antique mirror bedroom

From the myth of the daffodil to the story of Snow White, mirrors have long been a powerful symbol and tool. Not only do these polished reflective surfaces allow us to check our hair for runaways and our face for improper makeup, they also serve as timeless decorative items. Mirrors are both more functional and versatile than paintings, prints, or textiles, and can add value to a room by adding light and the illusion of depth.

Nothing solves the problem of a small, underlit room like a beautiful mirror! Our designers recommend hanging mirrors perpendicular to a window and not directly in front of it. If you place a mirror opposite a window, the light will be reflected again. However, if placed at an angle, a mirror will bring more light into your room.

Hexagon antique mirror

Antique Hex Mirror Tray Table

An octagonal mirror makes for a lovely moment in this corner of our Upper East Side Four Bedroom project.

Mirror installation

oversized antique mirror velvet dining room chairs

Large mirror

large antique mirror Demilune console

Minimal floor level

striped bench high floor mirror

Large antique mirror

Antique mirror modern bedroom design

Ornate gilt mirror

Large classic bedroom with a gilded mirror

Mirror gallery wall

Gilded mirror gallery wall crystal chandelier

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