Kaufmann Mercantile

Kaufmann Mercantile

Kaufman merchant

Whether we’re styling a coffee table or spicing up a bookcase, when we need great accessories or just a well-designed item, we love reading the selections at Kaufmann Mercantile. The online boutique originally started as a design blog, exploring the story behind beautiful, handcrafted objects from around the world. Only as a test run did they open an online shop with only eight objects and from there they have grown to thousands. One of our favorite aspects of the site are the in-depth stories behind how each item was created. If you’re looking for more online shopping, don’t miss Shop Talk: ABC Carpet.

Pour brass & walnut over coffee brewer

Pour brass over coffee maker

This coffee maker is more of a sculpture than a kitchen appliance. It is hand made in Colorado using American walnut wood. The pour over method is considered one of the best ways to make coffee. The cone is made by Hario, a Japanese company that has been making heat-resistant glassware since 1921.

Hanging planter made of solid brass

Brass hanging planter

White Pine Doormat

Wood chevron door

Black Walnut Trencher Board

Wooden cutting board

Three-stage smoker made from Japanese clay

Japanese clay cooker

Handmade copper bird feeder

Copper bird feeder

Swedish wrought iron pendant lamp

wrought iron pendant lamp