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Kitchen Island Ideas

Kitchen Island Ideas

Kitchen island ideas

A well-designed kitchen island can be vital to increasing the functionality and efficiency of your kitchen. According to our renovation experts, they are known to increase the resale value of your home.

Given the fact that it is a profitable and solid investment, you should equip your kitchen with a space-saving, style-defining island. Whether you’re wondering how to get a kitchen island to work in a small space or how to get the most out of storage, here is everything you need to know about practical kitchen islands. from shape to height to storage.

Which shape?

round kitchen island ideas

Most of the kitchen islands we see are square, but that doesn’t mean a square island is the best shape for your kitchen. Be open to a rectangular island as it may work better with the space available and the size and shape of your kitchen. Be open to other kitchen island ideas. You should also consider circular, oval, or bean-shaped kitchen islands. So don’t hesitate to think outside the box on your kitchen island.

If you’re worried about running into corners, work a countertop with rounded edges into your kitchen island plans. If you’re looking to save some space, a circular or oval kitchen island might be the way to go.

What are you looking for from your kitchen island?

Ideas for wooden kitchen islands

There are endless designs for kitchen islands. To decide on the design, think about what you will be using your island for the most. Since they take up extra space, make sure it is convenient for you and works with your kitchen.

Counter area

Kitchen island ideas more storage space

To create additional work space, make sure you create a kitchen island that will work best in your space and allow you to take advantage of all of the surface area (choose the largest one that can fit in your kitchen space) Alternatively, you should also consider moving your hob, one of the appliances that takes up a lot of counter space in your kitchen, to the island.

This could be your sink or dishwasher, too – since most people use a modern kitchen island to create more counter space. Moving the stove to your island in conjunction with a kitchen island with seating can help make meal preparation a more social affair – especially if you’re one for dinner parties and don’t like to ignore your guests – this is perfect for you.


Kitchen island ideas storage

If you want to use it for storage, look for kitchen island designs with the most practical storage solutions for you. Maybe you just want more closet and drawer space, or do you need a place to relax and store wine? You can add drawers to store utensils and cookware in them, or open shelves so you can put cookbooks and glasses of dried goods somewhere. Storage in the basket creates a flexible storage space that you can store pretty much anything in without it looking messy or untidy (anything is possible with modern kitchen island designs).

You can even add hanging storage space above the island in the form of a hanging rack so you don’t waste space on the ceiling. This is the perfect place to hang your pots and pans and free up even more space for cabinets and drawers in your kitchen. This is great if you have a smaller kitchen and are struggling to fit on an island without moving or losing kitchen cabinets.


Kitchen island ideas seating

If you want to add extra seating in your kitchen, a kitchen island with seating solutions is a great option without taking up too much additional space. This way you ensure that your kitchen island is versatile and that you get storage space, counter space and seating that you don’t get with a kitchen table. Make sure the counter has enough overhang for people to sit comfortably so that the stools can be tucked under and out of sight when planning your kitchen island. This type of seating area is much looser and more relaxed than a formal dining table, so it’s perfect for entertaining guests and enjoying a casual meal together.

If you’re short on space, choose spindle legs for one end of your island – you can easily move your seating out of the way and the island won’t feel imposing. Don’t make the mistake of choosing an island with drawers in front of the seat – you will end up forgetting the drawers are there and you will not put them to good use and ask people to move around so you can get something out would be a nightmare. If you need extra storage space, have it on the opposite side of your seat or at the end.

Space for two purposes

Gourmet kitchen island ideas for two purposes

If you want your island to serve a dual purpose or even a multipurpose purpose, consider installing a multi-level island. Which are kitchen island designs with multilayer counter heights. The ideal counter heights for different preparation, seating and washing up are different. This way you can make even better use of an island with different counter heights.

For example, if you’re an avid baker, a lower counter height is better than the standard. Having a taller counter to sit on means less overhang, which makes this a good option when you’re short on space.

Where should it be built?

Kitchen island ideas location

If your kitchen is closed, it usually makes sense to place it in the center. That means it is accessible from all sides and you are less likely to encounter it while moving around the kitchen. If you have an open kitchen area, a wraparound kitchen island may be best for you, keeping your kitchen area separate from the rest of the room.

Think about the size of your kitchen island as you need to make sure you have enough space to move around in. Sometimes the space just isn’t big enough and your kitchen isn’t worth crowding around. also for perfect kitchen island designs.

Are you short on space or budget?

elegant gourmet kitchen island ideas

Most kitchens have space for an island, but not always. Depending on what you do, what your needs are, and how many people you have in your kitchen, a mobile kitchen island might suit you better. This is the perfect solution when you don’t have room for a permanent island in your kitchen, but you sometimes need extra seating, storage or work space.

Once you’re done with that, you can just get it out of the way. They’re also great if you don’t have the budget to invest in (or the time to do) a complete kitchen remodel, as they are much cheaper than installing a kitchen island.

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